TESOL Certificate

The first steps on the journey towards a career in teaching English abroad is by training for and receiving TESOL certification. Employers all over the world will require you to have this, or a similar qualification that must be internationally recognized. The qualification must usually include either an online course of 100-hours or more, which covers all areas of teaching including what to expect and plan for in a classroom; a combined course with 120 hours of training, including 6-hours of teaching practice; or a 120-hour in-class course which includes 6 hours of teaching practice. We have ensured that all of our TESOL certification courses follow and attempt to exceed the criteria generally set out by employers and TESOL organizations all over the world.

The following criteria should be clearly demonstrated by the provider of TESOL certification:

  • International standards of teaching English as a foreign or second language must be met by the TESOL certification.
  • All areas of lesson planning including structure, use of materials and required aims and objectives must be covered.
  • All trainee teachers should receive continuous assessment throughout the course.
  • All course materials, course information, teacher trainers and tutors should be regularly moderated and reviewed by an external accreditation body. You can click here for details on our accreditation processes and to look at ITTT tesol courses.
  • Tutors and teacher trainers must be practicing teachers of English, well qualified and experienced.
  • The TESOL course must satisfy the requirement of international employers.

By gaining TESOL certification, you have a passport to the world. You will be able to take up paid teaching jobs all over the world.