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Hot Lake
In this lesson, we learned how we could supplement all that we had learned with different material from a variety of technological resources. Additionally, the pros and cons of each resource was expla
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Diagnostic test, Progress test, External exam, Placement test– must have a good understanding of each test/exam and for what reason you are giving it. Not only are you testing the students but you a
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This lesson was about the tenses and forms of verbs, the chapter reviewed past tense, past perfect tense, past perfect continuous and simple past tense. I didn't learn much from this lesson. I think s
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Unit 5 focused on management of classes. I feel like I’ve said this in almost every review of the units related to classrooms however, after learning the unit I could realize which methods were impl
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This unit discusses the forms and usages of the five conditionals. In addition, it looks at the subject of reported speech and direct speech and shows the contrasts between the two. It also exemplifie
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This unit discusses principles and practices for effectively running a classroom, such as teacher's stance and relation to the students, seating arrangements, groupings, maintain rapport and disciplin
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This unit gave an in depth explanation of all the types of tests that their are for English. I personally believe that you cannot fully know a students level of english through a test as students tend
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Idleyld Park
This Unit teaches me about how to teach receptive skills to students who desire to learn English. I like how the unit breaks down the four basic skills in any language in to two skill sets - receptiv
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I enjoyed this unit because it explained the most common problem situations that most teachers encounter in the classroom and it also suggested ways of dealing with them. Like with First lessons, wha
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Unit 8 is about the future tenses. The future tenses are divided into 7 tenses. The first 4 tenses are in line with present and past, covering simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. A cle
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The contrasting videos of this lesson show how teacher attitude and preparedness have an impact on the effectiveness of a lesson. In the first lesson, the teacher is dismissive of student errors, does
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This Unit shows us, the importance of lesson planning, there are various theories about it because it can cause the lesson to be strict and not student-centered activities but that is the thing, to di
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Indian Village
In this lesson, we learned about the different types of students and the different techniques that could be utilized to teach them. An individual student should get a very different approach from a te
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this unit is very helful to disgunish between the future tenses , this is might be very confusing because ther is al lot of useges and its very difficult to know when to use with sepcific time and whe
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Similar like grammar, tenses can be quite intimidating even to a native speaker especially when it comes to the theory part. It is not to say that the native speaker is not well versed with it, just t
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This unit taught us about Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology. I think this was the most difficult unit by far but at the same time I think it was the most interesting. It was so interesting to read
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In this unit I actually learned what passive voice is. Well, kind of. I was still pretty unclear on it after having finished the unit, but then I Googled it, and a good way to figure it out is by addi
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This unit was one of the most challenging. It dealt with modal verbs which condition a verb, such as 'should', 'can' and 'would' and the relevant aspects of their usage. It then went on to define the
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This unit covered the past tense including past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous tenses It gave the basic forms of each, their usages, common student mistakes, and re
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In my most recent language school experience I spent a lot of time using equipment and teaching aids to further my language skill, and entice me to learn new things. Unit 17 talks basically about any
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Unit 7 helps new teachers learn what student need to do in order to learn new languages and also gives ESA methods to introduce new languages. This unit also stress the importance of how a teachecher
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Island City
Lesson 10 demonstrates the importance of a properly prepared lesson plan with a positive attitude. In the first video the teacher appears disorganized and intimidating. He did not ease the students in
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The lesson plan included in the lesson is extremely detailed compared to other lesson plans that I have seen in the past. I definitely foresee myself using it in the beginning. An edited/scaled down v
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This unit covered the 12 tenses in the English language. It broke down the four main tenses into three sub categories. This helped clarify some issues that can get mixed up within the four tenses. Thi
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In this Unit we learned about Teaching Receptive skills. It was edifying to learn that reading and listening are just as important as speaking when learning a new language. I liked learning that creat
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This unit discussed conditionals and reported speech. This was yet another eye-opening unit as it showed again how much of the English language I – as a native speaker – take for granted on a dail
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the unit discusses the tips of teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions of a new language. the information in the unit is provided in sequenced order like what is the importance of vocabulary teachi
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Jeffers Garden
In this lesson, I learned about the different types of conditional statements and the structured way that the principles change depending on what tense the original verb in the condition is. Furthermo
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In this unit I learned how to craft different types of lesson plans based on which area of the language we're studying. I learned what aspects of grammar sentence structures and vocabulary I absolutel
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Jennings Lodge
This unit provides a good demonstration for two different types of behavior of teacher to handle the classroom environment and students in two different ways. In second lesson teacher was more followi
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This unit briefly surveys methodologies and then plunges into a more in-depth presentation of the ESA model. The explanations and examples of activities for each stage are followed by principles for
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In the learning process, the role of a teacher has a crucial imprortance, therefore a good teacher needs to possess a great variety of professional, communicational and personal characteristics, such
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John Day
I personally found this class totally helpful because I hadn't seen this so well explained and detailed as it is here, and I believe that pronunciation is a really big thing due to the fact that you m
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Johnson City
This was a very interesting unit as it made me look deeper at the potential students I might encounter in the future. There is a great possibility that I will be working with adult students, that are
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This unit focuses on the two receptive language skills that students learn in English classes: reading and listening. It discusses specialist skills like prediction, scanning, skimming, reading or lis
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Unit 8 like I believe unit 6, and unit 4 went in-depth with the tenses of English grammar. Covering the Future simple, future continuous, future perfect, and future perfect continuous this lesson was
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Jordan Creek
Students vary greatly. Beginners ability and motivation to learn may vary depending on age, their role in choosing to study and their exposure to Alphabetic Script. There are a variety of techniques
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Jordan Valley
Summary Chapter 20 – troubleshooting, some common problem situations • Building rapport and relationship is essential for a new teacher. • Lessons should have an element of fun – use a “warm
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The importance of making a lesson plans is the main focus of Unit 9. In this unit, it stresses that a loose outline along with a flexible teaching style is the best way to structure your lesson plans
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Junction City
Learning a new language can be difficult. For a teacher, there needs to be a balance between teaching grammar and teaching new vocabulary. It is good to remember that the grammar is like the trunk of
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In this unit we learned how to make a lesson plan, and about what is generally required of a lesson plan. More specifically, we went into detail about the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) method, compone
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In this unit we looked at pronunciation and phonology. This unit had a lot more theoretical content to remember than the last few, but I think it was all useful material. Word stress, intonation, and
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Kansas City
In this unit, I learned about the various tools I possess to manage my classroom: eye contact, voice and gestures. It is important to group students appropriately for the activity at hand, arranging t
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This unit is all about evaluation and testing. It discusses the different types of tests that a teacher may carry out to assess how well the students are doing during their language learning process.
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The final unit of the course looked at some of the most common problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom and also suggested ways of dealing with them. It went over how to start a
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Well Unit Four is about the Present Tenses and we have four Present Tenses namely: the present simple, present continuous or present progressive, present perfect and present perfect continuous. The te
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This unit carries on the topic regarding the tenses that make up the English language and focuses on the future tense. There are four aspects of the future tense. One is the future simple. Some of it
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This unit discussed teaching special groups including individuals, children, business English, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), monolingual, and multilingual classes. I found it particularly inter
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This unit, as of now, its the most technical and difficult part of the entire material. If it's tough for me to understand then I presume it will be even tougher for me to teach. I believe it's easier
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As a tutor who has worked with lesson plans before, I am fascinated by the difference in the layout of the information of a lesson plan form but nonetheless amused by the realization most lessons plan
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