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With past information from previous units such as the ‘engage, study and activate’ (and the different structures) new language can be taught through these processors. For example ‘vocabulary’
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Although a lot of this chapter felt like a review, there was still a lot of things that were new to me and that I learned. For example learning about articles was a rather new topic as opposed to a r
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Skidway Lake
I have learned the 4 different forms of the past tense in English. I learned examples, usages, and teaching ideas for the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. I als
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In this unit I have read about the useful methods of teaching vocabulary,grammatical structures and their role in learning language. The success in teaching vocabulary and grammar largely depends on a
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Smiths Creek
This is a very difficult subject matter. The chapter discusses several forms of past t ear verbs. It also talks about way ways to differentiate between the tenses and gives common usage errors. There
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This unit was challenging in that I had to revisit the technical aspects of the the Present Tenses which I had mastered in my earlier years. The Present Simple, Present Progressive, Present Continuous
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This unit was about lesson planning. The importance of planning lessons were discussed, as well as things that are useful to include in a lesson plan. I also learned how to go about planning a lesson
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The subject of this unit is teaching special groups, every group has its characteristics and teaching every group requires different skills, the unit highlights four groups: -Beginners,students who ha
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In this unit we got so many teaching skills which are really useful in the classroom management. Like grammar translation, audio linguistics,PPP?task based learning,communicative teaching, community l
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Somerset Center
This unit talks about receptive skills, which is mainly reading and listening. It goes on to talk about reasons for reading and listening. It further explains that there are two main reasons that are
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The unit superficially covers some grammar issues, particularly the parts of speech. The information is capacious and places the emphasis on the basics, nevertheless, it is understandable and has enou
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South Arm
In this unit I learnt about troubleshooting,common problem situations. I this unit we will see most common problem situations that teacher can encounter in the classroom . First lessons these classes
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South Boardman
Evaluation is an important aspect of the teaching and learning process in a classroom. Testing is important in various levels for the knowledge of a teacher about a student's level, what they are lear
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South Branch
I learned in this unit the variety of materials that teacher can use to aid their students progress in the classroom such as authentic and created materials. And i learned the difference between the a
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South Gull Lake
In this unit I have been shown all different types of future tenses.Ranging from the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be going+infinitive and al
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South Haven
This unit focused on the concepts of student evaluation and different types of testing that can be conducted throughout the school year which will aide in assessing student progress and retainment of
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South Lyon
Teaching Future tenses in different tenses could be a challenge for the teachers. It has more tenses than any other tenses. This is one reason why we have to keep on learning not only to refresh ourse
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South Monroe
This lesson was about tools and equipment which you cn use while the lesson like video camera, white board, dvd, videos, cassette tape, OHP, course books, resource books. In this unit i have got a lot
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South Range
My biggest takeaway from Unit 11 are the four basic skills. It's easy to recognize all of the skills after they have been broken down for you. I understand that they are all equally important and tha
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South Rockwood
Engage: Bring in various types of food (or pictures of food) and establish the vocabulary with the students. Study: Hand out worksheets with pictures of the food and ask the students to name them and
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In conjunction with adequate instruction regarding distinction in tenses, it is important that exact instruction on the need to distinguish tenses in the context of reported speech. I can recall in
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Future tenses have multiple forms and even can include present simple and present continuous forms if they have future implications, this makes future tense one of the most challenging to teach as it
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In unit 5 we learn about gesture, eye contact and voice. I totally agree with this section of unit 5 particularly with the variation of the teacher's voice. Variation in tone and speed can truly contr
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There are many things to consider when it comes to the pronunciation of the English language. One of the most prevalent problems is that words are often not spelled like they sound. Furthermore, when
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I am a qualified and experience teacher, but consider myself still relatively new to the ESL field (as I've been an ESL educator for only a year and a half now). But I am happy to refresh my memory on
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This unit can be considered as a very informative. From on hand it classifies the teacher's roles in the classroom and gives tips how the teacher should act regarding to the educational task. I have a
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I was surprised to see a cassette recorder and OHP on the list of teaching aids. However, I can imagine that in some countries it can still be used. Although common practice shows that smartphones hav
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Spring Arbor
The differences between the various past tense forms can be quite subtle. I will be sure to refer back to this chapter as I teach, since the many interacting relative time frames are difficult for me
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Spring Lake
This unit covered the present simple present continuous present perfect and present perfect continuous. the need for a teacher to know exactly what he is teaching despite being fluent in the language
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Unit I provided a foundational understanding of the qualities usually reflected in "good" teachers and "good" students. Though these qualities, of student and teacher, are of course, as different as t
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This unit discusses and identifies receptive skills in language which include reading and listening. Reasons for reading and listening are often categorized into two distinct categories which include
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This unit talks about Teaching productive skills, that are, speaking and writing. It also said the speaking and writing are equally important and that none is more important than the other. The unit a
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This unit went over the forms and uses of the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous verb tenses of the English language past verb tense. It covered common errors made
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In this lesson, I learned about present tenses in english. I learned about the usages of the various forms, the typical mistakes students make with each one and good activities to use to teach them to
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It was a pleasure to study this unit. Arranging a class is very important because in my work I have to deal with children and adults in one class. For example, I may have a class with a 50 -year-old w
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Within the unit , the content returns back to English grammar and looks at the different forms of conditional sentences and how to teach them correctly within the classroom. Furthermore, the unit cont
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This unit is a little difficult, because there are many things include in the ESA, really need to read carefully and think deeply. But after learn this unit, really can help to think about how to deli
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What I learned from the demonstration classes: 1.Teacher’s attitude affects student participation - Teachers should have a positive attitude. Gestures such as smiling help create a positive atmosphe
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In this unit, I learned about how to teach more complex grammar concepts like modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Modal auxiliary verbs, such as can, could, may, might shall, and others, can expr
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In this unit, I have learned that in order to teach effectively, teachers must considering having a variation of the teaching methods used in class so that the lesson flow won`t be too predictable for
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This unit was very useful and enlightening. It was enlightening in how it provided useful historical information in the different theories that explain how people learn best or acquire a second langua
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This very short lesson about troubleshooting, problems that may arise in class; what to do when you have strong ones and weak ones in the same group. A good suggestion was to use a strong ones with
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The use of eye contact, gesture and voice is a reflex when teaching but when consciously using it, it becomes more effective. It holds attention to a student who is not being addressed. It can add vi
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This unit was definitely challenging! Who knew that phonetics and phonemic symbols were so tricky?! It took me a few times to read and comprehend the differences in consonant/vowel sounds. I can only
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Sterling Heights
Learning about Teachers and Learners helped me to understand what makes me a good teacher and how I can improve my skills to help my students to become good learners. It's extremely important for me t
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Unit 12 was about teaching productive skills. The two productive skills are speaking and writing. Explanation was given about the differences between accuracy and fluency activities. Examples were als
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In this unit, I was able to see examples of different techniques and activities used during both lessons. In the first lesson, the teacher did not act like he wanted to teach and the students seemed s
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Stony Point
This lesson showed me just how important it is for a teacher to know their students. A lot of how the students respond to your teaching method and how your attitude is towards them. Remembering to hav
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This unit covered the how to teach a new language by focusing on vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Determining which type of vocabulary words to teach a class is one of the most important s
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Even though Pronunciation is the most neglected aspect of English teaching, we need to teach pronunciation to build confidence in students. Not perfection but rather accept intelligibly. That they may
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