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J.O. - China said:
As for me, as I have already been teaching for a few years full time, it was more that this course acted to fill in gaps in my knowledge, and to improve on some areas I had room for improvement in. The main areas are around teaching grammar, which, up to this point I have been fortunate in that I haven’t needed to teach this much. But there have been a few occasions, especially when teaching 1-on-1 that I have needed to teach grammar, and I have found that immediately I have been able to apply what I have learned in this course to that teaching. That being said, I will change job in about 6 weeks (my whole purpose for taking this course), and in that I will need to teach a lot of grammar, so I expect to put much of it into practice at that time, though I guess it will be using the PPP method (though only a guess, based on my interview with the company). However, I also believe I will gain a lot from the classroom management aspect of this course. My next job will start out with intensive teaching, but then will move more and more into management in about 6 months, so my teaching responsibilities will reduce, and it does seem that I will be teaching english for perhaps only a few more years. Though even after this, I think the classroom management aspects of this course may well also be quite applicable to other management areas. Overall, I believe I got a lot out of this course, particularly the grammar aspect. Though I may still get aspects of grammar incorrect from time to time, my job and need to constantly refer back to it will mean I quickly get right on top of it, and probably get to know it like ‘the back of my hand’.

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