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The past tense may be more challenging for a lower level learner due to the many irregular verbs. However, a strategic, planned and practiced lesson will ensure the success rate of the students learn
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this unit test is one of the easiest so far . It is just about the conditional and reported speech rules which are basic and easy for me as an English teacher. I found it helpful just to refresh my mi
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This unit is just excellent. When it comes to the article, it well describes the phonotic terms and explaines in details.For the video , it is well done and it shows what every teacher might need to g
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This unit allows us to keep in mind that we need to analyze the target language. To ensure that the target language is apt and open to being taught successfully. Assessing the proper course of action
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With this unit, we are shown the importance of displaying how a word sounds. To assist with proper pronunciation of a word we can assist the students in diction and proper forms of speaking. English i
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This unit is about equipment and teaching aids. Many different teaching aids can be used in the classroom. Along traditional equipment, such as blackboards, whiteboards, overhead projectors and visual
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As this is the last unit for the whole course, I did learn a lot, especially for activity and game and how to motivate students during their study time. As a teacher, you will have to face many differ
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This unit discussed the four basic skills in language; reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Most of this is information that I already knew, but had not expressed in words before. Words and phra
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Avon Lake
This unit provides a foundation for the teaching of English grammar and is thus incredibly important to any language teacher. It has helped me reacquaint myself with the rules of grammar and it also e
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The two videos illustrated two different ways of managing a lesson. In the first lesson I noticed how the attitude of the teacher brought confusion and boredom among the students. It was not handled i
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Bay Village
In this unit, the difference between definite and indefinite articles is explained comprehensibly that I believe I can explain it to my ESL students in a better way. Articles in English language are o
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Unit #9 is the most informative lesson thus far. For inexperienced teachers like myself, lesson planning can be a daunting prospect. However, this unit helped me better understand the framework necess
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This unit covers the topic of evaluation and testing. To assess a student's language level, we can use tutorials, evaluations done by students and tests. There are various types of tests, with each
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It is necessary for us to understand the breakdown of simple sentence structures. When giving examples we must use language that is beneficial and familiar to the students. Creating sentences out of t
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Bedford Heights
l have difficulty handling a large class. Most students are not interested to study English. Another problem is that they are reluctant to do the activity using English as the language because it is e
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I learned the important functions in making a lesson plan. These are (1) aid to planning, (2)working document, (3) record. I also learned how a lesson plan should be written down and the things that s
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This unit provides and overview of the different context and uses of the present tense in English. It starts with an overview of the simple present tense and goes on to explain correct usage of the pr
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It is believed that the teacher plays a crucial role in the classroom and surely the essential task revolves around having an effective classroom management. In fact , that paves the way for the teach
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As a fan of all things grammar, I enjoyed the review of conditionals in Unit #16. Although, its clear to me after reviewing the material that I may not be as good at explaining conditionals as I am at
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This unit covers the future tenses which is the most complex of the English language. A description of seven of those tenses were discussed in this unit, two of them being tenses that have already bee
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As starting to read this unit I really liked the expression ''Grammar is often said to be a tree trunk and branches of the language while vocaburaly and functions are the leaves '' It is with no doubt
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Blue Ash
This unit focuses on the teaching of the productive skills of speaking and writing. In order to do this efficiently, I now know my lesson should have a balance of accuracy activities and fluency activ
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Bowling Green
This unit deals with course books and teaching materials needed to teach a language class. The chapter has taught me the need of introducing both authentic and created materials into a lesson. While a
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This unit takes a dive at Modals. It takes into account the auxiliaries and comparisons alongside them. Providing examples of each auxiliary and what it's intended use may be. The unit also gives exam
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Broadview Heights
There are endless and possible types of equipment and teaching aids available. Depending on the availability of resources and materials, the teacher has to decide carefully which materials are best su
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Brook Park
This unit focuses on lesson planning - whether we should use them, how they should be written down, how to be organised, what to put into a lesson plan and how to monitor the lessons. It also goes int
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This unit gave a fairly in-depth description of pronunciation and phonology. Even though it may be the most obvious, the pronunciation of individual sounds is what most people tend to concentrate on.
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When it comes to teaching students a new language, it is important to know the level of your class so that you can properly choose what and how to teach them. Teaching new students vocabulary is impor
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This units purpose is to inform how to teach productive skills, which are speaking and writing. It is split into three subsections for speaking and writing, writing skills, and games. In the section f
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This lesson discussed how to properly manage a class, both large and small. This focus was a good as I feel this would be the biggest problem area for new teachers of English with younger students. Th
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This unit is absolutely my favorite so far. I enjoyed a lot reading the article and listening to the video. Both are short , consice and clear enough. Learning more about the importance of receptive s
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In this unit,I learnt for many teaching theories methods and techniques. It helps a lot for teaching students. There are lots of methodology for different students. But the key part is the Engage Stud
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In this unit I learnt about planning lessons. It will consider a lot of stuff. We should know the aim of that class for students and teachers. And knowing how to manage a whole class with a lesson pla
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Canal Fulton
This unit presented games that can be used to help a student with their speaking and writing skills. I really enjoy playing games that allows the students to relax and explore the language, without b
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Canal Winchester
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. As to anything we do in life, we need preparation. Whether it be preparing for a job interview, raising kids, and even retirement. Big or small things in life need pr
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I enjoyed reading about this unit a lot .keeping to the last was a good idea as after learning about how and what to teach , I learned to who I will teach . Teaching special groups requires a deep kno
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The unit is about teaching pronunciation and phonology. It's a very important part of English language teaching because students can practise using the right stress, intonation and rhythmwhen they rea
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The Managing Classes unit was extremely helpful especially for me as a new teacher. It gave a lot of good advice and tips on different approaches for different circumstances such as class layouts depe
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This unit expands upon the previous unit that covered past tense and it's variations. Along with showing present tense and it's variations and how they are affected by reported forms. We can greater e
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This unit focused on how to teach the productive skills of speaking and writing. In my experience with teaching language learners, adult students tend to prefer to focus on their speaking skills with
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This unit gave a basic overlook of how to manage a classroom based on class size and the type of students in the class. Classroom discipline, teacher talk time, student talk time, and methods for deli
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This unit was beneficial to compare and contrast two different teaching methods. It was always beneficial to see how a teacher’s attitude and demeanor can have an effect on the students’ willingne
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This conditional unit can be a lot of fun in the classroom. A teacher can use these conditionals to find out what his or her students want to accomplish as they are growing up. I also think the direc
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Pronunciation and phonology are covered in this unit in great description. Intonation which is the rise and fall pattern of a sentence as a whole is how the message of the sentence is conveyed while t
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This unit is about conditionals and reported speech. We have five main conditionals: zero conditional, first conditional,second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional. We use reported sp
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This unit is a good review of the different evaluation tools a teacher can use. It's important to monitor student progress both for the teacher and the student. It can be motivating for the students t
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Cleveland Heights
This unit focuses on teaching productive skills, which are 'speaking' and 'writing'. There are two types of activities - accuracy, which is more teacher led and focuses on perfecting any mistakes, and
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This unit explained when and how to plan different types of lessons to suit the needs of the part of language you're trying to teach. There are a couple different parts of language that can be taught:
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In this unit I saw two different videos about demo class which use ESA methods. But for 2 classes, they are many different between them. In my opinion,I choose the second one to be the better one. Of
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After working on this unit, I realized that I speak in the passive voice active more of the time, than I do in the passive voice passive. When I am trying to spare someone's feelings or console them,
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