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This section goes over the future tense and its different forms; the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, present simple, and present con
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It is important to know those receptive skills; listening and reading and also productive skills; writing and speaking are equally important, which should be taught by using a balanced teaching approa
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This unit discusses course material and how different teachers may or may not use it depending on their personal preference. Most schools do not have access to every single course book ever made, so i
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Cuyahoga Falls
This is one of the most important units in this course. I have known many educators that have left the field of teaching, due to dealing with behavior problems. It is frustrating to have a lesson plan
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Unit four entitled present tenses explores four different subdivisions that the present tense can be broken into. Those four subdivisions are present simple, present perfect, present continuous, and
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Deer Park
Conditionals are sentences with words like ‘if’ and ‘when’ that refer to past present or future possibilities. There are five types: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, th
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This was an excellent overview of the past tense of grammar. I especially thought all of the example sentences were helpful and seeing how each tenses form's are structured. I also thought the example
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This unit covered characteristics of a good teacher and a good learner. I have learnt that some of the qualities of a good teacher are to be kind and patient, to have a good understanding of the subj
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Learning about Simple tenses is of paramount imporatnce in establishing an effective communication. I strongly believe that one of the most important verb tenses an ESL student should master to commun
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In this unit,I learned about the equipment and teaching aids.Through this unit, I knew there are so many different equipment for teachers in the classrooms, and for each equipment, it has different us
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troubleshooting is my last unit and test to have .I again enjoyed this short and easy article.Everything was clear enough to understand .In fact,reading about the most common problems that every teach
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East Cleveland
Unit 9 focuses on the essential art of lesson planning in the teaching of English as a foreign language. Through the content of this unit I have come to understand that there is an important balance t
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East Liverpool
I am an ALT working in 4 different schools of different levels 2 Elementary 2 Kindergarten. The needs are very different . Not all schools are the same, not all teachers are the same. Each require ver
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Too much planning in lessons can make an educator appear to rigid and not flexible. It is crucial as a new teacher to be prepared for language problems that come up in the classroom or within the less
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This unit of work has framed the future tenses as well as their forms and usages in English language. The future tenses are difficult learn because of complexity of the future in English language. As
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In the course of this unit, I have reviewed important techniques for teaching a new language. As teachers, we all know that some students find grammar very appealing, some find it intrinsically boring
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In this unit,I learned about modals,phrasal verbs and passive voice and active voice. Actually, we have learned it before,but did less exercise. As there are much more detail to check and remember, I
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This unit provides a fairly in-depth discussion about present tenses, their usages, typical errors that you can expect to see from English learners, and a few methods for teaching these ideas. The pre
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In this lesson content I feel it went into good detail on some of the common methods of teaching. The engage, study and activate (ESA) process seems to provide a great way for people at all levels to
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This unit provides useful information for managing a classroom. It offers insightful information towards how a teacher can establish rapport with students. There is also information on why particular
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The unit covered the final basic grammar aspects, modals, phrasal verbs, relative clauses, and passive voice. I foresee passive voice and relative clauses being the most difficult to teach to language
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Fairview Park
This unit gives me a chance to obsserve a real life English language classes. As I watched both videos I learned two contrasting lessons that highlight ssome of the basic differences between effective
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This unit is about modal verbs, the passive form and phrasal verbs. Modal verbs are very important in the English language, as they express a number of ideas, such as: obligation, possibility, permiss
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Forest Park
This unit focused on receptive skills, which are reading and listening, as opposed to productive skills, which are speaking and writing. They are all equally important. There are two main motivations
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In this unit,I learnt about receptive skills-reading and listening. We all know how to read and how to listen to something,but in this unit, it will tell us how to manage that into a class, how to use
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Unit #6 summarized past tenses in English in a quick and efficient manner. The unit presented the past simple, the past perfect, the past continuous, and the past perfect continuous in a simple way th
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A Teacher need to know more then his Students. Thats very ?mportant if he or She wants to Teach something. ?earning all these Again, shows me how easy it was to remember something when i was younger,
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Until now,this unit is the most difficult unit that I have learned.Too many theroies and definitions to remember. And also need to know about our organs in our mouth which can help us pronounce the le
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This fairly difficult unit on grammar dealt with modal auxiliary verbs, the passive versus the active voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. Modal auxiliary verbs are used to add meaning to the m
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Garfield Heights
Listening is a valuable skill that is frequently overlooked. It is a skill that most people believe they have, but they do not. I must admit that there are times, when I am listening to someone talki
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This unit touches base on evaluating which gives the teacher a greater understanding of whether or not the information being provided is useful and productive and testing which gives the teacher infor
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This was a very useful unit in order to put things in perspective. It again made me more aware of many situations that could occur in the class and how to handle and manage such situations. The lists
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This unit is a troubleshooting guide, which covers all the main problems that can arise when a teacher is dealing with particular situations. First lessons, for instance, need to be handled using rapp
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Grandview Heights
In the first video, the students are very confused but they are trying to participate. The teacher, on the other hand, is rude and unprofessional in manner. He did not start by engaging the students.
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The course book helps to keep the teacher focused on the basic part of the lesson. There are many items that can be used as a supplement to the course book to enhance the learning process. Using diffe
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This unit covers the types of lesson materials, authentic and created, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of course book materials. As my classes already have assigned course books, it is muc
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Grove City
This unit teaches us about the future tenses. There are four main future tenses, one irregular future tense and two present tenses (used in the future form). These are: 'future simple', 'future contin
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This Unit was extremely helpful to me as a new teacher in order for me to understand the important of a lesson plan and the need of balance between good planning and the need for flexibility. The stru
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With this unit covering the importance of tests and examinations, it points out the variety of uses a test may have. There are also a variety of tests that a teacher can use will evaluating a class. T
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This unit covers receptive skills which are listening and reading. Used for entertainment or for a purpose reading and listening are done with a variety of skills, predictive skills, scanning, and ski
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In this unit, I learned about how to teach different groups students in the classroom. For some groups there is a big chanellage for me, but for others is ok to do that. But one thing is important whi
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Highland Heights
Unit 11 provides information on the teaching of receptive skills i.e. reading and listening. It starts with reminding the teacher to be aware of what type of reading or listening a lesson is aiming at
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This unit provided good information on real life situations. A teacher usually is so focused on what he or she will be teaching, that they forget that the number of students in their classroom may be
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This unit went over ways to teach pronunciation and phonology. I think teaching pronunciation is an important aspect of language learning class and learning the phonology is important for language lea
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This unit was very useful and I learned a lot of new material. I used to teach EFL private courses from my own experience and knowledge of English, I was unaware that I was using certain methods and a
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Huber Heights
This unit focused on the 4 past tenses. They are the 'past simple', 'past perfect', 'past continuous' and the 'past perfect continuous' tenses. It is easy to distinguish between continuous tenses and
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In this unit I have reviewed the present tense. The first is the present simple, which we use to express habits, routines and facts. The second is the present continuous, which we use to talk about ac
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This unit covers managing your classroom. This unit explains how gesture, voice, and eye contact are the three means you will be using. It is also explains that the class can be taught/interact as a w
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The unit covered potential problems with teaching students. I think the most nerve-wracking of the would be the first lesson, as so much rides on the first lesson. I like the idea of not using the cou
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Before going into great detail, I must redact my comments from my previous unit reflection and prioritize this unit as my favorite unit! As an all-around fanatic of linguistics, I enjoyed reviewing c
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