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This unit speaks to classroom management and its importance in maintaining discipline and building a good relationship with students. I have learnt that classroom management is the organization and co
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This unit talked about how to create a lesson plan in order to prepare yourself for teaching an effective class. It went through what aspects must be in your lesson plan and gave some very helpful exa
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What I learned in this unit is that teachers need to be resourceful and adaptive to their classroom and students individual needs. While coursebooks give them a general overview and framework of what
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Clear Lake
Getting to see these two different examples of how to teach taught me what I should do to be a good teacher. A good teacher is important because the attitude of the teacher has a profound effect on th
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I have learned a significant amount of new information when it comes to present tense forms and it will be very beneficial to my teaching in the classroom. Some activities that I want to use to help m
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In this unit we looked at past tenses. I felt that this section was a lot easier to understand, having already studied the present tense. As a native English speaker, I was able to pick out which verb
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In this Unit we learned about Conditionals and Reported Speech. Conditionals are very important to learn because I think we use them a lot in casual conversations or joking situations. I think mixed c
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Unit Teaching New Language: Vocabulary, Grammar and functions. Vocabulary can be defined as words known to a person or words used in a particular language. Grammar maybe defined as a set of rules tha
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Cold Springs
As I ever had experience on teaching, My goal as a teacher is that I want all my student can understand and absorbs the subject. This unit really help me to understand even more. as I know, Different
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Much of what was presented I have already been trying to do with gestures gestures, clapping, singing, tongue twisters. Clapping and stretching stressed words help the students establish correct pronu
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Columbia City
In this unit I learned about the future tenses. In this unit I learned about the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, the 'going to future,' and how to use the
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What I learned is that the teaching of vocabulary and grammatical structures hinges mostly on proper uses of words and phrases and the placement of them. Pronunciation of words is important too, but
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Coos Bay
Classroom management is an important aspect of teaching. A large part of managing a classroom are the qualities that a teacher expresses in the classroom that add to the atmosphere (rapport) of the cl
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I found information about how to teach new vocablurary, new grammar structures, and language functions with examples of teaching plans and suggestions about what activities are appropriate to each par
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Despite being a more "theory" based class, I am surprised that this unit didn't go into more detail regarding things like punctuation or spelling. I find that punctuation still makes people slip up ("
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It is very important to be able to manage a class. I would rather spend some time teaching my students some classroom management rules at the beginning of the school year, than to waste time during th
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A very informative unit detailing the methodology for teaching different groups. Every teacher has to face such groups through the span of her teaching career, armed with this knowledge, she can defin
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In the previous unit, the topic about receptive skills (reading and listening) was discussed. In this unit, the other two language skills which are the productive skills (speaking and writing) are the
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In this unit I learned about what it takes to manage a classroom. I learned that it is very important to get to know your students personalities as well as their English-language skill level in order
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In this unit we looked at equipment and teaching aids. Although the material in this unit needs updating, I think that it was still beneficial, and most of the material is still relevant. Many classro
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Cottage Grove
Unit 2 showed me that my knowledge of grammar is not perfect, but there is always something new to learn.I have some experience in teaching grammar to 7-10 y.o. kids, and the only thing that is clear,
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This unit focused on the productive language skills which are writing and speaking. There are many reasons people use these skills including to communicate an idea or because they want something to ha
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In this unit, I’ve learnt about the benefits of lesson planning and was given a great template to follow. The template includes learning outcomes for both students and teachers, as well as; level of
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This unit definitely filled some holes for me regarding parts of speech that I didn't know how to define or would have been able to teach. We all use passive voice or phrasal verbs naturally every day
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I learned the importance of both creating a lesson plan and being flexible with respect to how the plan is carried out. This refers to the ability to switch gears when students interest flags as well
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The most important thing I have learnt from this unit is basically the overview of English grammar, parts of speech and how the structures in different sentences are formed. It comes handy to refresh
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Unit 13: Phonetics. Phonetics, and pronunciation are probably the hardest thing to teach to English language learners in my experience. Whenever I was asked to help with a pronunciation, it’s always
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Crescent Lake
This unit was a brief introduction to basic grammar rules and uses. This unit helped me identify the different parts of grammar used in basic sentence structures. it helped me brush up on my grammar s
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This unit provides a good foundation for positive classroom roles and dynamics between teachers and students. I learned that it is important for teachers to use different roles dependent on the activi
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Crooked River Ranch
It was a nice unit compared to all of the reading and whatnot, but still some problems arise. Some of the answers to the questions were rather odd. Take number 6 for example: In the first lesson, ho
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Managing Classes unit so helpful to understand how and when the teacher should do everything concerning controlling the class and arrange the student accordingly. know when the teacher need to talk mo
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This Unit has really provided me with a lot of knowledge on how to organise my classes & how to inspire confidence through my teaching towards students. I really enjoyed reading how a teachers body l
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Culp Creek
In this unit I learned some potential solutions to some of the problems that I may experience as an English teacher. Obviously not every potential problem was covered and not every potential solution.
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This unit, has beautifully highlighted the most common concerns I had regarding potential student behaviours and challenges I might face. This unit has also successfully advised me on how to counter a
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In this unit, I’ve learnt about the different aspects of pronunciation. What to appreciate, and what to focus and recognise when teaching it to students. The phonetic script was particularly difficu
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Evaluating and Testing the students not only lets you and your students know how much they have learned, it also provides a chance for more learning to take place, by reinforcing course material or by
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The concept of pre teaching vocabulary is very important as learners tend to lose interest or get intimidated if the words seem alien to them. Pre existing knowledge is also a key part of the whole pr
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Unit six covered the past tenses. Tenses covered were the past simple, past perfect past continuous, and past perfect continuous. These tenses all work like their present tense counterparts except the
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Tenses are an important and often tricky part of the English language to teach. Many other languages only have three or maybe even one tense, but English has twelve. In this section I learned the four
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This unit covers classroom management and includes gestures, voice, sitting arrangements, behavior management, TTT and STT, also eye contact, using students' names etc. I consider rapport very importa
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In this unit I learned about the variety of students I could be teaching English to. Also the advantages of teaching these groups. For instance, teaching beginner students is very rewarding because o
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This unit covered common areas of difficulty for teachers and offered potential ways to solve those problems. It covered how to have effective first lessons, how to effectively use warmers, how to eff
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Days Creek
This lesson elaborates on the different speech and written grammar structures used in English. The lesson first presents the basic functional use of a sentence to convey an ideal by following the form
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Unit 8 discusses the many ways you can talk about the future.You might want to describe something you’re about to do very soon, or you may want to share your hopes and plans for the years ahead. Whi
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First lessons are very critical because they set the stage for future lessons. A rapport is created between not only the teachers and students, but between the students as well. A teacher will want to
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In this unit I learned about the different equipment that can be used in the classroom to motivate students and to aid teachers in delivering their lessons. The use of equipment, such as whiteboards,
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In this unit I learned about the most common situations a teacher can encounter. One is to establish rapport. This is very important because teachers get to know their students better and can create
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Deer Island
Productive skills are as more important as receptive skills. Productive skills include speaking and writing. Main purposes of these skills are communication, listening, speaking, spelling, handwriting
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This unit went over the different types of future tenses. I thought it was really interesting that some present tenses can be used to indicate future events. I see how this topic could be really frust
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This unit was important in helping me understand what students need to know when encountering new vocabulary, grammar, or language function. Making sure you are providing enough information to your st
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