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This unit helped to break down the tense in a simple way which can be relayed to the student. The examples were very helpful and I can see that they would be useful when trying to explain a complicate
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In this unit I learnt about how to teach a class with the useful method that already mentioned in this unit. There are 3 parts of that, vocabulary grammar and function. But in each part I can use diff
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This unit covers teaching new grammar structures, vocabulary and language functions. After reading this unit, it is easier to relate to teaching parts of language as grammar, vocabulary or function an
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This Unit was helpful in providing a refresher for the different types of past tenses. When using the English language naturally you do not always consider these different tenses and how they are used
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Unit #3 presented the EFL methodology and the various ways that it can be administered to promote productive language acquisition. The unit also covered the importance of the ESA methodology and how t
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This lesson explained the importance of learning and practicing pronunciation. It gave me good ideas on how to coach and teach students through English pronunciation, syntax and how native/natural Eng
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Tipp City
This unit focused on receptive skills which are reading, listening. They are both of equal importance. The unit also explains different ways of using them and which difficulties the students may encou
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This unit is about teaching special groups. In English language teaching, the teacher will unlikely teach to only one group of students, but will come across other type of groups, each one of them hav
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This unit detailed how to teach the receptive skills of reading and listening to language learners. In my opinion, it is important for teachers to think critically about the skillset that they want st
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This section provides a path for building a lesson. The "Straight Arrow" method and the "Boomerang" method are two examples of how to structure a lesson. Following these steps allows for a teacher to
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In order to be an effective ESL teacher, I must be confident and have sound knowledge in the system of teaching tenses. Form, usages, typical errors, and teaching ideas in the activate stage should be
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This unit focuses on lessons planning and provides a general guide and a few examples of how lessons can be planned. It also stresses that these lesson plans are not meant to be a rigid plan that must
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In this unit I learnt about the future tenses. It shows many many details for studying. In this unit it shows 7 common ways to express the future time, but for each one there are still have some diffe
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This unit has been the most challenging for me. I've had to really focus on separating all the present tenses in my head (present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect conti
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Planning a lesson is essential as it shows how to teach a lesson . Being clear about what topics to teach is important, knowing how to teach them is the key to success in the classroom . A point that
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University Heights
The two words that really caught my attention in this unit were receptive and productive, under the teaching vocabulary section. People that have been exposed to a language, before formally trying to
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Upper Arlington
Hello sir/medam, in this unite we learned that the best ways to communicate between teacher and student and teach me how to teach students in best atmosphere .how to engage and the stages to engage.
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Upper Sandusky
I have read and understood that there are certain conditionals used to match particular grammar points. Depending on the situation whether it be hypothetical or real facts and situations, there should
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This unit provides a clear description of key aspects of English phonology and also informs teachers’ decisions about how to teach pronunciation. During the course of the unit, I understand and revi
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Van Wert
This chapter is a nightmare. For sure I will get a low score on this. It is confusing to see the difference between each tense. I need to practice more and reflect. I believe I will get better in time
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This unit was rather easy for me. Since I myself learned English as a foreign language and our teacher would stress a lot about tenses and their correct use. I found it to be as a review for me and te
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Learning with the Videos only was actuelly very nice. To see how it works in a Classroom was more then Helpfull and refreshing. Listening and have it Visuell was even better then just having something
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This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. While I understood how to use conditionals and reported speech, I learned how to break down the different types of conditionals and the conjugation o
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In the English language, we have different ways of expressing the future tense. The future simple is used to express future facts, promises and predictions. The future continuous form is used to aff
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This unit covered teaching beginners, young children, and business people. Given that I currently teach young learners and monolingual classes, I thought it was interesting to learn about business lea
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Warrensville Heights
In this unit, I have learnt the important points and aims of an ESA lesson structure. There has been a great emphasis on elicitation process in an ESA lesson that proved me one more time, “knowing w
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Washington Court House
Course books are useful tools, but they typically don’t provide all of the tools that you will need to teach effectively. More often than not the teacher will need to come up with some of their own
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This unit indicates the importance of production skills. Why it is so valuable for a student to be able to produce their thoughts in another language. Communication works two ways in the previous unit
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This unit gave good examples of how to establish rapport with students and how to effectively set up a classroom. It also gave details and instructions on the different ways a teacher can set up their
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this unit about equipement and teaching aids is benefecial for me.I learned more about effectively using authentic materials and resources in the classroom.In other boards , knowning how and when to u
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West Carrollton
This unit talks about the common problems and suggestions onow to deal with it. As mentioned in the earlier pages, the first class is the most important since this is the best time to introduce yourse
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This unit dives deeper into the world of grammar. The first half of the unit covers conditionals, which range from zero to third conditional but also include mixed conditional. Conditionals are senten
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In order to teach a new language effectively, an ESL teacher must consider the balance between grammar, vocabulary, and function within each lesson. When introducing grammar and vocabulary, it may be
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This Unit has provided a lot of useful ideas on ESA techniques. There are a lot of things which are easy to prepare and I can see being useful when teaching such as gap fills and role plays. These are
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This was very interesting unit. The sounds that we make in order to speak in English is mind blowing. I did not know there were so many individual areas broken down in the throat and mouth, having to
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The videos for the Unit #10 lesson demonstrated how not to teach a class, how to teach a class, and how the differences between the two affect student performance. At first, I thought the preliminary
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This unit gives use tools to evaluate our classes and how to circumnavigate potential problems. The beginning of the unit covers a first class and the tools to conduct it with. Then, it mentions stude
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Willoughby Hills
The unit on classroom management was a practical lesson for teaching English as a foreign language. With the guidance of this unit, I learnt about how the little things matter when it comes to teachin
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This unit discusses lesson planning and some of the important sections a new teacher should include. A lesson plan not only gives the teacher a prepared document to refer to during instruction but it
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Unit #5 provided a detailed introduction of class management, and the various hurdles teachers face as administrators. Many of the things covered in this unit were merely a reiteration of many topics
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Classroom management is a learned skill through trial and error. A teacher will find their own style of teaching based on a variety of aspects such as culture, age, space size and student personalitie
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This unit discusses some of the common problem situations that most EFL teachers will face. The first lessons that a teacher will have will either be with new groups that you need to establish rapport
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This unit covers how future tenses are constructed and how present tense verbs are also used to describe the future. This was an excellent review of how grammar is put together and offers valuable tea
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As I am considered this unit is one of the hardest grammar themes when it comes to answering the test.In fact, modal auxiliary verbs , their usages and meanings ,it was easy and clear and I just refre
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This unit was again a good review, however, the questions in this test were very tricky and in some way manipulative. Which is good to make sure that the material has been fully covered but also diffi
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Some important parts of speech that needs to be studied and taught carefully are conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are basically if/then statements and exist in 5 forms; the zero conditio
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