TEFL Reviews

Combined TESOL Lessons
I personally learned that I should always focus on students' needs and try to keep everyone motivated as possible...
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Combined TESOL Classes
I have learned that students learn best when the teacher is engaged in the course and excited to be teaching...
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Combined TESOL
This course has helped me to see that there are many facets to teaching english...
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Colleges TESOL Tesl
I have been teaching english to chinese students for the past three years and I have faced many challenges during this time...
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Colleges Teaching TESOL
I've learnt a lot about the different types of students and teachers; what their roles are and what is expected of them in a class...
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Colleges Distance TESOL
This course has exposed me to a wide range of tools and understanding concerning the art of teaching english to all types of students...
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Colleges Courses TESOL
I had the opportunity to review some grammar rules that I have not reviewed in a long time...
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Colleges Cheapest TESOL
Although being a native english speaker I have learnt a great deal about the english language, in the past if someone has asked me about certain structures and rules, I was not able to explain the reason behind the why it is a certain way...
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Colleges Authorized TESOL
I have learned a lot about ways to teach with this course and how best to organize a class depending on level...
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College TESOL Teacher
Being a native speaker I learnt english naturally as a child and a lot of grammar was not something that required teaching...
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College Residential TESOL
Though the course did not teach me exactly how to teach english, it gave me lots of pointers on what to consider when teaching, what to NOT do while teaching, and gave me a basic understanding of what to expect as a new teacher...
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College Online TESOL
In this course, I gained invaluable knowledge and skills needed for a would-be EFL teacher...
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College Fast TESOL
Though we both are native english speakers, we were very aware that this course would certainly be difficult...
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College Global TESOL
Taking this course has helped me deconstruct any preconceived notions I had about teaching english as Foreign Language...
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Class Short TESOL
Personally I have gained a great deal from this course and wish I had taken it far earlier in my life, as I not only feel it has benefits in becoming a teacher but it also has benefits in being a better student...
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Class Recommended TESOL
Without doubt, one of the most important learning points that I have gained from this course is the knowledge and ability to plan and structure lesson scenarios according to the ESA model...
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Class Location TESOL
This ITTT online course has provided me everything I need to teach english as a foreign language...
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Class Higher TESOL
I have found this course to be challenging but also very useful...
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Class For TESOL
I have gained quite a bit from this course, both personally and educationally...
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Class Distance TESOL
This course has been a great way to review detailed grammatical structures that were rarely touched upon in my school curriculum growing up in canada...
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Class Cheapest TESOL
By taking this course I have learned the importance of knowing and understanding english grammar, but most of all what is involved to be a teacher...
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Cheapest TESOL Schools
I have learned much about organization of activities and exercises and how they can dictate the flow of a lesson...
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Cheapest TESOL Language
This course has been a tough yet very useful one in helping to further my career as an english teacher abroad...
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Cheapest TESOL Cities
I feel like this course has really benefitted me in my understanding of the english language and its grammar structures...
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Cheaper TESOL Schools
By taking this course, I have learnt the different levels of english students and how to plan lessons to suit their needs...
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Cheap TESOL Centers
As for me, as I have already been teaching for a few years full time, it was more that this course acted to fill in gaps in my knowledge, and to improve on some areas I had room for improvement in...
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Certified TESOL
I listed below some certain points in which this program helped me : ? From the grammar point of view...
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Certification TESOL
I have gained so much from the units, learning all the different tenses, and many teaching methods...
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Certificate TESOL Celta
Even though english is not my birth language, I learned it at a very young age when my family moved from china to America when I was four years old...
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Centre Top TESOL
I have gained some knowledge of english grammar, parts of speech and tenses, and how complex they can be...
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Centre TESOL Refresher
The tefl course has helped me to refresh and put into order the basic rules and structure of the english language...
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Centre TESOL Certificate
As I never had a previous teaching experience this course helped me a lot to understand how a course should take place in a classroom and how a teacher should behave during various experiences with students...
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Centre Registered TESOL
To begin with I came into this course with some prior experience teaching age groups from 12-18 years of age...
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Centre Qualified TESOL
I’ve gained a greater insight into some methods of teaching and into the english language...
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