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There are four things students need in order to learn a new language: exposure, understanding of its meaning, understanding of its usage and structure, and the ability to practice and produce the new
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Future tense is definitely one of the most complex areas of our English language, especially considering that some other languages do not include future tense. Adding to the complexity, the present s
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This unit went over basic grammar rules. I learned about the definitions and functions of verbs, adjectives, nouns, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, etc. There are many rules that I don't think of
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The main method for TEFL today follows the engage, study, activate pattern. Engaging peaks students interest and is comparable to a warm up. Studying is a chance to learn new material and make correct
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This was probably the most difficult chapter yet. It's difficult to remember which tense is which, since descriptions like "perfect" don't really mean anything to me. Learning all the grammar rules ma
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It's interesting that there are different schools of thought regarding lesson plans, though it seems logical that teachers with less experience will rely more on lesson plan documentation. Personally
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The same four forms of the present tense can be seen in the past tense: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. They are all used in slightly different ways. Their forms also change depen
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A teacher's attitude while leading his class can greatly affect the success, or lack of success of his lesson. Clear instruction, good student rapport, higher student talk time, and monitoring studen
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Boompie Alleen
This unit focused on teaching pronunciation and phonology. Intonation is the volume and pitch in a sentence that indicates emotion, intent, and the type of statement/question. Individual words also ha
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In a brief overview of what I understood and learnt from this topic also comes from my experience of already working with children within a school and this has given more of an insight as to how a cla
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Lesson plans are a good idea, especially for inexperienced teachers. They should be simple and easy to review before class. They can be used as a document and an outline for later reference. They shou
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From this unit I've learned that there are many roles a teacher can take on. Depending on the situation, a teacher may need to act as an organizer, a participant, of a resource. The role also depends
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I have learnt from this unit about the roles of the teachers and learners and also about the relationship between them. I have understood that to become a good teacher is not enough to have a good sub
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I have learned from this unit that as a teacher it is really important to be aware of my student's learning levels, abilities, and cultural environment. Additionally, there are many roles that a teach
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There are created materials which are made by the teacher to supplement a textbook, authentic materials like menus, movies, songs, and textbooks. Each has advantages and disadvantages. As a new teache
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This unit went over different types of testing and their different purposes. There's placement, diagnostic, progress, practice, and external exams. The first four are usually taken in a language class
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This unit went over conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are used when stating hypothetical situations and usually involve the word if/when. There are 5 main types, but there are other mixed
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This chapter focused on equipment and teaching aids. There are a variety of materials in the classroom that can help to enhance the quality of a lesson. Some of these are more high tech like computers
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This unit focused on remaining grammar points that ESL teachers are likely to encounter. Modal verbs are used when requesting permission, expressing ability, making requests, etc. There are different
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This unit focused on how to teach special groups, such as beginners, young learners, and business people. Beginners are sometimes difficult, but also rewarding. Young learners can be hyper and unruly.
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Knowing the rules pertaining to parts of speech allows one to dissect sentences into understandable pieces and also construct new sentences that clearly communicate the message. By knowing the differe
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The learning process will be successful if both teacher and learner are motivated to it. The good teacher will try to make a good example for his or her students, will be active and creative, supporti
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This unit was really interesting because present simple, present perfect, present perfect continuous, etc. are all sentence structures that I use on a daily basis but I never really labeled the tenses
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There are different ways to teach English. Some of them were used for centuries others are just invented. They all are still used in practice but not all of them lead to the good results. The best way
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I have learned that classroom management isn't only about being strict to get the students to listen but it is more about building a relationship/rapport with your students. It is also important not t
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This unit taught me the differences between past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous verbs. Knowing these differences and their proper usages allow me to both understand
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Through this unit, I was able to see how different forms of EAS can be applied in teaching vocabulary and grammar. Learning the different structures equips me to better accommodate both the class and
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In this unit, it was interesting being able to see the different examples of exercises as well as a sample lesson plan written out. This gave me a better understanding of how ESA might be applied. I l
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Future simple is used for unsertain predictions, decisions made at time of speaking, promises Future continuously is used for the actions in progress at a sertain time i the future Future perfect fo
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The lesson planning is very important. It helps the teacher to keep the line of the lesson, to see the progress of students and arrange the class work better in the future. It also gives a feed back t
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Through these two lesson videos I was able to see the importance of explicit instructions and demonstrating before asking students to engage in an activity. For example, there are many times in the fi
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Reading and listening are very important skills to teach. Teacher should be careful to build up some confidence ion it among the students. He needs to use the texts and topics that could be interestin
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it is very important to develop productive skills. They are the most useful in life. Fluence and accuracy are eaqualy important. Howevere fluency is more important in a moment of engagment and accurac
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I was able to learn of different skills we use when reading, such as predictive skills, scanning, skimming, looking for details, and deducting from context. I think being aware of these skills would h
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Speaking and writing are both equally important skills even though often times there is heavier focus on speaking. It is important to discern when to focus on accuracy (producing correct language) and
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The course book is.very important. It helps both students and the teacher. It allows students to feel their progress and helps teacher to have the main idea of the course and makes teachers job easier
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This unit talks about the importance but often neglected area of pronunciation. Phonetics have many different aspects such as stress, rhythm, and intonation. Stressing different words in a sentence gi
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A good teacher should be passionate about the teaching vocation and knowledgeable about his/her subject. Students should be treated fairly, kindly, and with sensitivity to their personalities and cult
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It's important to be able to identify parts of speech correctly. They are: nouns, verbs, adjectives, articles, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and adverbs. Within each categories there are sub c
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There are many teaching methods, starting from the most basic, the Grammar-translation to the more rare, like the Silent Way. The most popular is the ESA method (Engage, Study, Activate), as it allows
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There are 4 present tenses in the English language: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. Present simple uses a noun with the basic form of a verb. Prese
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In order to have a good classroom management it's important to have good rapport with the classroom. The use of the teacher's eye contact, voice, and gestures can aid in establishing a positive and dy
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There are 4 past tenses in the English language: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Past perfect is formed by a base of a verb ending with ed. Past continuous for
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The material taught to students can be divided into the following categories: vocabulary, language structures, and language function. The topics for each should be selected based on various factors.
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Here's a list of the future tenses in the English language. Future perfect: subject + will + verb. Future continuous: subject + will + be + verb + ing. Future perfect: subject + will + have + verb in
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Lesson planning helps the teacher to create a sequence for the class, establish goals for the students and him/herself, and plan for anticipated problems. The plan also acts as a document for the less
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The unit showed examples of a poor and a successful English class. In the first video the teacher had a negative attitude, didn't smile, and kept repeating the same information, although the students
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In these units I have learned about the different types of teachers and learners there can be and how to make the most out of each one. In my opinion one should be able to be all types of teacher in o
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In this unit I have learned to successfully separate the types of the parts of the speech. Sometimes is a given that we know them, but we have to put a name on them as they are part of the English gra
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Paul Roux
When teaching English it's important to not only teach grammar and vocabulary, but also pronunciation and sounds. Variations in tones when speaking indicated intonations. Emphasis on a certain word or
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