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M.K. – U.S.A. said:
This course has taught me how to break down the english language, my native language, into individual details as well as how to explain them. One thing I have really noticed is the difference between saying to young english students, “well which one sounds right” and how to pay attention to the explanation that a student will be hearing for the first time, or who is unable to test out different phrases until they sound correct, or to someone who needs to know why we do it that way, instead of just accepts it as the norm. In my teaching experience I have taught children how to read and write, and I enjoy learning how to break down the english language even further to teach it as a foreign language. I personally feel more comfortable with how to structure a class, where to start, and how to create a successful language lesson. I feel more confident and look forward to using the skills, ideas, and theories in the classroom and further my own education.