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C. P. – U.S.A. said:
Although I had been tutoring english for three years, when I first signed up for this course I had just been teaching TEFL in a classroom setting in a foreign country for a month. First and foremost, taking this course offered me a systematic way to think about how my teaching had been progressing, receive insights from the experts, and expand my perspective. While some things were review, such as the tense overviews in the early chapters, other details of grammar that I learned were things I had simply never thought about because they came so naturally to me as a native speaker - the huge difference in meaning that a comma holds when it distinguishes between defining relative clauses and non-defining relative clauses comes to mind as a prominent example. However, probably the most important thing that I learned, the one which I think I can most meaningfully and effectively put into practice in my everyday teaching duties, is the importance of organization. During my teacher training in preparation for the program which I am currently doing, the first time I was told to write a lesson plan, I remember a sense of panic and not knowing the first step. Moreover, when I began my first class, I largely did it without structure and relied too much on improvising. While it managed to turn out alright, and I could develop a good rapport with the students, there was one thing that continually came to mind. While the students seemed reasonably pleased with the lesson, I couldn't help thinking that I could have accomplished so much more if I had planned better and had a more systematic approach. This course has taken me step-by-step through the most important things to bear in mind as a teacher in my current job. In addition to taking me through the course step-by-step, the course has taught me the importance of taking lessons step-by-step. I think I learned this practical lesson most effectively with the video from Unit 10. It may have been the most time consuming, as I watched the video several times, but I think that of all the lessons in the course, I got the most out of that one. As I watched the rather excruciating first video, I couldn't help but be reminded of some of the times when I felt dissatisfied with my own lessons. But now I think that seeing the real difference made by a truly well-planned lesson, as well as the practice in making lesson plans, has already made a big difference my effectiveness as a teacher, and I am certain that it will continue to do so into the future.

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