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North Olmsted
This unit covered teaching methodologies which are a prominent part of the teaching experience. I have learnt that language instruction is an art in itself and so much of its success depends on the me
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North Ridgeville
Unit 10 revolves around two videos of lesson content. In one video the teacher makes basic errors and the content of the lesson is not communicated efficiently to the students. On the other hand, in t
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North Royalton
This is probably the area of the English language that causes me a big amount of difficulty. Before, I just use the English language based on the very simple rule. But now that I am aspiring to be an
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This unit describes good teachers and good learners. It also describes different levels of learning and different types of teaching. From this lesson, I learned that there are many different types and
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This unit showed two different videos taught by the same teacher with the same students, but used different teaching methodologies to highlight very critical differences. In the first activity, the te
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This unit is really a difficult one. It challenged me a lot as it has a critical thinking.Furthermore, The questions of the test were highly confusing . The good part is that I learnt a lot after wa
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This unit elaborates upon the concept of teaching receptive skills. When learning a new language it is still a vital part of embracing the language when one can understand what is being said. Whether
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This Unit basicly showed, how i can approche my first Days of Teaching and that is very Helpfull. ? will take some Examples as a Guideline for my First Days even the First Week so me and the Students
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Unit #15 was pretty straightforward but was still very informative. Looking back on my education, I can remember taking placement tests, progress tests, and diagnostics tests, so the methods employed
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Olmsted Falls
Unit 6 deals with past tenses and the various forms associated with this tense. It covers past simple tense, past continuous tense, past perfect tense and past perfect continuous tense. For each of th
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This unit is about how to teach communicative skills; writing and speaking. I have learnt that if students have a purpose to speak, their attention should be centred on the content of what is being sa
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This unit on past tense verbs is important in understanding that there are a variety of past tense forms. Each form can indicate the timing of when an action happened or is continually happening. Stud
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This unit discusses the productive skills that are used in a classroom: speaking and writing. Writing can be the most neglected and difficult skill for some students because it requires a lot of devot
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In unit 14 course books and different types of teaching/learning materials are covered. The very beginning of the unit authentic and created materials are discussed and distinguished as well as how an
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This unit describes several different types of tests used for grading and assessing English learners. Placement tests help the teacher gauge the ability of each student so that they are placed into th
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This unit covers what resources a teacher may be able to use within a classroom. Granted each situation is different so one cannot expect to have all the resources available. The teacher must be able
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Parma Heights
Unit 13 is on teaching pronunciation and phonology. This unit is a rather detailed explanation of the importance of sound in the English language. It is difficult to teach the various intonations and
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This section discussed the different ways in which new vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions are selected and introduced to students. The lesson goes in depth on how the process of
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Pepper Pike
This unit focuses on the theories, methods and techniques of teaching English in a foreign language. It teaches us various different methodologies such as ESA. ESA stands for Engage, Study and Activat
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When teaching in a foreign country or in a native country sometimes a teacher can be hired or asked to teach special classes. With this unit, it provides information to greater tailor a lesson plan. A
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I think this unit was short yet an informative one as it showed the different types of resources teachers can use and how to get a beneficial outcome .Authentic and created materials are both crucial
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This unit highlights the variety of the future tense . The basic information we all have is that any future tense will automativally express a future which means a time later than now . However the t
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Port Clinton
It is crucially important to know that classroom management is an essential component in a learning environment which supports both teaching and learning. In the course of this unit, I have review tha
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This unit went over the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous tenses. The past simple tense is used for actions that were completed at a definite time in the past. Th
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This unit covered many different elements of grammar in detail. It explained about different types of verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, articles, pronouns, gerunds. This was a particularly useful rec
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This unit is about teaching vocabulary, grammar and language functions by applying the ESA method. Some issues relating to the teaching of vocabulary are: the selection of suitable vocabulary accordin
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Unit 4 reviewed the present tenses used in English and discussed the four primary forms: perfect simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. The unit delved into the v
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It was very eye opening to see the same class being run in 2 different ways. As a new teacher I think seeing how a good and not so good class is helpful to pick up some useful tips. Looking in from th
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Richmond Heights
Unit 8 covers the various ideas and meanings associated with the use of the future tense. The types expanded upon in this unit are future simple tense, future continuous tense, future perfect tense, f
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Unit #12 reviewed how to teach productive skills, and the different methods employed to do so. Furthermore, the unit discussed the different areas in which accuracy or fluency are the primary focus an
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This unit is about past tense. In English we have four ways of expressing the past: past simple, for actions completed at a definite time in the past; past continuous, which we use for interrupted pas
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Rocky River
Unit 1 has taught me the characteristics of a good teacher which are essential for keeping students interested and motivated. Teachers play several different roles in the classroom and should be able
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Lesson planning is an essential feature in english language teaching. It's an aid to planning and it gives us a guideline on how the lesson should be managed. However, it is true that it can't be too
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This unit taught me how to apply ESA methods to introduce a new language. The first thing would be in teaching the language is teaching vocabulary of course after engaging the students and motivating
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This unit is about lesson materials and coursebooks. We can choose lesson materials from two type of sources: authentic material and created material. The former is typical everyday language extracted
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Seven Hills
On this unit I learn many uges of future tensess and how it's form grammatically. Future Tense is one the most complex areass of the English language. We have 7 forms they are: 1. Future Simple - f
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Shaker Heights
I am new in this business since I am a nurse in my country and I have no specific training about being an English teacher. I just became an English teacher since April this year. I am an Assistant La
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It is the most beneficial for students to be surrounded by a new language all day and everyday to be able to practice. However, that is not the case for most students learning a new language. Sometime
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Sheffield Lake
This unit focuses on various evaluation methods and tests available to gauge a student's English Language skills. For instance, a teacher might have to conduct a test to enable her to place a student
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Two ESA lesson plans were demonstrated through video in this unit. In the first video the teacher seemed rushed and rude. He didn't take enough time to explain and wasn't always very clear with what h
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This unit discussed some of the different types of classes that an ESL teacher may run into during their teaching careers. I learned that there are several different types of beginners and that the yo
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This unit covers the types of materials a teacher may expect to use in a classroom or when preparing a lesson. A teacher needs to understand that students can be greater motivated by a variety of acti
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South Euclid
I enjoyed studying this chapter since this is the most appropriate and applicable in a real-life teaching situation. I am a teacher handling four schools and through my humble experience, I know how t
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This unit was particularly helpful to see an example of an effective teaching strategy and an ineffective teaching strategy. It was helpful to watch an ESA lesson and to think about how the different
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This unit I learnt about the present tenses. There are lot of tenses in English. Actually,for native speaker or English learners , the present tenses still a big difficult aspect of learning English.
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Unit seven covers vocabulary, grammar, and function. All three of these are explained and examples are given of ESA lesson plans and how they are carried out. The vocabulary being the words the studen
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St. Clairsville
This unit has taught me about present tenses. It has explained the 'present simple, 'present continuous', 'present perfect' and 'present perfect continuous' tenses. There are also various irregular wa
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St. Marys
This unit covered lesson planning explaining its main functions and importance. It is important to have a lesson plan that it is not too rigid as it should be tailored to the needs of the students; ho
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In this unit, it was very interesting to go review different theories of teaching. Being a teacher myself and having taught for five years, I have found theories that I like but am always trying to le
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This unit talks about the use of different classroom equipment and teaching aids for teachers. Almost every school will have teaching aids of some sort, but not every school will have the most advance
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