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This unit covered the basic parts of speech. I think that it would be a while before one would attempt to convey these ideas to a language learner. Many people do not concern themselves with which par
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As I have read through and done the test on this study unit I have come to realise that grammar and sentence construction is quite complex. There are many aspects that need to be taken into considerat
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The same lesson being taught twice to groups of Thai students of English. One lesson is being taught effectively, while in the other lesson the same teacher is deliberately making a number of basic er
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Quality education is an important strategy in our nation's education. Teachers, especially college and university teachers are the main force of quality education. Thus, college and university teacher
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Whatever the level of the class, and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson, there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand its mean
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This unit teaches the most basic parts of speech. A noun is something and can be either common, proper, compound, abstract, or collective. Adjectives can either describe something or compare it to so
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Past tense is a verb form which is marked by time (tense). The past tense is used for actions in a time which has already happened. In order to explain and understand past tense, it is useful to imagi
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Big Sandy
In this unit I learned the importance and difference between accuracy and fluency. Before this class I didn't realize that they had equal importance. i can now understand why each plays their role. Fl
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Big Timber
Course books are a very emotive issue for many teachers. Some teachers swear by them, while other teachers despise them. In an ideal world schools would have all the books and materialsthatyoucouldnee
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This unit introduced receptive skills and productive skills. The focus of the material was teaching receptive skills. Topics included reasons for reading and listening, methods of reading, and differe
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This unit covered the productive skills reading and writing, as well as games that can be used in the classroom. I learned that with fluency it is more important to focus on the overall message, but w
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A concise summary of this unit includes the main methodology of this course: ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) method involving 'Straight Arrow', 'Boomerang', and 'Patchwork' lessons. I learnt about new i
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Based on the foregoing, there should be, at first glance, no problem with the reported speech of a sentence like: Science Teacher: If a scuba diver comes up too fast, [s]he will get the bends. The abo
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This unit is about the four sub-tenses of the past tense. In my opinion, it is all very similar in conjugation to the present tense except that the auxiliary verbs are now in the past tense! Of cour
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Common Classroom Problems 1. Students become overly dependent on the teacher. Many times, students will automatically look to the teacher for correct answers instead of trying themselves. If the teach
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The following are the “Parts of Speech” and its examples: 1. Noun- Identifies a person, place or thing. 1. mother 2. Philippines 2. Verb- Identifies from action or sate. 1. Run 2. Swim 3. Adjec
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The unit explains the importance of Tense in the English Language as a base for good grammatical formation. The English tense is an aspect that should be critically studied as it often gives the stude
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Contrary to popular belief, there is not two tenses (the present and the past) but twelve tenses in all in English language. We have the past, the present and the futur and each them has four aspects
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For Unit 1, I have learned the clear distinction between Teachers and Learners with regard to what qualities allow them to succeed in their role, their motivations, and relationship towards each othe
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Unit 14 offered information on resources available to teachers that could be beneficial in a classroom. I liked how the unit made the point that course book materials are not necessarily always up to
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The receptive skills are listening and reading, because learners do not need to produce language to do these, they receive and understand it. These skills are sometimes known as passive skills. They c
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The teacher have to ensure that the students are introduced to new language in a balanced and manageable way. If a lesson is specifically targeted to grammar or vocabulary commonly, use the straight a
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This unit is about the logistics of the class: seating arrangements, activity groups, methods of body language/voice to teach, and disciplinary problems. Rows of desk is often the best option, but ho
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Clyde Park
The relationship between the teacher and the learner/student is very important for the lessons in English to be successful. There are many factors that need to be taken into account and applied by the
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Unit 6 teaches us the different forms for past tenses. I learned that the forms play a significant part in letting us know the specifics about a past action. Yes, they all happened in the past but thr
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Columbia Falls
This unit outlines and delves into the many roles the teacher must play, the characteristics of effective teachers and learners, the basic levels of language learners, and the challenges both teachers
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In this unit I learned about he different parts of speech. Such as the different types of nouns and different orders of adjectives. I find this section to be quite important especially because people
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Pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. Confidence is often lacking in foreign teachers to teach it methodically, and English teachers sometimes also lack the
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In this unit we learned a lot about reported speech and the conditions surrounding it. The smallest change in phrasing changes which condition it is completely. I feel like I have learned a lot from t
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Cut Bank
There are four basic skills in any language; receptive skills – reading and listening, and productive skills – speaking and writing. Reasons and motives for reading and listening into two fairly w
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For effective teaching and learning to take place, there are various methodologies which can be adopted as we have different types of learners. Here so, the teacher needs to take cognizance of these m
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Deer Lodge
I think that working with speacial groups is basically the same as working with regular groups with a few tweeks. We tend to chose matierial and subject matter that better reflects the need of the lea
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This module, Teachers and Learners, is an eye opener for people who want to teach English. There are a lot of things to consider when teaching the English language and one is motivation. This module p
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This unit addressed the qualities of a good teacher, such as being kind, patient, passionate about teaching, able to equally include all students, and motivate learners. These qualities and many more
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This unit taught us about pronunciation and phonology.Teaching pronunciation is considered an integral part of a course by effective teachers. Classes can be brought to life with skilled pronunciation
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In this unit we will look at different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress, as well as some of the common external exams that you may need to prepare your students for. Ways to assess a
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This unit leads the teacher to set up appropriate and good lessons according to ESA methods for teaching grammatical (language) structures, new vocabulary and language functions. For instance, if we
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East Helena
Classroom management is a factor which serves as one of the determinants for effective teaching and learning to take place in a classroom setting. The unit explained how a prospective teacher can buil
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This content covered the basic foundations of English grammar. As a native speaker, grammar is mostly understood subliminally without consciously thinking about it. I found that reviewing the basic de
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This unit teaches us the third and fourth basic skills used in any language.These are the productive skills, speaking and writing. Both of these skills are used for the same purpose of communicating a
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Teachers should inspire confidence in learners in order for a class to be able to learn effectively. Teachers should be able to organise and manage a class as well as being friendly, relaxed and maint
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After reading the document containing the information about the first unit, here is what I learned. Good teachers will possess the following qualities : they’re kind and patient, they love teachin
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This unit covered teaching styles and methods, some of which I had never heard of before. I appreciate that the main teaching method this unit discussed was ESA, since it seems like it is the most sen
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In this unit I learned about multiple methods a teacher may manage and engage their class. For example, the Manager or Controller teacher, while very important to motivate and instruct students may ne
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It is true that too much planning can make lessons rather rigid and stop the teacher being flexible to the needs of the students. Theteacherisexpected to let the students decide what to do in the clas
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Fort Benton
Productive skills: speaking and writing. While speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways, they both are used for the same purpose – to communicate. When two or more people are co
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Fort Peck
The simple future tense is a verb tense that is used to refer to the future. This tense is commonly formed with the use of will and shall for an activity that takes place in the future. Besides these
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This unit covered lesson planning in a more in depth manner than past units by utilizing two videos of class lessons for comparison. In the first video, the teacher is less clear and more rushed, whil
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This unit teaches about two of the four basic skills in a language. These are reading and listening, which are also known as receptive skills. There are also two categories for the reasons and motives
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The system and structure of past tenses is not too different from present tenses, except that past tenses obviously relate to past time periods. You should begin to see certain similarities in usage a
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