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I think it was a good opportunity to correct and improve my English ability from the most basic thing. Frankly speaking, there have been some confusing words and parts of speech to me. But I think thi
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The contents of the principles of language learning and teaching and teaching methods that I learned when I was a junior in University came out again in this chapter, so I had time to review them. The
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One of the common English grammar which most people know but are often getting mistake is Tense, and I also used to make some mistakes. I made sure not to make mistake, and this Unit 4, including my c
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First of all, it was very difficult for me to study the contents of this unit. In addition, I thought that I only have to deliver the contents of the class easily and properly to the students when I b
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This unit mainly focused on the varied roles of a teach, the potential characteristics of students, and the various ways to categorize language level. In particular, I found the information on learner
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Grammar is always particularly difficult for native speakers because it comes so naturally. In this unit, I really focused on the exact definitions as well as the exceptions. In particular, the few su
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I think one of the most important teaching skills of the teacher is to ask questions. I learned from studying this unit that I can give motivation and knowledge to students through questions. Dependin
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Bela Bela
This was an excellent review of basic present tense structures and especially helpful for a native speaker. In my everyday speech, I do not think about switching between the different forms of present
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The focus on this unit on multiple aspects of classroom management helped me see individual aspects, such as enforcement of discipline, as really part of a larger whole. This helped me to focus on how
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Like earlier grammar units, this unit was particularly helpful in pointing out common errors and giving explicit grammar rules since, as a native speaker, I often have difficulty identifying this on m
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This unit covered techniques for teaching new vocabulary, grammar and language functions. These are, in my opinion, the parts of language that require the most exposure and practice to begin producing
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Similar to the units on presents and past tense, this unit covered the various forms of the future tense in English. As similar to those units, I found the specific and clear explanations of the diffe
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This unit covered the basic aspects of lesson planning, including why lesson planning is important and the typical structure of a lesson plan. I found the inclusion of a sample lesson plan in this uni
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Gravelotte, Limpopo
This unit focused on watching real lessons and identifying the positive and negative aspects of them. In particular, the first lessons was riddled with issues, the vast majority of them stemming from
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This unit focused on teaching receptive skills - reading and listening. It advises the student to focus on integrating a variety of skills into the lesson, learning and focusing on the interests of st
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Thi unit focused on the teach of productive skills - speaking and writing. In this unit, a large part of the focus was determining when to focus on accuracy and when to focus on fluency. Accuracy is m
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This focus on this unit on pronunciation and phonology was both difficult and helpful. As the unit points it, it is often difficult for native English speakers to recognize the intonation, stress, and
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This unit focused on course books and lesson materials. It covered both authentic and created materials, as well as material usually presented to teachers, like course books. In particular, it pretend
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Louis Trichardt
Unit 15 focused on testing and assessment more generally. It outlined the different types of assessment that can be used in the classroom, including more informal assessment techniques, like tutorials
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Marble Hall
Unit 16 focused on two complex grammatical structures - conditionals and reported speech. Regarding conditions, the unit outlined the fives types of conditionals as well as their uses. It also gave ex
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Focusing on the wide variety of resources available to teachers in an ESL classroom, Unit 17 pretend guidelines for the use of a number of those materials. While much of the unit focused on common mat
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Unit 18 covered a number of grammar concepts, most of which are most applicable for more advanced students. Modal auxiliary verbs are complicated because they can express so many different things and
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Unit 19 focused on teaching different special groups of language learners. When teaching beginners, teachers need to be as clear as possible and know to take things slowly. They also need to be respon
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Unit 20 focused on advice for the most common issues faced by TESL/TESOL teachers. This unit was especially helpful in thinking about some complications that can arise in the classroom, regardless of
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From this unit, I learned how to be a good teacher, this is important to me, because my current job is teaching - especially the parts about prompting and organizing. Sometimes I do the tasks for stud
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Teacher is most important position in a class. I have to analyze each student when I proceed the lesson, and accurate and reasonable information are needed in my class. I thought, I should always ask
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I found that this unit covered many different kinds of teaching methodologies that are very useful. I realized the importance of separating stages in a ESA lesson. A qualified teacher should be more p
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Everyone who learns English knows the importance of tense. I also emphasize the tense when I learn or teach English. So as I am familiar with the tense, but I did not know that I could emphasize very
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I had a 4-week teaching practice at highschool. I had a mighty hard time because I did not know how to managing my classes. I think, I was not proficient at that time. It is very difficult problem to
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This unit was a basic overview of what it means to be a teacher and what it means to be a learner in a EL classroom. The role of the teacher is no long to stand at the front of the room and provide di
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This unit was an overview of the various parts of the English language. Nouns—including common, proper, compound, abstract, and collective—were covered. Then there was a discussion of comparative
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