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D.M. – U.S.A. said:
First, I'd say that the tefl course gave me a crash course in re-introducing myself to grammar as a whole. As an avid reader, I learned of grammar visually as a child, learning sentence structure by simply seeing correct usages time and time again. Through the TEFL course, I have relearned a vast amount of information and terms on the "hows" and "whys" of grammatical structure. So many ambiguities within the english language were clarified for me in the course, such as how to teach pronunciation, how third and mixed conditionals can be confused, and so on. Instances such as these are often taken for granted by native english speakers that simply appear to "just know" how a certain feeling can be expressed or how to understand something said within a certain context; these nuances, which I had previously just taken as a given, were further underlined for me. Also, I'd have to say that the TEFL course gave me a much stronger understanding of lesson planning methods and arrangements. I have already implemented these techniques within my own classes when I haven't been given a lesson plan, and will continue doing so with my classes abroad. Likewise, the information given regarding time management was unbelievably important for me to learn. Often I've noticed in my own classes that I am unable to get through the material for the day, and so I've had to use these time management techniques to prioritize and see what can be cut or saved for later use. Finally, I feel I've become further knowledgeable on the utilization of classroom materials. As I have been a substitute teacher for a solid year now, I've typically had to come into classes without any understanding of the classroom materials and had to utilize them as I saw fit. The TEFL course further introduced where and why certain materials (computers,projectors, worksheets, etc) can be used and how to most efficiently use them. Units such as these have made me quite excited to have my own classroom, being able to more effectively tailor my class materials and methods, and to actually see the growth in my students' learning levels. Needless to say, this course has been well worth it and I will continuously use it as my point of reference in the near future.

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