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Pronunciation is very important part of the language and probably one of the most challenging in the teaching. An effective teacher should not avoid teaching it in the class as it helps students to express feelings and personal reactions to different situations in daily life. Discipline that studies the sound system of a language is called phonology. It explores such areas as stress, intonation, rhythm, sound joining and uses the International Phonetic Alphabet, that helps to understand the pronunciation of English. Intonation is the variation in volume and pitch in the sentence, it carries the message and it is important in questioning, agreeing, disagreeing, confirming statements, expression of emotions and feelings. There are different patterns of intonation such as rise/fall, fall/rise or flat. These patters can be a good support in reading the upcoming information. There are number of ways for indication and teaching intonation in the class. Stress is to do with individual words. There are no strict rules of how to put the stress because there are many exceptions which makes this subject is very complicated. Several techniques for indicating stress are being provided. The phonemic alphabet could be found in the dictionary. It helps to pronounce words correctly. IPA is a set of sound symbols that represent the way words are being formed. That system is universal and knowing it will definitely make things easier for the students and the teacher. Human speech is a complex area. There are several organs of speech that are involved in it. And the manner of articulation also plays an important role in forming the speech and making the difference between sounds.