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Unit 14 covered Coursebooks and lesson materials Some teachers swear by them and others despise them. But in reality often the schools we work for will expect the use of a certain coursebook. It's even very probable that the school uses a whole set of coursebooks that build on top of the previous book, and so a teacher is obligated to cover the expected material. However, there are ways to supplement and even replace traditional coursebook lessons with outside materials. These materials can be divided into 2 groups: > Authentic materials - essentially anything a native speaker would hear or read. The disadvantages are that they are not graded for level so must be selected carefully. The advantages are that they can be more interesting and motivating, build confidence, and be geared to the interests of a particular group of students. Often authentic materials are more suited to higher level students, but not necessarily. > Created materials - These are often not reading material but rather games and exercises specifically graded to the level of the students. These are often more suitable to the lower level student, but can be a nice diversion for upper level students as well. The unit included a number of excellent sample created materials and what internet site to use to create more like them. Course books usually consist of a set of materials: > Student's book (for classroom use) > Workbook > Audio media > Teacher's book > Videos > Additionally can include graded reading materials, test books, dictionaries and flash cards Course book advantages - > Usually expected by the students > Considerably easier to supplement existing material rather than create everything from scratch > Provides a syllabus graded to a level suitable to the students > Provides security for students and teachers > Normally provides a balanced mix of grammar, vocabulary and skills work > Offers continuity and progression > Materials are normally tried and tested before publication > Usually attractive and appealing to the eye (?) > Continually practices previously introduced language > Teacher's book often includes many good ideas Course book disadvantages - > Doesn't always fit the specific needs and interests of all class members > Students may not like the book and/or be reluctant to use it. > Can become predictable and boring > Can make teachers lazy (!) > Almost always a compromise > Designed for general use and not the specific nationality being taught > Often outdated and unattractive > Dictate what is being taught Best use of coursebooks - > If possible, look at a number of them before choosing one > Don't use the book for the whole lesson. > Consider what will motivate students - replace that which won't > Create a balanced lesson being mindful of time requirements > Explore ways to match the book to the needs of the student > Approach the book critically - consider things the book has not > Don't base every lesson around the coursebook > Don't regard the coursebook as a solution to everything Four different options for coursebook use > Omit certain lessons irrelevant to the current group, > Replace with more suitable materials, > Supplement with additional materials, or > Adapt the materials to fit the needs If possible to choose course materials, a teacher should consider the following when analyzing course books: > Price based on area income levels > Availability in the local area > Design - attractive and comfortable? User friendly? > Methodology, providing a good balance of different learning activities > Skills- teach a good balance of different skills > Suitable level > Interesting and relevant topics > Helpful teacher's guide > What ancillary materials come with the coursebooks? I think this lesson really helped me to have confidence to tailor a class to what I feel is best for the students and for my own style of teaching. I don't need to feel shoehorned into what is the expected coursebook and the way the previous teachers might have taught the class. I can supplement, substitute and rearrange as necessary, even if my ultimate goal needs to be getting through a certain number of units for the sake of cohesion with the next level.
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