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This unit takes a close look at how to teach new language in terms of vocabulary, grammar and functions. To learn a new language, exposure to the language is not enough. We also need to focus our atte
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We have learned what makes a good teacher, including their role in the classroom and qualities they should have, different learner levels and specific qualities about each level, different reasons for
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Depoe Bay
In this unit I learned to how to plan a lesson. I learned the principles of lesson planning. Like keeping it simple, and being flexible and open to adaptation. I learned about being organized. How you
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In this unit, the different equipment and aids that are used in the classroom are discussed, along with useful tips and things to bear in mind when using them. With the continuous advancement of tech
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This Unit shows us that the receptive skills are listening and reading, because learners do not need to produce language to do these, they receive and understand it. And are contrasted with the produc
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Unit 13 deals with teaching pronunciation and phonology. These two important aspects shouldn't be neglected in teaching. Correct pronunciation is the way to successful conversation as well as knowledg
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Diamond Lake
This unit helped me review and rejog my memory of the common parts of speeches in the English language. I had no trouble with these six parts: adjectives, nouns, verbs, articles, adverbs, prepositions
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Present Tense This unit focuses on the tense system and how they are used. The present tense system deals with four different tenses.. the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and the p
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Unit 18 teaches about modal auxiliary verbs which are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. The unit give examples of the different uses of modal auxiliary verbs. The unit also spea
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The Future tenses. The Future tenses mentioned in this unit are: Simple future tense Future continuous tense Future perfect tense Future perfect continuous tense Going to tense I have to come to the
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The way of teaching changes with every group. Teaching individuals is completely different from teaching a group. Teaching younger children gives other challenges than teaching an adult class. As a te
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This unit went through the many (7) tenses within the future tense. I can already predict that this is going to be the most challenging unit to teach due to the overlap with the present tenses. I am s
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As an introvert the opening line of the unit was encouraging: "Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that you have to be an extrovert to be a good teacher in the classroom". This unit indicates t
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The unit is dedicated to two grammar topics which are reported speech and conditionals. there are illustrated information about the types of conditionals which are zero, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and mixed.their
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In this unit I went over past tense verbs and refreshed my understanding of the differences between these tenses. I think the hardest part for students to learn will be the irregular past simple verbs
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This unit covered different ways of teaching, but focused on the ESA, or Engage, Study, Activate, method. During the engage stage, the teacher plays a game or asks questions to get the students talkin
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As receptive skills, language learners should have a strong foundation in reading and listening skills, to build their vocabulary and grammar, so they have confidence in speaking and enjoy reading. Fr
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I learned that good eye contact is useful to engage the whole class, to ensure discipline, to indicate who should speak, and to encourage contributions. On the other hand it is essential to avoid eye
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From this unit i've learned about lesson planning. I've learned that it is important for teachers to write down flexible lesson plans, which will serve as an aid to planning, a working document and a
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Being an elementary teacher I face class management issues almost everyday. This unit gave me a clear guide on how to tacki a number if problems. For example using the name at the end if the question
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Relatively easier unit compared with the earlier unit on present simple tense,as we are now familiar with the 4 types of tenses within each main tense. However, I can imagine new English learners bein
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From this unit I have learnt about managing the classroom through eye contact, gestures, voice, grouping students, arranging of the classroom, giving instructions, establishing rapport and maintaining
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I did not find this section very useful, perhaps because my college only has whiteboards and no interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors, video cameras or DVD players. Where I might have opportuni
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After this lesson, I am aware of that there are so many preparation I could do to avoid problems in classroom before the class starts such su thinking about the class size and how to set up students,
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Dunes City
This unit gives usual qualities of good learners and teachers. This part helped me remember why I like English teaching and made me reflect on my own personality and how it helps me teach. Unit 1 also
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Empirical studies are essential to improving our understanding of the relationship between accent and pronunciation teaching. However, the study of pronunciation has been marginalized within the field
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Pronunciation is one of the most neglected areas of teaching English as a foreign language. There tends to be less focus on it because many native English speakers do not understand all of the rules t
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Unit 11 presents a good example of an ESA planned lesson. From the very beginning the teacher starts the lesson with all the ESA techniques. It is an example of a productive teaching with applying of
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Eagle Creek
This unit taught me a great deal in learning how to properly structure a lesson plan. One of my biggest worries going into teaching is figuring out ways to get serious English language concepts across
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Eagle Point
To be honest, so far this unit is the one that struggle me to learn. I feel its like too long of explanation, and also it's feels like i keep on repeating about the same topic. I feel like i keep on c
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A good introduction to the course as it sets the stage for a new or less experienced teacher to understand the relationship between teacher and student,their respective roles and qualities to ensure e
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This unit examines a range of other grammar points that are commonly taught in an English language classroom. It covers the rules and usages of modals and some ideas for presenting them in the classro
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This was an excellent refresher on the grammar I learned in high school. I have done a little bit of one-on-one conversational tutoring and there were a few times when a student would ask for a rule o
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In this unit, I learned about the tense system. It helped me understand why this area of the English language can be difficult to learn, since there are twelve state tenses in the English language com
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Elk City
In Unit 9 we learned about lesson plaaning. There are a couple of different thoughts on this issue. Some feel that lesson planning is not a good idea because it creates a more fixed, teacher centere
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In this unit I learned about two receptive skills that are very important when learning a new language: reading and listening. Also, the two different categories which are for purpose and for enterta
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This unit has some interesting and helpful points. The section covering how to establish rapport is very important. It provides very useful techniques for teachers. I particularly like using Ice-break
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This unit discusses lesson planning, its main components, the importance of creating a lesson plan, and ways of producing an effective lesson plan. It also presents a sample format that clearly explai
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In this unit I learned a lot about the importance of being aware of your students needs, experiences, and language level in order to best support their learning. Being an English language teacher is n
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Well from this Unit I learnt that Parts of Speech is an Engl?sh grammar and also a category of words which have similar grammatical properties. There are Eight main Parts of Speech in the English Lang
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The contents are introduced in this unit are past tenses. The system of past tenses is little similar to the present tenses but relate to different period of time. Past simple, past continuous, past
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After reading the material in Unit one, I believe that I have at least the book knowledge to analyze and diagnose a foreign language classroom. Before enrolling in this course, I have spent years livi
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This unit expands on the basic grammar forms and tenses. The previous unit (u4, I believe) introduced an overview of all the English tenses, and started with the explanation on the present tense. This
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I learned that receptive skills are specific aspect of learning English and that a teacher can effectively convey these skills by allowing students to practice both in a classroom setting, where mater
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This unit explains several different teaching techniques used for teaching a foreign language. This leads to the preferred technique for TEFL, which is Engage, Activate, Study. The unit also covers di
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Fall Creek
Unit 14 is very informative about how to choose course books and materials for teaching English. This unit also addresses the advantages and disadvantages of using a course book that is provided by t
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Falls City
Another set of learning new things again in this lesson, teaching new language in Vocabulary, grammar and functions. Which we all know that the grammar is the tree trunk, branches of language while th
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In this unit I learned about how to teach vocabulary, grammar and function of a new language. It provides important and useful information every teacher should know when teaching a new language. For
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This unit show us how student engagement and participation levels can be influenced by the teachers approach or attitude while teaching. In the first lesson we see how important it is to effectively e
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This unit has made me even more eager to get into the classroom. I will definitely need to tone it down so that I do not come off as one of the teachers seen as "nothing more than entertainers." The n
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