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R.R. – China said:
Honestly as a native english speaker there was a lot of information that I had forgotten from my school days they this course has fully and easily refreshed, the most knowledge I have gained from this course is all the different tenses, and since I have since seen the first lesson template I known continually use it for all my classes. As for great news the school I work for has gotten 4 Business clients thanks to the Needs analysis from unit 19 for this the school has recognized me as an asset so thanks you. Ultimately I will take this certification and continue my career as an english Foreign Teacher in china; it really is a unique job experience especially when dealing with younger students. Overall I really feel that is course was extremely well constructed and everything unit was broken down in detail and very easy to understand, I also feel me confidents entering into any class and have a great and vast knowledge on a better way to teach from the get go.