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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

P.P. - Netherlands said:
This course has been quite enlightening and educative to me, both in terms of teaching and in terms of grammar construction and usage. You would agree with me that as native speakers of a language, we sometimes express ourselves without knowing the rules behind the language, reason being that it is automatic. However, through this course, though a native english speaker, I have been enlightened about some rules regarding the language and am better able to explain these to others, especially in the areas of tenses. In the area of teaching, I have gained much on how to manage the classes, get students more involved (through questions in the engage and activate stages) and most especially on how to prepare lessons. The tips and advices given are both practical and reasonable and would surely be applied in the future. And now, I intend to put to good use the training and skills acquired in the profession of teaching the english language. When I get a job as a teacher, I plan to use suggestions given to make my lessons interactive, educative and at the same time fun for all. I would make sure that I map out a plan for every lesson, using the suggested lesson plan in this course, thereby gaining control of the lesson. I really do believe that the areas touched in this course are essential for building effective lessons and create confident teachers in the classroom. With that conclusion therefore, I plan to adopt training and hope to make an excellent teacher of myself.

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