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1 Week TESOL
This tefl course has been very useful to me, as it's given me a deeper knowledge of the english language and its structure...
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Class Discounted TESOL
I found out that in school we learned english in a much different way than what I had thought...
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Agency Reputable TESOL
I have learned more about the students and how to approach them, especially what areas to focus on...
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Accredited TESOL Courses
This course has been an invaluable step in my process to becoming a TEFL teacher...
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School Fast TESOL
Honestly as a native english speaker there was a lot of information that I had forgotten from my school days they this course has fully and easily refreshed, the most knowledge I have gained from this course is all the different tenses, and since I have since seen the first lesson template I known continually use it for all my classes...
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Rate Credible TESOL
As I started taking this course, I have learned a lot of things about teaching english in non-english speaking countries...
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I believe I have gained a greater understanding of the ESA system, why it is used and why it is so successful...
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Preparation TESOL Online
Prior to the course I had no knowledge of lesson planning or teaching techniques...
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Organizations TESOL Teaching
I feel that the course was very well structured and covered areas which are necessary to enter a classroom with the confidence to begin teaching right from the get-go...
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Organisations TESOL Teaching
This tefl course has been extremely useful in honing and clarifying what I already know about teaching english in a foreign country, as well as offering a vast number of ideas and valid new points about teaching...
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Locations Recommended TESOL
When I initially signed up for this TEFL online course with tutor’s assistance, I was unsure of what the flow of this course would actually be like...
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Institute Comprehensive TESOL
I have acquired the basic skills needed in order to teach english grammar to speakers of other languages...
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Gaining TESOL Certificate
This course has provided me with a great deal of information, techniques and strategies for teaching in the TEFL classroom...
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Prior to completing the units in this course, I had put some thought into teaching english as a foreign language...
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Courses TESOL Schools
Having attended college for many years, I have gained greater appreciation for the difficulty in learning english through the inconsistency and sheer volume of rules that mastery requires...
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Cost Locations TESOL
The TEFL class has been a vital part of our journey toward our goal of becoming english teachers...
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Complete TESOL Certificate
• How vital it is to engage with the students and foster a trusting environment with clear speech and instructions • Not to make assumptions about what the students may or may not know, so use open language and get plenty of feedback • The benefit of drill exercises for beginners, especially those who are lacking confidence • Having a clear understanding of the content myself is vital to be able to teach it correctly and appropriately • To think outside the square when it comes to resources, include plenty of visuals, especially relevant to the audience (movies, magazines, business documents etc) • Knowledge that it is vital to be well prepared, have back up activities and to not be afraid to adapt and change the lesson • More confidence in my knowledge of the english language and how to apply that to different audiences...
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Companies Internet TESOL
In doing this course I have learnt a lot more about the complexity of the english language and how it is formed...
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Affordable TESOL Program
As an english teacher in South korea working with all different age groups and abilities, this course has given me tremendous insight into the modalities and approaches to various types of teaching methods...
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Accreditation TESOL Celta
This course has taught me the methods of teaching verb tenses, grammar, parts of speech, and the way to use course materials in the classroom setting...
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Program TESOL Diploma
First, I'd say that the tefl course gave me a crash course in re-introducing myself to grammar as a whole...
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Best Recognised TESOL
Prior to taking this tefl course, I had taken a tesol course and had taught english in indonesia and chile...
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TESOL Institute
There were many things in the course that I thought I knew well, but really didn't...
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Cost Fast TESOL
This course has been a great refresher of the english grammar and of teaching techniques for me...
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Accredited TESOL Centers
I’ve been having a love affair with the english language for as long as I can remember...
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4 Weeks TESOL
I began this course with no prior knowledge regarding teaching english as a foreign language...
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College Quick TESOL
My mother tongue is spanish, you can imagine how useful was to go over this course!!! I did not knew a lot of information I reviewed here...
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