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In this unit, it talks about different methodologies about how to teach a language. And also introduces the main method of this course "ESA" from Jeremy Hammer, which is "Engage, Study and Activate".
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This unit gives an overall look at the role of teacher in the classroom. It incorporates both the essential elements of a good teacher and a guide to understanding both young learners and adults. In t
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This unit looks into various methodologies that can be employed while teaching. It is important for a teacher to follow the structure that is most relevant to the lesson/class they are about to teach.
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I learned a lot about managing classes in this unit. There are different arrangement methods that can be employed based on the kind of learning environment you'd like to establish for the students. Fo
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This unit provided visual scenarios of a classroom where the teaching is ineffective and another where the teaching is effective. I learned the importance of attitude when conducting a class, engageme
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This unit was a follow up to the previous unit on the essential skills for language learning. This unit focused on the productive aspect which are writing and speaking, which are of equal importance.
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In this unit I learned about course Books first, its usage and its advantages and disadvantages. Course books is really useful to the students for because it gives authentic Learning. Next, I learned
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This unit gives a detailed look into pronunciation and phonetics. It looks into places of articulation and manners of articulation and teaches the user the key terms. I learned a lot of major terms th
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In this Unit learned a lot of things. First, I learned about the conditional in grammar that helps the teacher and the students remember the rules in grammar because it shows the pattern of grammar.
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This unit looks into selecting the appropriate course books and lesson materials for ESL learners. It looks at the difference between authentic and non-authentic materials, their advantages and disadv
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Unit 15 looks at various methods to evaluate a student's proficiency level. There are different kinds of tests that can be conducted and this unit explains what they are used for and the appropriate t
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This course looks in depth at the usage of conditional speech. It looks into the different types which are zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditio
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This unit looks at the various and extensive resources a teacher can employ when in the classroom. These resources are meant to be aids in delivering an effective lesson and this unit looks at using t
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From this unit, I have learned a basic overview of the role of the teacher and student in the classroom setting. I have learned the qualities that make a teacher and student "good" teachers and learn
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From this unit, I have learned the basic elements of speech including nouns, verbs (and their various forms), articles, adverbs, gerunds, etc. and how they relate. I thought this unit highlighted tha
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I learned the basic teaching methodologies including their attendant strengths and weaknesses. I learned the basic components of the Engage, Activate, Study (ESA) method and different examples of how
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From this unit, I learned the basic forms and usages of present tenses including present simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. I found it especially helpful to consider the usages of t
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This unit provided an overview of classroom arrangement and management, both physical and interpersonal. It is an area of teaching that I believe is frequently de-emphasized, despite its importance t
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I found the past perfect continuous tense particularly challenging in this unit because of its limited usage and specific meaning. The review of past simple, continuous, and perfect tenses allowed me
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Ga Rankuwa
This unit brought together the various verb tenses that I have learned in previous units and introduced the simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous future tense. Like the past tenses, I b
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This unit was fairly straightforward and intuitive in which vocabulary words and grammatical structures to teach and why. Vocabulary words and grammatical structures should be chosen for their releva
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Groot Marico
From this unit, I learned the basic components of a lesson plan and what a lesson plan is intended to achieve. A lesson plan can be used to not only plan but also to help respond flexibly to new situ
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This unit provided an example of an ineffective and effective language lesson in action. From these videos, it is obvious that the teacher's attitude has a profound effect on the success of the lesso
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This unit involved the basics of teaching receptive skills, reading and listening. The reason for reading and listening can be either for a purpose (for example, reading instructions before completin
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This unit reviewed the basics of productive skills: speaking and writing. While receptive and productive skills are often conceived of as opposites, I noticed a number of similarities in the teaching
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This unit reviewed the basics of pronunciation and phonology, including intonation, stress, sound joining, linked speech, the phonetic alphabet and articulation. I believe intonation and stress are m
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This unit reviewed coursebooks and lesson materials, providing examples and going over the benefits and drawbacks of each. Lesson materials can either be authentic or created. Authentic materials ar
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This unit reviewed the different ways students can be evaluated. Before beginning a class, it makes sense that a student would take a placement exam to determine what course would be most appropriate
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Schweizer Reneke
This unit involved conditionals as well as reported speech. Conditionals are sentences that involve "if" and refer to past, present or future possibilities. The "if" phrase represents the condition
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This unit went over different equipment and teaching aids that an instructor may have available to them in their classroom. The items discussed in this unit were fairly familiar to me as I have had e
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This unit went over different auxiliary words, passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. Auxiliary modal words are used in conjunction with a main verb to express degree of certainty, necess
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This unit went over potential "special groups" a teacher might encounter. The unit identified four special groups: beginners, individual students, children, and Business English/English for a Specifi
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This unit went over different situational challenges a teacher might experience, including first lessons, large classes, use of native language, different levels, and reluctant students. First lesson
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