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R. R. – U.S.A. said:
I’ve learned a lot from this course. The ESA structure has been most interesting to me, as it provides such an effective way to develop a lesson. The planning activities have given me so many opportunities to tap into my own creativity and to combine my ideas with resources available in TESL books and online. The grammar lessons in this course were very helpful for me as a brush up, and I even applied some of the activities I wrote about for this course to the Professional Communication course I currently teach to (mostly) native speakers. I’ve been teaching grammar for many years in the college composition setting, but I feel more confident after completing this course and have a variety of new approaches and activities to bring to all of my classes now, for which I am grateful. Although I have always worked while taking courses (in college and graduate school), while taking this course, many things in my life kept me from completing the coursework at the speed I expected/planned for. This reminder of how difficult it can be for adult learners to carve time for their studies (even when highly motivated) has forced me to think carefully about expectations for adult learners, homework assignments, and out-of-class responsibilities. Don’t have immediate plans to teach outside of the U.S., so my interpretation of most assignments was based on anticipating teaching multilingual classes here in new york city. I feel well prepared to do so, and also feel capable of teaching abroad should the desire to travel come over me. I like that the course was flexible enough to prepare me for both options. Overall, I’ve learned that teaching ESL is a tough job, but that it is one I am capable of doing. And, as I had hoped, it seems that ESL classes and the ESA structure will allow me to approach lessons playfully, with an attitude of discovery, creativity, and excitement that I am sure my students will feel as well. I’m very happy I chose this course and am really looking forward to taking on ESL classes as part of my teaching load!

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