50 Hour TESOL

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W.P. – Canada said:
Even though my personal level of education is reasonably high and I have many years of teaching experience (Math mostly), it was a challenge to go through all the various verb tenses. To teach them properly, I would need to have a chart on the wall that uses two or three verbs and gives a sentence using all the various verb forms with the formula below each one as a reference. The material was succinct and refreshing in what it presented. It would be very worthwhile to have a couple of lessons on articulation and phonology as this is sadly lacking at all levels of instruction and is invaluable in learning how sounds are produced. In today’s world, there appears to be many more people with speech problems (even within the native languages of people groups) and speech pathologists are few and far between. It is the same concepts for a person in speech therapy as it is for someone learning voice lessons to be a professional singer as it is for someone learning to speak english. While I knew modals and phrasal verbs fairly well already, I have never really had the instruction formalized on it. The rules seem much more straight forward (or mathematical) than other verb forms. Future tenses were confusing and many verb tenses seem to cross over each other or be roughly the same as each other. That area was not so cut and dried for me. Equipment use, classroom layout and classroom management are areas I have much experience in and knew well already but it was a great review. I had not had training in the types of lesson plans used by this course (engage, study, activate) but have had many other forms so it just took a bit of time to adjust. I loved doing the research project for this lesson as I am wired for research. It would be wonderful to be able to use this learning to teach business people in japan or hong kong or malaysia. Time will tell how it will best be used.