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R. D. - Canada said:
As I come to the end of this course I also approach the completion of my university undergraduate degree. What I have learned as a student has been complimented by what I have now learned as an ESL educator. There are many things as a student which I did not think about when I considered teaching ESL. There are so many things related to pedagogy which have been helpful in this course that I might not have considered otherwise. The reason I took this course is that I am planning to go to South korea in July 2012 to teach young learners ESL at a Hagwon. The school and recruiting organization did not require me to take this course, and yet I felt that it was something I wanted to do for my own sake. If I go to teach I want to be well prepared and know what to expect in the classroom. This course has provided me so much valuable information, resources, techniques, lesson ideas, and has also given me a boost of confidence as a teacher. The comprehensive nature of this course and all that it has covered will allow me to walk into the classroom in Korea with a lesson plan in hand, and a little extra knowledge about how to handle different issues as they come up. Although I am almost done the course, I know that I will be looking over much of the material again in the near future and will be using it as a resource when I go to teach. Each of the 20 units which I have studied has its own valuable place in a teachers set of resources, and it is comforting to know that I can always reference these units again in the future if I need to. I know that no amount of preparation can completely prepare you for the adventure of traveling to a different country and teaching a group of students you have never met before, yet I know that some preparation is much better than none. And I also know that I am more confident than ever in my ability to become an ESL teacher. So thank you for your help in this course. It has been a great learning experience and I look forward to the many adventures that await me as a potential ESL teacher. I appreciate all your assistance and encouragement. Thank you Jon and ITTT!

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