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speaking and writing should not be confused because they are two different means of communication. writing is not only the representation of the spoken language is a more rigid system. speaking is mo
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There are certain qualities that teachers and students should possess to gain the most from their lessons. Above all the teacher must enjoy what they do, while engaging with all students, assessing th
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This unit took me back to my school days when I first learned about English grammar. It covered parts of a sentence, terminology, definitions and rules. The rules guide the construction of proper sent
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This unit taught me about the different teaching methods, and an ideal way to structure a lesson. Of the teaching styles, Communicative Language Teaching resonated with me the most. However, it would
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Bank, Gauteng
I learned how to differentiate between the four different types of present tense. The examples given were helpful for me to get a grasp of their differences and uses. Present simple is used for routi
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This unit covered how to manage a class, and how that depends on to the size of the class, age of the students, personalities and space available. I worked for 10 years as a childcare educator in Aust
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Learning previously about present tenses helped to better my understanding of past tenses taught in this unit. For example, present simple and past simple can be used as factual statements - present i
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This unit gave many useful ideas for structuring a lesson based on new vocabulary, language functions and grammatical structures. I thought back to my Thai language lessons, and the way use of realia,
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It was interesting to learn that present simple and present continuous can be used with future meaning. While present simple in present time is used to state facts, habits or things that won't change,
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This unit covered the benefits of creating a lesson plan, for both teacher and students. My experience working in childcare is that the days ran smoothly with a plan, flexible so that it can be altere
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Watching these two videos really demonstrated the effect the teacher's attitude has on a class. The first lesson was almost unbearable to watch. He did not give the students clear explanations or inst
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I found it interesting learning about the different skills we use when reading or listening, such as predicting, scanning, skimming, and the way we use our prior knowledge to comprehend information. A
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This unit had some great ideas for games which could be used in the classroom to get students talking. Games are so important because students of all ages and levels can have fun whilst thinking, comm
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I learnt a lot about the specifics of pronunciation when speaking the English language. We speak naturally without considering which word to stress in a sentence, according to our needs (for somebody
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This unit helped me to weigh up the pros and cons of using course books vs authentic materials. I think using a quality course book would instill confidence in me, especially when just starting my tea
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Whilst studying this unit I discovered the different types of tests for assessing students abilities, progress, and specific needs. A placement test, or diagnostic test, would be used at the start of
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There are 5 forms of conditionals, to be used when expressing hypotheticals or possibilities in the past, present or future. These are categorized as zero, one, two, three and mixed, with rules for ea
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This unit covered the various teaching aids and resources which may be used in the classroom. Using a variety of equipment will help keep the students interested and give different challenges to the s
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During this unit I learned about modal auxiliary verbs, which are used to help add meaning to the main verb in a sentence. The modal verb always comes before the main verb. They can be used to express
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This unit gave some helpful advice for teaching beginners of English language, and the different types of beginners I may encounter, such as young or adult beginners, and those who have had some pract
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This unit covered some common problems encountered in specific teaching situations, such as large classes, different levels in ability and also suggested ways to deal with certain difficulties, such a
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This unit gave me an idea about the roles, qualities and responsibilities of a teacher and what makes a good teacher. It also tells about the different kinds of students based on their English languag
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In this unit I learned about the fundamental grammar structure of a sentence and very basic grammar terms such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, articles, gerunds and pronouns etc..
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This chapter is about a brief introduction of different teaching methodologies and a detailed description of ESA method. There are following teaching methodologies: Grammar Translation Audio - Lingua
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There are three different times (tense means time) in English; the past the present and the future. Each of these tenses has four aspects; simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. This giv
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Henley on Klip
This unit is about classroom management. It tells us about how to organize and manage the class having a friendly, relaxed manner and how to maintain discipline. This unit tells us about how teacher i
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This chapter is about past tense. The system and structure of past tenses is not too different from present tenses, except that past tenses relate to past time periods. Past Simple: Past simple is us
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This unit is about teaching new language such as new vocabulary, grammar and functions. Teaching vocabulary: ESA straight arrow method can be used to teach new vocabulary. Teaching grammatical structu
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The future is one of the most complex areas of the English language. So many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings. The seven most common are as following: 1. The future simple.
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There is no special way in which a lesson plan must be written. Some teachers write formal plans, some jot notes, some log details into class notebooks. Each teacher has to find their own way. If you
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Kempton Park
This lesson is about how to practically conduct a class and how a teacher is supposed to behave. The teacher must have a positive and pleasant attitude to build rapport with the students. Otherwise st
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Receptive skills include listening and reading which are as important as reading and writing. The basic keys to successful receptive skill lessons are: Choose material that interests/motivates the stu
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This unit is about teaching productive skills, which are speaking and writing. While speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways they both are used for the same purpose - to communic
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This unit is about pronunciation and phonology. An effective teacher considers the teaching of pronunciation an integral part of the course. Phonology consists of the following: Intonation: Intonation
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This unit is about coursebooks and lesson materials. Course books are a very emotive issue for many teachers. Some teachers swear by them, while other teachers despise them. Therefore, it depends on a
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This unit describes different methods for assessing students English proficiency and progress. There are a number of ways to assess a student's language level: Tutorials: These can take place with th
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This unit is about conditionals and reported speech. There five kinds of conditionals as following: Zero Conditional: if/when + present tense, present tense First Conditional: if + present simple, wi
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This unit is about a variety of equipment and teaching aids which a teacher should use to deliver lessons for a better result. These include: White/black board Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Overhead pr
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This unit is about Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice. The modals are: can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn't and ought to. They are used
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This unit is about teaching special groups. Beginners are divided into following categories but these categories are not mutually exclusive. The absolute beginner The false beginner The adult beginner
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This unit is about troubleshooting common problem situations in the classroom which are as following: First Lessons: When faced with a first lesson the experienced teacher will not resort to the cours
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A BRIEF OVERVIEW: This unit covered the qualities or characteristics, roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students. As a previous medical assisting instructor at Sanford Brown Institute in
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The content of this unit dealt with an Introduction to Grammar, but specifically, it concentrated on the Parts Of Speech. I have enjoyed this unit immensely because it has taken me back to the days wh
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A Brief Overview of the Content of This Unit: This unit dealt with the theories, methods, and tecnniques involved with the teaching of EFL students. In particular, it dealt with EFL methodology, mist
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In this unit we went over different types of ways to help students engage in learning there language such as games work sheets, little activities that stimulate learning of the language. Discussed in
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In this unit we discussed present tense and the various forms of it. Such as present simple which is really just facts stated for example, the sun is yellow. There's multiple types of forms of present
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This unit covered the various divisions of the past tense, which included the following: the past simple, the past continuous, the past perfect, and the past perfect continuous. As a result, I have le
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As a brief overview, this unit generally dealt with 'The Teaching Of a New Language'.In particular, 'Vocabulary, Grammar and Functions' were covered in detail. I have acquired a greater understanding
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As a brief overview, this unit covered the future tenses in general, but specifically, it explained the various divisions of the this tense. I am intrigued by the detail of the explanations. As a res
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As a brief overview, this unit covered 'Lesson Planning', with emphasis on the various phases of a lesson plan, that were previously explained. These phases are the 'Engage, Study and the Activate pha
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