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The material in this unit was fairly straightforward and I did not find any particular difficulties with it. However, I found that the "equations" shown to shape each form and the example sentences we
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In this unit, I learn how to manage the class effectively. how to group the students effectively before the discussions, how to control TTT and STTT. how to give clear and simple instructions and How
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Buena Vista
I was shocked at the similarities between the present tense and the past tense. I enjoyed this unit because I was able to use my knowledge of the Present tense to help in understanding The Past Tense.
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Bull Mountain
The past tense describes a past event or a state of being and the past tense is categorized further depending on whether the action was in progress or has been completed. The four past tenses are: Pas
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Bull Run
Conditionals and reported speech are not very hard to understand, even at school I've noticed some kind of pattern among all the conditionals and changes of tenses in reported speech. It is important
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Unit Two was a concise, yet in-depth explanation of most of the main parts of English grammar. It covered everything from SVO(Subject-Verb-Object), to the two types of verbs (Indefinite, definite), an
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Bunker Hill
This unit describes productive skills- speaking and writing. Although the ESA activities suggested do appear to be fun and effective strategies, there seems to be very little discussion regarding how
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Very helpful tips on how to deal with behavioral problems in the classroom when they happen. Also good guidance on how to prevent potential behavioral problems in the classroom. I had never really t
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Burnt Woods
In this unit I saw how the teachers attitude affected the students. I thought that in the first lesson he was very short with the students or even rude. So therefore, the students were the same with h
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Butte Falls
This unit definitely helped me to finally close the understanding the differences of all the tenses that we use in the English language: the information provided is totally well explained as well as t
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Workbooks are useful and there are many advantages to using them but you have to be able to adapt to your students. I think I would actually enjoy creating materials so I would probably add to the les
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this unit is about classroom management. the following aspects are covered: Eye contact, gesture and voice; grouping students; classroom arrangement; writing on the board; giving individual attention;
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This unit was very helpful, especially following the present tense lesson. I was able to connect some similarities of the present tense lesson to the past tense principles. It helped cement the rules
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Camas Valley
In this unit I learned about classroom management. I learned the benefits of different types of seating arrangements and the different factors which go into managing a classroom like giving instructio
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Camp Sherman
In this lesson, we learned about modals and how they can express intent or tone within the context of a sentence. Furthermore, the lesson taught that there were different purposes and degrees of sever
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The content of this unit focused on the seven most common future tenses. I found it helpful to get an explanation as to why the present simple and present continuous tenses are also used with future a
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in this unit,it shows us how to prepare the class and how to manage the class and what you need to be aware of according to different student group and student number. I was asked to teach a group of
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Cannon Beach
In this unit, I understood the importance of teaching both receptive and productive skills equally. I have reviewed my own teaching methods as well as my lesson plans and have found this to be a weak
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Canyon City
I think the way the teacher should present him or herself at the first lesson is quite important as students would have their first impression of the teacher. A proper warm-up is essential to prepare
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It was interesting to see how many different aids can be used to make the lesson more interesting, effective & less dependent on the textbook. Its interesting to see now, how much technology is invo
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Cape Meares
Unit 3 show all the necessity of the class planning, which also depends on the students' English level. The effectiveness of the learning process depends on the tenchnique or method that teacher choos
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The unit provided a very helpful organization of traits that both teachers and students may possess as learners and educators, while allowing the reader to reflect on and scrutinize the relationships
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1,the concept of stress ?Rhythm and intonation and how can people use them in the daily communication or when they make a speech. 2 the IPA based on British English offers a standard of Pronunciation.
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In this unit I learned how to maintain control over my classroom and deal with difficult students. I learned that class seating, group activities, my voice, my gestures and my posture and whether I am
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The focus of this unit is conditionals and reported speech. It explains the forms and usages of the five conditionals and gives examples and teaching ideas that can be used in the classroom. This unit
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The focus of this unit is coursebooks and lesson materials, particularly the advantages, disadvantages and best uses of course books. It also tackles visual aids, worksheets and other activities that
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This unit focuses on the receptive skills of listening and reading. Although the unit's focus seems to be more on reading than listening, many of the principles apply to both. Among areas covered ar
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Cascade Locks
After reading over the unit for the first time, I was still left with some questions regarding the four forms of present tense. I had to write out many examples for all four forms, present perfect, pr
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Cascade Summit
This unit was about the 4 past tenses, past simple, past continuous(progressive), past perfect and past perfect progressive. It explained and gave examples of how/when each tense is used and also gave
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This unit covered the receptive skills, reading and listening, including why, when, and how they are used, challenges associated with them, and how to effectively teach them. This was helpful as it ga
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Cave Junction
In this lesson, I watched two videos of the same teacher teaching in very different ways. The first video was uncomfortable to watch because the teacher seemed disinterested and struggled to communica
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This unit is very helpful in providing tips and ways to go about teaching students who are reluctant or not as animated to learn what you are teaching them. It also provided helpful ways of maintainin
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This unit discussed how to teach students new vocabulary, new grammar rules/constructions, and new language functions. Each of the three sections talked about how to decide what vocabulary, grammatica
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To teach a new language, we can aplply what we learned in Unit 3 about the ESA methods, and as an effective teacher we should be able to choose the most suitable structure to the class and language we
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Cedar Hills
Knowing how to engage a class begins with the understanding of the level the class room as a whole is currently in. Once this is determined, the best method to engage, study and activate that particu
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Cedar Mill
In this unit we learned about the different equipment and aids that we as teachers are able to use. I was used to most of the items listed, but some of the uses were new ideas to me. Some of these new
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Celilo Village
There are four different present tenses. These tenses include the present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and the present perfect continuous tenses. The present simple tense is used to ta
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Central Point
In this unit, we focused on speaking and writing activities and the best ways to implement them in the lesson. Once the advantages and disadvantages of certain teaching styles were outlined, the lesso
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different teachers have different teaching styles and each class is targeted at different levels, but for every lesson, there are four things students need to do with new language: be exposed to it, u
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The productive aspects of English are writing and speaking. Within the productive aspect, there are two main categories- fluency and accuracy. When focusing on accuracy, the teacher will try to help t
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Unit 9 is the most difficult of the previous units for me as it concerns with practice and lots of tasks. Having done the test I still feel as I have to work more on planning and understanding of diff
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In this unit I learned the about the importance of creating a lesson plan when teaching. It is very useful because I can use it as reference in the future and also a substitute teacher will be able to
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This unit highlight the importance of phonetics and phonology in the teaching of pronunciation. Therefore, it start by defining and contextualizing the issue of teaching pronunciation in the classroom
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Cherry Grove
This unit addresses the receptive learning skills: listening and reading. There are two types of listening and reading - for a purpose or for entertainment, and at times, for both simultaneously. It i
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This unit begins by defining the qualities necessary to be a successful teacher and those required to be a good learner. It defines the different roles a good teacher must assume. It then divides the
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What I learned from this unit is that while writing and speaking are equally important, speaking is more easily acquired than writing. Writing takes time and practice to perfect and has more requirem
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There are many different future tense forms in the English language. Like present tense and past tense, there are the four basic tenses that apply to future as well. These are simple, continuous, perf
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This unit talks about the four aspects of the past tense: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. These share certain similarities with the previously discussed presen
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Christmas Valley
This unit taught me how to manage a classroom in a calm, orderly way. This unit was very helpful to me. I learned about behavior problems, and how to deal with them in the correct way. Another thing w
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Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that you have to be an extrovert to be a good teacher in the classroom. Some good teachers are very low-key, while other teachers, both lively and amusing, a
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