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In this Unit we learned the final basic aspects of grammar. We covered Modals, Phrasal Verbs, and Passive Voice. I think Passive Voice is the most important to learn because many things are said and w
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Adair Village
The many roles a teacher is asked to play in a classroom setting is without equal. Whether verbally, physically, intellectually, we are all adapting to what is needed at that point where learning occu
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In this unit we learned about planning a lesson. I found this unit very interesting, and appreciated the many examples of different activities for different stages of a lesson. Including anticipated
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I have refreshed my memory with this unit, we can think about the conditional as consequences. It refers to a set of grammatical structures used to talk about hypothetical situations or possibilities.
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Testing is important in my opinion but is necessary to do so with care so students don't lose motivation but the opposite. Tests can present to the teacher what level the students are, what are their
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In this unit an effective teacher can choose or arrange a study phase of the lessons according to the the learners ability to respond. Vocabulary, grammar and functions are the basic foundation of th
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Agate Beach
I found this Unit to be extremely difficult to learn. I realised as native English speakers, we naturally learn the phonetics and pronounciation from a young age as children growing up speaking the la
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In this unit, I’ve learnt about the theory behind classroom management. Various techniques such as voices and gestures, seating arrangement, and appropriate use of ttt and stt can help students unde
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Coursebooks and Lessons materials are very important in teaching, In order to ignite the interest of the language learners. For many ideal world schools they would provide all the books and materials
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The unit on managing classes was useful for giving tips on how to use different student groups, table formats, and techniques for managing the level of rapport, interaction, and student versus teacher
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In this unit, we learned about the past tenses, including past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. More specifically, we learned how to differentiate between these diff
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I learned what receptive skills are when referring to ESL and that they are reading and listening. I learned how to distinguish different reasons for listing or reading in daily life and how they are
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Most of the information in this unit is pretty straightforward, but it's still a good review of how to build a positive and productive atmosphere in the classroom. Reading over the pros and cons of gr
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In this lesson i learned how to plan a lesson. I learned that flexibility is one of the most key components to lesson planning, and I also saw the importance of self and group reflection. I also learn
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The unit covers past tenses of verbs, which reflect the structure given for the present tenses of verbs. There are some easily confused tenses such as present perfect and past perfect, which have simi
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this unit is good for me,because it shows me how to better manage my class with my student. for example :-((classroom management)). As a teacher we do have the authority to move the student from t
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It was very interesting and helpful to see two examples of lessons and the different stages we have been talking about as well as some common mistakes and good practices to follow. It was neat to see
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I learned that a teacher’s attitude will influence the effectiveness of a lesson greatly. It sets the students at ease and encourages participation. Having a weak rapport with your students may leav
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I used to think that a teacher is its own role but there are actually different roles that a teacher should undertake during different sessions. Focusing too much on one role over the other or misplac
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This unit gave brief overviews of some special groups that may be taught including beginners, individual students, children, ESP, monolingual, and multilingual groups. It covered what each of these is
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Up to this point the lessons have been full of information, or so I thought. However, after diving into this Unit the amount of content compared to the last is unparalleled. I felt the description of
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Unit 15: Evaluation and testing I found unit 15 to be a little short, and missing the ball on some content. It has taught me different types of examinations such as Diagnostic, placement, practice, an
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In this section, two videos are shown that illustrate the difference between a teacher engaging his students in the content, and a teacher failing to effectively engage his students. The second video
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The unit 12 is dedicated to teaching productive skills which are speaking and writing. the information on teaching productive skills are provided in separate way as teaching these two skills are very
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Same with unit 11 i like how the four basic language skills have been split into two units. Personally I prefer to have more speaking involved in my class than writing but i do agree that writing is
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Unit 1 has helped me gain more knowledge on the teacher/student relationship and gave me more insight into the levels of language ability. It was helpful for me to see the six levels in the text (begi
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As a mother who chose my daughters course books, without realizing it I chose them based on age, comprehension, requirements of school district, and what I wanted her to learn. After a 3rd. grade SAT
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This is was a fascinating unit to study! I had never thought of how I would teach students through a reading or listening passage, and had never even thought of those skills as things that could be co
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This unit delves into the ways of organizing and managing the classroom to create a conducive place for students to learn. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using non-verbal cues or lan
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Arch Cape
A lesson plan is a teacher's detailed description of the course of instruction or "learning trajectory" for a lesson. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide class learning. Details wil
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This unit covered conditionals and reported speech. sentences with conditionals include "if" and "when". This unit also explains the 5 main conditionals, such as zero conditional, first conditional,
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I learned that in the first lessons it is important to establish rapport with your students and set the tone for the rest of the course. Classes can fall into two groups: new and existing. It is sugge
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In the last unit of the course, we looked at common problems that a teacher may and probably will encounter. We looked at 'first lessons' and the various things that should be taken in to account. We
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The two productive skills are equally important. In a speaking skill lesson, the focus will be on accuracy and fluency. Mostly accuracy is taught in the study phase of a lesson, fluency is student con
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This unit may be the most complicated among the three units on grammar tenses, with the additional consideration of present simple and present continuous tenses. Having studied all the tenses, it is c
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In this unit, I have learnt about how to select vocabulary for teaching along with what students actually need to know about vocabulary, this makes the selection process more straight forward and the
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This unit was helpful in understanding the various future tenses. Knowing when the usage behind the various tenses is essential to being able to explain to students when to use each tense and why. Eac
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The unit reflects some general points on how the class may and should be managed by the teacher. It provides a great number of different options always explaining the reason for each teacher´s choice
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The unit is about using different technical aids in the classroom their advantages and disadvantages. there are mentioned about the use of DVD, vidoe camera, computers, OHP, whiteboard uses in the cla
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Teaching aids are an integral component in any classroom. The many benefits of teaching aids include helping learners improve reading comprehension skills, illustrating or reinforcing a skill or conce
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There are three different times in English: The past, the present and the future. Each of these times has four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. In this Unit, we've covered
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This unit explains the different present tenses used in the English language. I like this unit because it concentrates only on the present forms.The simple present and the present continuous are easy
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I found this brief a little more difficult in the light of native English speech. I need to focus on the way of structuring my sentences more so to be definite than opposite. It is clear in our way of
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Baker City
This lesson shows visually how lessons should and should not be run. The first lesson shows a teacher who is disorganized, rude and that making his students uncomfortable and the lesson hard to unders
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This unit discusses the various problems a teacher may have with a class or types of students. It explains the issues and then gives tips and suggestions for how to handle these difficult situations.
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the evaluative dimensions student used in assessing their teachers, lets see:- All students judged teachers on the dimensions of student/teachers repport, communicative style, instructional style, and
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In this unit, I’ve learnt about the four types of past tense; past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Like the present tense-covered in unit 4- the four types have di
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This unit focused on the two receptive language skills, reading and listening. These are important because much of communication is being able to understand what is being said to you. Students need ce
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This unit explained number of different things regarding the management of the class.I believe it is very important that a teacher can manage the class effectively.This helps the class flow smoothly a
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The video unit was fantastic. I had to watch the videos a couple of times because after having read the questions I realized there was a lot more going on than I had observed. At first I did not think
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