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Aan de Doorns
The Unit 7 tells about teaching new vocabulary, grammar and language functions starting with an introductory word to the importance of combining them together in the study process. In the teaching voc
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In this Unit we learn about the tense system in English which consists of seven most common structures. Four of them are real future tenses, while other three structures are not. Then we look at all t
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The Unit 10 demonstrates 2 videos of ESA class taught to Thai students. The teacher from the first video makes several errors throughout the class. His attitude towards the students is disdainful, hi
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In the Unit 11 we learn about receptive skills such as reading and listening. There are 2 major categories of reasons and motives for reading and listening: for a purpose or for entertainment. Often o
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Previously we have been introduced to receptive skills. In Unit 12 we learn about the productive skills such as speaking and writing. Speaking activities can be directed on promoting accuracy or flue
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Pronunciation is very important part of the language and probably one of the most challenging in the teaching. An effective teacher should not avoid teaching it in the class as it helps students to ex
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The Unit 14 reviews the usage of coursebooks and lesson materials. Some teachers prefer using course books because they usually provide a tried, tested and carefully graded syllabus. Others are likely
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There are different ways of evaluating student's level and their progress during the course. There are also external exams that a teacher need to prepare his students for. The Unit 15 describes diffe
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There are several types of conditionals in English such as zero type, type 1, 2, 3 and the mixed one. Conditional sentences contain 2 clauses: the if clause and the main clause. Either of them can sta
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In the Unit 17 we learn about teaching aids and equipment that can be used in the class to make lessons more interesting and effective. There are many resources that can be found in classrooms and stu
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The Unit 18 is the last unit of the course that includes English grammar. In this unit we examine modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice and briefly overview phrasal verbs and relative clauses. The
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The Unit 19 touches on the teaching special groups such as beginners, individual students, children, business learners, multi- and monolingual classes. There are several categories of beginner student
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Beaufort West
This unit gives a general overview of teacher/student roles, responsibilities and expectations. Reading the teacher roles gave me a clear understanding of what's expected of me as a teacher. I underst
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This unit is a great refresher on grammar and sentence structure. When learning how to speak a new language properly, this is the foundation. It helps one understand how to use words and phrases, as w
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I learned a variety of techniques to become an effective teacher. Since student all learn differently, it is important to have different options to enforce the learning material. This has shown me tha
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In the first unit I've got to know about good teacher and learner's features. Also there was an information about language levels. I like the structure this unit is written, everything is clear and ea
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Classroom management is important because it helps create student/teacher and student/student dynamic. It will help everyone feel comfortable. When the students are comfortable, it will encourage lang
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Betty's Bay
This unit gave me an better understanding of both the teacher and the learner and prompted me to "be in the students' shoes" more accurately . Being able to model correct English is important to me an
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This lesson has taught me various techniques on how to get the students to engage and actively practice their language learning. Proper grammar and vocabulary are two of the most important components
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This unit was a great refresher on future tenses. I forgot that there were as many as there are. Most native English speakers forget this teaching from grade school or take it for granted. Although I
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This was an excellent lesson on lesson planning. Staying organized is an important part of an instructor’s lesson plan. When done properly, it becomes a visual aid used to assist with tracking and d
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The difference between the two videos show the teacher using different techniques. In the first video, he didn’t smile as much and used a concept beyond their comprehension. The students didn’t se
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Reading and listening are two very important receptive skills. There are various techniques used when collecting information while reading. The objective one is trying to achieve when using receptive
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Speaking and writing are two skills that will produce fluency and accuracy in language learning. It’s important for instructors to use topics that will interest students enough to create engagement.
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This unit displayed the basics of the English language that I was taught in elementary school but it was a challenge to answer the questions without reading the unit several times. I learned that I do
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Camps Bay
This unit focuses on the characteristics of good teachers and students, and argues that the best teachers are able to identify and then foster and encourage the strengths of their students while also
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Cape Town
This unit lays out the basic building blocks of English grammar, assuming as it does that the teacher does not already have a formal understanding of grammatical concepts. The chapter is useful for re
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This is a grammar lesson using conditions. Using conditions such as if/when will change the verb depending on if it is direct or reported speech. Time is another factor when considering speech. Even t
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This lesson provides various examples of teaching equipment and aids. Using these tools can be effective for both the teacher and students. The teacher can choose which type of equipment will best sui
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This lesson teaches how to use modals and active/passive voice. It's an advanced lesson as it teaches students various ways to structure a sentence. Beginners may normally speak very short, direct sen
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This lesson gives a clear understanding on what to expect when teaching specific groups. The teacher should be prepared to teach mixed groups with varying ages, fluency levels and professional backgro
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Troubleshooting is a major part of teaching. There are various factors that can cause a lesson to not go as planned. Some of those are skill levels, personalities and equipment malfunction. When a le
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In unit 1: Teachers and Learners, it discussed the different qualities of what a "good" teacher is and what a "good" learner is. In most teaching environments, being an active teacher and an active le
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In Unit 2: Parts of Speech, I learned about the different functions of the Parts of speech and when to use them. In everyday speech with native peers, we tend to forget what words to use and when to u
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In unit 3: Theories, Methods and Techniques I learned how to engage a lesson and how to build upon on. In this unit, there were many example of how to introduce a concept to the student. This unit als
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This unit was interesting in that it supplied a great deal of information about different types of teaching methodologies and approaches. All of this information was useful in thinking through various
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De Doorns
This unit provides a teacher with a solid grounding in the grammatical formation of the four present tenses in English (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, and Present Perfect Continu
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De Kelders
In Unit 5: Managing Class it talked about how the personality of the teacher and class/ seating arrangement can influence the positive and negative effects of the students' behavior. Ensuring for opt
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De Rust
This unit is concerned with giving teachers strategies for how best to manage a classroom in order to ensure that all students receive the instruction and attention that they need. To this end, it con
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In unit 7: Teaching New Language, it discussed the importance of how to introduce vocabulary, grammar, and language structure to English learning students. In order for the student to become successfu
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This unit has summarized the qualities of a good teacher and his or her roles. Some of the most important roles are as model, organizer, assessor, observer and facilitator. This unit includes what mak
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From this unit I've learned that becoming a good teacher is the result of hard work, knowledge, motivation and the understanding of the complexity of your learner's characteristics. In analyzing the l
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This unit covered the theories, methods and techniques to teach languages. Some of them are Grammar-translation, Audio-lingualism, Presentation, Practice and Production, Task-Based Learning, Communica
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This unit covered several topics related to classroom management. First of all, it highlights the importance of eye contact, gestures and the voice. Later, it covered the pros and cons of grouping stu
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Unit 2 gives a systematic exposition of the English language that we so commonly use without realizing the benefits of knowing parts of speech and following rules. This unit gave me an insight and pro
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Being a good teacher means being attuned to the needs of one's students. A teacher should be patience and respectful of their students and be flexible and creative when encouraging success and interac
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This is an outstanding review of English grammar. The unit starts with nouns goes through what types of nouns there are. Next comes the review of adjectives such as comparatives and superlatives. Verb
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This unit describes what a good teacher is mainly one who listens and is patient with his/her students. The unit describes qualities of a good teacher--love teaching, manager/controller, assessor, pro
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This unit covered how the teacher should plan lessons and why. It includes the important functions of a lesson plan such as 1) an aid to planning, 2) a working document and 3) a record. This unit also
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The breakdown of what makes a good teaching and learning experience was imperative for me to understand the different factors we, as teachers, need to keep in mind while in a classroom setting, or whi
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