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W.H. – Taiwan said:
I have been teaching english for more than 10 years. I always believe that I am a good teacher, comparing to a lot teachers. However, there was this one interview. The interviewee asked me about what are the methods or theories I am using, but I couldn’t answer. So my goal in taking this course was to fully understand the reasons for those activities and teaching I do in class. And I can believe that I am doing the right things for my students. I am also teaching one on one student. So that is why I need to make sure that I am not wasting students’ time by teaching them the wrong way. This course helped me refocus on those skills that I need for teaching english, both in terms of english grammar, structures, teaching skills and techniques. I particularly appreciated: 1) The opportunity to receive feedback from a tutor following each lesson’s worksheet rather than having to wait until the very end of the course to take a final exam. (thank you, dear Darren!!) 2) The self-paced structure of the course, 3) The reference materials included with various lessons, which are very useful to me! Thank you Darren for your comments, which are so valuable that I would never forget.