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J.P. - Canada said:
To put what I have learned in this course into a single phrase, I would say, "flexible dynamics." I have been a high school english teacher and an ESL teacher for years, but this course has opened up to me new inspiration and a new way of thinking in making my classes more interesting, interactive and dynamic. I can tend to be a structured traditionalist in style. There is nothing wrong with structure, and you do have to cover the required material, but these two issues should not take precedence over making class enjoyable. I have already started integrating more group and pair work into my classes, and I immediately see the benefits of this method. I appreciate the notion of "warmers" or "engage stage" in the lesson plan. I already do this somewhat, but not consistently. It takes more work to prepare these extra activities, but I would like to create a "tool belt" of such activities that I can draw from. I thought the course was well laid out, clearly presented, and an excellent summary of the basic skills needed to teach english as a foreign language. I found it helpful and encouraging.