TEFL Reviews

Intensive TESOL Lessons
This course has allowed me to reinforce my knowledge of english grammar so that I can pass this knowledge on to those who are learning english...
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Institute Recommended TESOL
First and foremost I have of course gained a qualification that enables me to hopefully find a job in my current country of residence, italy...
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Institute Inexpensive TESOL
I have learned that for a teacher to be effective in class, there must be a balance between structure and creativity...
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Institute TESOL Teaching
The course gave us a comprehensive view of the essential elements we need in teaching the language...
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Institute TESOL Online
I grew up in indonesia, where people used to neglect the importance of english...
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Institute Discount TESOL
Well, this course has been an experience for me because I didn’t know that there was so much a teacher had to do first in order to prepare a good and an effective class for the different groups that exist...
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Inclass TESOL Language
I have learned a lot about how to plan lessons and about how to manage a classroom...
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Higher TESOL Course
Being a non native english speaker, this course proved itself a great source of learning, recalling and understanding the things I had forgotten along the way of life...
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Higher TESOL Center
I have personally gained a new understanding for the rules of english grammar...
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Global TESOL Schools
When thinking about doing a tefl course I wasn't too sure whether an online course would be the right thing...
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From the grammar section of the course, I have refreshed my memory of grammar that I’ve learned when I was young...
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Genuine TESOL Course
I have learned a lot about what goes into teaching an english class...
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Genuine TESOL Center
Teaching english was a daunting thought to me before but after completing this course, I feel more confident as a teacher...
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Fulltime TESOL Schools
To put what I have learned in this course into a single phrase, I would say, "flexible dynamics...
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Fee Reputable TESOL
This was a very interesting and beneficial course for me to study...
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Fee Legit TESOL
By following this course I’ve learned (reviewed) a lot of the english grammar...
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Fee Inclass TESOL
The course is well structured, comprehensive, in easy language for clear understanding, and appropriately challenging in some parts...
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Fee Celta TESOL
I have realized that having a native knowledge of a language doesn't mean it's easy to teach it...
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Distance TESOL Schools
I have learned a whole of new and useful techniques that I believe that I can put into practice in the classroom when I teach english in japan on the 20th of April 2012...
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Dates TESOL Fees
I am pleased to have this opportunity to think about my motivation for doing this course, what I have gained from the experience and what I have learned...
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Dates Legit TESOL
By taking this course, I’ve learned so much about the grammar aspect of teaching english, the methods/techniques used in class, and how to write a lesson plan...
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Dates Genuine TESOL
I have gained understanding of english grammar and how to produce creative and useful lesson plans...
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Dates Credible TESOL
I am not a native English speaker so I know how hard it is to study another language especially without getting help from good teachers...
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Course TESOL Program
This course has taught me to think differently about teaching english and teaching in general...
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Course TESOL
The grammar review was very helpful in this course...
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Coures TESOL
• What I have learned from this course; well for one thing there is a lot more to the english language that I ever remember being taught in school! • I have gained insight into the dynamics of learning a new language from varying degrees of existing knowledge bases...
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Cost Recommended TESOL
I feel very comfortable in front of a class or audience but this course has taught me exactly what ESL students need and how their needs differ from those of english speaking students...
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Cost Highest TESOL
This course has been a very refreshing review of teaching strategies and grammar...
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Cost Affordable TESOL
I personally have gained a lot from this course and I think every teacher should have a course like this...
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Coruses TESOL
Before taking this course, I was assuming that I knew much more than I really did...
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