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This unit shared with us 15 teaching aids/teaching equipments that can be used effectively in the classroom. From worksheets, to video cameras, to online resources, each teaching aid was explained wit
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It was one of the most useful unit because in my opinion a good plan of lesson is the most important thing if you want to be successful and feel comfortable during the lesson. I had a nice example of
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Classroom management is an important consideration to promote learning. Eye contact, gesture, and voice can all influence student behavior and should be used appropriately. Different seating arrangeme
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In Unit One, "Teachers & learners," I learned about the defined roles and responsibilities of a teacher; by being a manager, an organizer, an assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, resource, a model,
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This unit focused on the receptive skills of reading and listening. All people read or listen for either a specific person or entertain; however, those to reasons can be mixed. The ways we listen and
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Unit 14 covered Coursebooks and lesson materials Some teachers swear by them and others despise them. But in reality often the schools we work for will expect the use of a certain coursebook. It's ev
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This lesson was about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. It walked through each group of words, clauses, and tenses for these types of sentence and grammatical structures. This is another examp
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This unit covered the several different teaching methodologies from more hands on approaches to completely removed and observing the class from afar. It also taught different theories of how different
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In this unit I learned about different resources that may be available in my classroom and the benefit to using them as well as some of the disadvantages that I will remember so that I can avoid mista
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Wolf Lake
This unit explains the basic rules regarding the use of modal auxiliary verbs such as,can,could,may,might,shall,should,will,would,must,have to,have got to,need to,needn’t and ought to.From this cou
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This chapter describes different ways a teacher can facilitate learning. It is important to keep the lesson unpredictable so that students don't lose interest. There are many methodologies for how to
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Wolverine Lake
Vocabulary is extremely important to students, especially when they are young, and eager to learn the simple words that they need to get by I'm the language. A "straight arrow" structured lesson is us
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Most often the analysis of students´needs and expectations of the course shows, they want to focus rather on speaking than writing as they usually lack the opportunity to practice speaking but often
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This unit gave a great list of resources for teachers and described the many different tools and types of equipment that can be helpful in the classroom or outside the classroom for learning. I am lu
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Students wont be able to construct a well-thought and meaningful sentences to convey their ideas if they are only good at grammar. It is a must when it comes to learning new language to also learn voc
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In this section, the different use of teaching aids and their different values are discussed. Some of the more important ones are the way you display the different information to the whole of the clas
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Woodland Beach
Unit 11: Teaching Receptive Skills details how people grasp meaning from a text from pre-existing knowledge using skills such as predicting, scanning, skimming and detailed information. A teacher can
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Planning lessons too extensively can have a detrimental effect of making classes too teacher-focused. However, flexible lesson plans can function as an aid to planning to write expectations of what st
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Sometimes it`s not easy to distinguish these forms of the future tense. We should make it quite clear before teaching a class. Future simple I/ we shall, you/he. she/they will… Usages: Future f
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Once the fundamentals of discipline in the classroom are mastered, it is essential to make sure that one`s lesson plans are organized as well. No matter the lesson content, when preparing a lesson, on
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In this unit I learned about parts of speech. Specifically, I learned about the different types of nouns, articles, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions. I believe this
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This Unit presented a review and explanation on the present tenses. It explained how the verb tenses (times) are organized – past, present and future - and theirs four aspects – simple, continuous
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Yankee Springs
In a special group feedback session, a trained observer visits class and conducts a group discussion alone with students during the last twenty minutes. The observer then produces a confidential repor
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Life, in whatever you do, is about balance. For example, all roles that a teacher must fill are good, but too much of any of these positions can be damaging to the students' learning experience. Teach
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Equipments like white or black board,IWB,OHP,audio and video recorders,photocopier and computer makes teaching more comfortable and easier. Teaching aids such as visual aids, work sheets and work car
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Here we are able to know what to give to our students and to know which is to come at the first phase and at the last phase of the lesson.How to attach outings in the our lesson plans as it will help
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Unit 2: Parts of Speech breaks down sentence structure and categorizes words to help us understand how native English speakers form sentences. Understanding how we use parts of speech; such as countab
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This particular unit is for troubleshooting. It talks about common problem situation face in the classroom. It talks about your first lesson what you should do, how to built rapport between you and yo
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For me, the new things I have learned from this lesson are the followings: a) I need to adapt my way of teaching to the culture and customs of the country where I will teach English. For example, stud
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