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Classroom management is a factor which serves as one of the determinants for effective teaching and learning to take place in a classroom setting. The unit explained how a prospective teacher can build and maintain classroom management skills. The teacher is expected to work on the following factors aiding classroom management which are: The use of Eye contact: A teacher should try as much as possible to look into the students’ face as it is a sign of confident on the teacher’s part. Also, constant starring at the student is not advisable. Gesture: This is also an effective aspect of classroom management as it increases the pace of the lesson, adds visual interest and it reduces the need for verbal explanation. The teacher should establish gesture with the student for them to recognize and understand when it is used by the teacher. Voice: The voice of the teacher should be clear and loud in other to reach the range of student in the class. The type of voice to be used should be determined by various circumstances of learning, e.g, A teacher teaching over 50 students in a class should be able to speak loudly for the students to be able to hear him/her. Grouping Arrangement: There are certain factors the teacher should take cognizance of such as space available, the nationality of the student, individual difference in student, etc before setting up the arrangement process. Writing on the board: A teacher while writing on the board should not face the board for a long time so as to ensure that the student attention is not diverted to something not related to the present action. There are also some other terminologies the teacher can adopt which includes the use of a projector, visual charts on a card, the use of mimes/samples etc to explain in the class. Attention: This also should be given to individual student, the lesson should not be teacher-centered. The student should also be allowed to showcase their level of mastery of the subject matter. The teaching should avoid focusing/ giving more attention to a certain student than others except if need be. Teacher and Student Talking time: the teacher’s talking is mostly determined by what the teacher is teaching. For example, a topic that requires presentation, checking and giving instructions will increase the teacher’s talk time. Also, the student should be given the avenue to express themselves on each topic. The teacher’s talk time shouldn’t be too elaborate in other not to make the lesson boring for the student. Giving Instruction: Instructions should be given to the student to develop their interest in the lesson. It is also an avenue for them to know what is to be done. The teacher can make use of specific ways to give instruction which includes the use of specific language, consistency, and use of visual clues etc. Rapport: When there is a strong and good rapport between the teacher and the student, teaching is said to be effective as the student will develop a natural interest in the teacher which will help in making teaching and learning more effective. Also, the teacher will be able to identify student weaknesses and providing solutions to them. Maintaining Discipline: This is one of the most important factors to be considered in classroom management. The teacher should take cognizance of steps on how to introduce discipline in the classroom and these steps should take into consideration the age of learners, class size, school policy, interest of students etc. All the aforementioned factors, if well utilized by the teacher will bring about an effective classroom management.
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