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In Unit 9 I learned that although too much planning can make it difficult for me to be as flexible as I need to be as a teacher, creating a good lesson plan can still be very helpful. A lesson plan sh
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I felt that actively tackling the reality of possible strategies for class-room types was important to take on. This Unit is essentially a "common sense" reality check on the possible differences in a
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Buena Vista
In this unit were described the techniques of teaching special groups such as beginners, individual students, children, business English or (English for specific purposes) and to the multilingual clas
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Coursebooks can make for useful guides in the classroom although they come with some drawbacks. Coursebooks can become dry and predictable if used too much and they are created for students of all nat
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In this short unit I learned that past tense verb forms follow similar patterns as present tense verb forms. Past simple is used for completed actions in the past that are typically given with the ti
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Colonial Heights
I was surprised to see that cassette tapes are still being noted as options. While I am not so naive as to forget that certain regions of the world are truly underfunded, I would have assumed CDs woul
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The last unit is all about trouble shooting. Trouble shootings are the common problem situations that teachers can face in the classroom. Let me try to describe some of them. At the first lesson you
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Testing a student's knowledge and understanding of English can help me as a teacher to decide what I need to teach and where to start. Placement tests and diagnostic test are similar, but placement te
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In this unit I learned about speaking and writing, accuracy and fluency activities, speaking activities, encouraging interaction, creative speaking activities, handwriting, spelling, layout and punctu
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I find this Unit causes me to have more questions than answers. The wide range how which books are used and how often can vary so greatly, I am left simply wondering how I might tackle different scena
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Falls Church
This all unit all about pronunciation and phonology. The phoneme is the sound of the English language. It helps to students how to say words. Intonation is also important how you say and what you want
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This unit were about Reported speech and conditionals. I revised reported speeches and how the are changing from direct speech into reported speech. It is good when u reporting to somebody about someo
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In unit 18, I learned about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Modals, such as could, may, and should, come before other verbs to change the meaning of the verb. Modals can express ideas such
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The most important things I learned from this unit, in my opinion, stem from the qualities that make up a good teacher. The qualities of subject knowledge, the ability to identify students' weakness a
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From watching the two class videos I learned that the teacher's attitude has a large influence on the class's success. A positive attitude helps motivate the students and being more encouraging can he
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This unit section focuses on what kind of materials to use for different kinds of study levels. The unit section looks at the right selection of course books if the teacher is to choose the course boo
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It was quite useful to learn about the alphabet-soup courses that cater to English learners. Understanding the focus and differences of each is useful. The understanding of subtle difference between t
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This lesson was unique because each the methodologies taught are new to me. It provided outlines and structure for teachers to use while planning a lesson. The ESA shows many games and lessons to inc
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Pronunciation is often the most neglected part of English teaching and is also the part students tend to struggle with the most. When it comes to pronunciation, there is both intonation, which is the
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In this unit I learned about the five conditionals and how to report speech. Zero conditionals are for when the consequences are irrefutable if the conditions are met. The first conditional expresses
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Manassas Park
As I come to an end of my Unit work, I am struck by two clear necessary considerations for my future teaching: What level do I feel I would be most effective at teaching, and how can I most efficientl
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This unit was about course book and lesson materials. There two types of teaching materials one is authentic as: programs, magazines, newspaper, songs, poems, brochures, menus, etc which are real and
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Newport News
I learned from unit 8 that the future tenses can be the most complicated to teach not only because there are so man ways to express the future, but because even the present simple and and present cont
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In this unit I learned how to manage my class. In order to earn the respect of my students and reduce behavior problems in class, I should remain consistent, treat all of my students equally, and set
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In this unit I learned about teaching pronunciation, intonation, stress on words, the phonemic alphabet, and articulation. This unit was very interesting to me because English is not my native languag
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There are many teaching aids that help make language learning in the classroom fun and interesting. Equipment such as whiteboards, IWB's, and OHP's make it easier for teachers to present clear informa
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This unit is about evaluation and testing. There are such kind of tests placement tests where the teacher is able to place new students into the correct class according to their language ability. Prog
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The two productive skills are speaking and writing, and while both are equally important, writing can be more of a challenge for English language students as accuracy is typically more important and e
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This Unit mirrors previous lessons wherein I come face to face with how I naturally speak as compared to rule sets. Certainly if I am teaching higher-level English this can become useful information.
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In this unit I learned how to teach new vocabulary, grammar, and language functions to my class.when teaching vocabulary I need to be able to select new words that are both appropriate to the lesson a
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The receptive skills of language learning are reading and listening, which are both equally important. My students will need to learn how to use reading skills such as scanning for specific informatio
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This unit brought up some key points for me in regards to teaching. Writing, in particular, is an area I worry about for students who are first venturing into the English language. Speaking comes with
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This unit was an interesting read, as it forced me to look into a slowed-down version of my native tongue. That said, this particular section seemed a bit too heady for the area I expect to be teachin
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This unit lesson clearly illustrates the important points to focus on when giving speaking and writing lesso . These two productive parts of English and equally important and need to be thouroughly le
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Virginia Beach
While many languages have only a few tenses, English can be a very intimidating language with twelve different tenses to learn. In this unit I learned about the differences between all four present te
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Unit 16 is another that I assume I will not have much use for at the early stages of my career. However, I do see the benefit (once again) in reminding myself that my spoken language and the axioms of
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Many problems can arise in an English class but most often these problems can be solved if I am prepared. One problem could be that students arrive to class tired and unmotivated. Warmers like piction
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Different specialized groups of students will require me as a teacher to be prepared with various sets of skills to meet each student's specific needs. Beginner students have little to no knowledge of
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