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J. M. – U.S.A. said:
This course has been eye opening to say the least. Before taking this course I had relatively no knowledge of the reasoning behind english language structure let alone teaching methodologies. The engage, study, activate formula for generating lesson plans is going to be a great asset when I begin teaching. Using this formula to create interesting lessons that are purposeful about multidimensional teaching will certainly help me. In addition to gaining an understanding of the reasons for lesson planning and how to go about creating lessons for all levels I learned about grammar and structure. Being a native speaker much of what I say and write comes from an intrinsic knowledge, one I gained as I grew up. This course definitely enlightened me about the different tenses and when they are used and why they are used. This course helped me to see the recurring formulas for the creation of specific tenses and for creating activities designed for teaching them. I learned about classroom management and how essential it is to teaching at any level. The teacher must play many different roles to facilitate and encourage the students they teach. Knowing when to play which role and how to encourage the students will come in handy. Not only will this be helpful but it also relates to discipline and monitoring in class behaviour. There are many factors that play into teaching and there are definitely ones out side of the teacher’s control that they must be prepared for. Thus finding out about disciplining was very interesting to me. Learning how to prepare for the classroom setting and what to expect when I am in the moment, teaching, makes this course totally worth it.

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