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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

C.B. – U.K. said:
The course has given me: 1. Confidence: The course is based on sensible, common sense, intuitive chapters and I feel that because of the knowledge I have acquired it has given me the confidence to go in a classroom and run a language course 2. Language Knowledge: I have learned a lot about grammar, vocabulary, constructing sentences which I can now explain and pass on to students. 3. Tools: The course has given me the tools to produce my own lessons. I have particularly enjoyed the lesson plans which are very useful and really help thinking about the lesson. They are simple to use. 4. Clarity: All of the chapters are very clear, they have plenty of information to help construct a lesson and give all the tools the teacher would require to teach the lesson 5. Dealing with issues / personality / language skills: All the chapters have a very human but also very practical function which will help running the lessons and answer student’s needs. I think the most important things I will take to my classroom are as follows: 1. Get to know my students and understand their needs so I can make the lessons as interesting as possible 2. Make sure I know what are the students strengths and improvement areas so that I can tailor-make the lessons 3. Be prepared (lesson and course plans) and have plenty of teaching aids 4. Keep an informal and relaxed atmosphere to gain maximum interaction

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