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This unit helps to put into practice the ESA lesson phases in writing skills.It develops and puts into practice what we learned in previous units. Areas of speaking and writing sections assist on deve
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I found this unit out of all the units I've done so far this one is the most difficult to comprehend. Especially,on the phonetic scripts. This unit could provided more example of phonetics so we could
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This is helpful for new teachers to balance out what materials to use when preparing for classes. It all depends on the level and culture of the students you're teaching as well. This unit also provid
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This unit was confusing in the sections explaining the similarities placement and diagnostic testing. Also, to clarify where is it used in school in general or language schools. The other testings wer
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For this unit it would of been helpful to provided more examples for direct and reported speeches.Which tends to confusing at times to determine the difference.Could of added different examples of exe
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This unit was very helpful and provided many resources for new teachers to improve and develop their teaching skills. There are many useful resources to provide assistance in the classroom. Also, to m
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I found this unit really difficult to follow. It should of provided more examples or exercises to use. The is by far the most difficult grammer to teach to students for any level of english including
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This was an excellent unit for beginner teachers as well. This unit had more examples for all the different groups. It can be challenging at times with the groups that we're working with. The resource
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The unit troubleshooting had quick overall review for teachers who are going to faced with potential problems with students. It also provided helpful tips and resources to overcome some challenges for
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I understood the importance of soft skills in the teaching process. not only you have to be professional, aware and cultivated to be a good teacher, but also you must demonstrate and maintain a positi
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In this unit I got a thorough idea of the importance of what i used to call before, the four language skills. confirming that they are all equally important was of great importance to me as I have alw
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This unit is addressing mainly the correct and accurate techniques of introducing the speaking and writing skills to English as a second language students. I benefited a lot from the categorization of
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in this unit I learnt something a bit more technical and advanced. phonics, phonetics, phonemes, articulation, transcription. and the recommended ways of teaching it. absolutely the heaviest and most
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this unit explained to me the advantages and disadvantages of the course books and the fixed curriculum along with a recommendation for the popular one and most used ones around the world. this unit
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In this unit, I got an insight on what types of test are there, what do their abbreviations stand for, and their usages. I understood the methods of assessments and when should I present each test and
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One of the very important grammar skills indeed. Most of the teachers I met and till this day usually make some mistakes in the reported speech in particular. I some times even do. the conditions here
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in this unit I understood the functions, advantages and disadvantages of all commonly used classroom materials. Including but not limited to DVDs, Projectors, smart boards, cassette players and dictio
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Phrasal verbs has always been a confusion to me but the was it was put here makes it way easier for me to understand. I Learned a very important technique today which is how to classify model and phra
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This was a very important lesson specially regarding the tips of teaching EFL to children and beginners. The business English part was really essential and important for me as I encounter Business Eng
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the last unit was as useful as I Predicted. Different types of students usually is predicted inside the class room and today I learned how to deal with shy student and classes with varying levels as w
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I really appreciated this unit, because I had been thinking that the concepts presented so far are good and fine on paper, but I wanted to see how it comes into practice. I'm sure it takes practice to
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From this unit, I learned about the receptive language skills listening and reading. Reading tends to be less difficult than listening for language learners because learners can reread text and go at
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This unit explained teaching towards English output. Output is essentially two categories: writing and speaking. Writing sometimes gets neglected, but writing and speaking are both very important. Pen
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This unit was all about pronunciation. Pronunciation is very important so people can understand each other. The International Phonetic Alphabet(IPA) is a phonetic writing system used to portray standa
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This unit was a bit different than the others, but nonetheless provided some helpful information about the positive and negative aspects of using a course book. Using a course book to accompany teachi
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This unit taught me about different kinds of tests and how tests can help students and teachers of the English language. Placement tests are used to make sure students are put into an appropriate clas
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This section taught me all about conditionals and reported speech. I learned how to identify and differentiate the zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals. I also learned to introduce these
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This unit helped me understand many common classroom materials and how to use them effectively in the classroom. Audio and video resources can be especially helpful in drawing student attention. Recor
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From this unit, I learned some more grammar. Now I feel like I have covered the basics and know a lot of the grammar that I will have to deal with when teaching ESL. It was helpful to have the many ex
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This unit taught me about working with students based on their language background. It helped me realize that it is not the end of the world if students use their native language, but they will improv
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This unit taught me about working with other common problems that have not yet been addressed. Sometimes students are reluctant to participate. Sometimes teachers have to deal with large classes or cl
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If teacher want to make a good class, need to understand student's level and teaching approaches very well. Student’s level always has to be considered. For beginner level students, straight arrow E
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The receptive skills(reading and listening) would be a first steps in learning foreign language. To help students in this steps, teacher’s preparation for lesson materials based on understanding of
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Most of students want to get an accurate speaking skill first. But we should know that most important thing to be a good English speaker, is taking a balance of all skills. We cannot get the producti
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Pronunciation is probably the most difficulty portion of learning English. This portion is needed many trainings more than studying. I think, influency of English came from good pronunciation not only
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Using course book is very helpful way to make certain progress for the class. Even teachers have a their own stable curriculum, course books always give us good ideas and thing to think about right ap
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Now I could see how evaluating students in language school. Frist we do placement test to students and place new students into the right level’s class according to their language ability. And in the
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Students often have a problem with using tense of conditionals. Especially they confuse the tense in the second and third conditional. Teacher has to make sure if they understood this portion carefull
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Teaching equipment and aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effectively and less dependent on the textbook. I agreed with that. Using only textbooks would really bore lesson. All classro
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Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. These are most confusing potion for students I think. We should know what is the correct usage and meaning of modals first and would be better to memorize as s
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When we teach English, We might have to deal with several conditions. For example student’s age, country, purpose etc. Teacher has to know how to put together them and teach appropriately. Teacher c
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I am a Korean teacher. I faced these kind of problems in many times. I think I get through this successfully but always it comes in different way and I still feel difficulty to sovlve problem situatio
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In these two lesson i had an ability to se the real lessons and how the teacher's attitude and his preparing for the lesson influence it's pace. I understood what affects the discipline in the class.
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From this unit I've learned how important it is to help the children develop all of their receptive and producive skills. I learned different types of reading and listening and saw the common problems
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I've learned about the productive skills Speaking and writing, and how I can build a lesson concerned on thesr points of a language. I found these knowledge pretty useful, especially the clear separ
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Content of the unit was about pronunciation, intonation, stress and ablut the ways teacher may use to teach the students these things. Also it contained information about the differences between phone
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I really have figured out all the advantages and disadvantages of using the course books. There was planty of information about using other teaching aids, too, such as board, CD's, authentic materials
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This unit is about testing and different types of exams as well as about the world-known international assessments.I realised the value of using test in the education system. I learned how I can use v
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I reminded a lot of english grammar, renewed my knowledge of building conditional sentences, got the differense between 4 types of conditionals- between their forms and usage. Also I've renewed know
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The use of teacher's aids in the calssroom, different equipment and supplementary stuff- this all I foundnin this unit. I hope to use technologies effectively after learning this information. I hope
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