Teaching English in South Africa

Eastern Cape
Unit 6 The Past Tenses. The main past tences fall into past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. They are help us to say about action, which was in the past. We are using
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Free State
There are four things students need in order to learn a new language: exposure, understanding of its meaning, understanding of its usage and structure, and the ability to practice and produce the new
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speaking and writing should not be confused because they are two different means of communication. writing is not only the representation of the spoken language is a more rigid system. speaking is mo
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KwaZulu Natal
This unit focuses on creating a lesson plan for the day and describes multiple methods in which to provide instruction, such as 'Task-Based Learning' which is to provide a task for students to perform
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I think it was a good opportunity to correct and improve my English ability from the most basic thing. Frankly speaking, there have been some confusing words and parts of speech to me. But I think thi
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This unit was an overview of different methods and techniques for teaching including how to properly structure a lesson. It begins with a discussion of various methodologies that can be used. It then
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North West
In this unit, it talks about different methodologies about how to teach a language. And also introduces the main method of this course "ESA" from Jeremy Hammer, which is "Engage, Study and Activate".
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North West Province
This unit is the final look at English grammar and it ends with information on modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice and relative clauses. It looks into how to use modals and when to use them and wh
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Northern Cape
In this unit, I learned about the qualities of a good teacher, teachers' roles in the classroom, and the qualities of a good learner. I also learned about the differences in learners' abilities and mo
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Western Cape
The Unit 7 tells about teaching new vocabulary, grammar and language functions starting with an introductory word to the importance of combining them together in the study process. In the teaching voc
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