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In this lesson some of the major points that resonated with me the most are; The importance of being dynamic in the classroom to build rapport, make the class more interesting and to encourage student
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This unit discusses how to use modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. In particular, I was most familiar with passive voice since there is a heavy emphasis on its role in writing, but had not forma
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There are many challenges when teaching English to nonnative learners. It is important that a teacher can identify potential and current problems and quickly implement a solution. When first getting t
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In Unit 7 I learned about the important elements of teaching vocabulary and grammar as well as useful techniques to utilize. Teaching vocabulary is important starting at an early age. The difficulty l
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This unit enabled me to consolidate my understanding of tenses (for simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous). In learning about the future tense, I was able to identify the keywords for eac
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Unit one provides knowledge of who the teacher is and who the learner is. This unit also tells us roles, responsibilities and qualities of the teacher and the learner. The various levels of language l
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This unit is, for me, the ¨tip of the iceberg¨. It is the core of teaching and its different stages, as well as its many clauses and objections. I always thought that teaching was more of a ¨show
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The productive skills are aspects of language such as speaking and writing. Productive skills are used to express and create thoughts and ideas and share them with others. When teaching productive ski
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This unit outlines course materials and textbooks, as well as how traditional course materials can be augmented with the teacher's own creations. This unit encouraged me to think of ways to improve or
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As an introduction to the course, this initial unit began with describing some of the key characteristics that make for a good teacher, and those that make a good learner. After that, it described the
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Grammar and parts of speech are often associated with overwhelm and frustration. Since native speakers naturally speak with correct grammar, the complexities of consciously using proper grammar is no
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This unit shows you some keys to keep a correct managing class. These topics are really important and helpful to provide you some guidance to face the class. Every teacher should be aware of those con
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In this lesson we learned how to evaluate our students. Although some teachers monitor their students progress continuously, most teachers have progress tests that test the material covered since the
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Unit 13: Pronunciation and Phonology is important to teach as students are concerned about speaking to be understood. Good pronunciation gives meaning to communication i.e. it allows the speaker to u
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Excelsior Estates
Unit 16 covered the teaching of conditionals and reported speech. I learned that there are several kinds of conditionals which depend on when a thing is taking place and the tense being used to descri
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Excelsior Springs
This is a difficult lesson for many non-native speakers. Many other languages have intonation that will change the meaning of a given sentence, so this will be nothing new to them. It is very importan
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In this unit I learned about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. The basic rules of modal auxiliary verbs include obligation, possibility, permission, ability, and advice. I learned about the sp
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Fair Grove
This lesson covered information on phonetics and pronunciation.The lists, diagrams, and charts in this lesson helped me to understand topics related to how words are verbalized. From this lesson, I am
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Fair Play
This unit provides further insight as to the grammar structure regarding tenses, be it present, past, or future. The most interesting sections to note of are those that state common mistakes made by s
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It is so funny how, being a native English speaker, I don't even think about the parts of speech anymore, or how to conjugate comparatives. Seeing the list of exceptions to each rule was also a little
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Conditionals are sentences containing "if" or a similar phrasing in the first clause that implies the current situation affects or affected present or past situations. These phrases also apply to situ
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This unit provided me with a practical experience for lesson planning. Within this unit, I determined the appropriate flow of activities during a lesson. By following the Straight Arrow ESA lesson str
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This unit provides a brief overview of methods for evaluating students' progress in a language and testing their skill level. It touches upon the various types of tests (placement, progress, diagnosti
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Different group dynamics cause different needs to arise, and TEFL teachers need to adjust the materials to suit the needs of these groups. Common special needs groups include younger learners and busi
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This unit provides visual examples of both correct and incorrect methods of teaching. In the first video, the teacher appears unsure of himself, unprepared, and frustrated with the students' ability
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This unit emphasizes the importance of receptive skills a teacher should incorporate into a lesson - with its' main focus on reading and listening. These two skills will prove to be important when te
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Unit 15: Evaluation and testing gives instruction on the need to assess students abilities for a several reasons. Firstly, placement or diagnostic tests for new students to check their knowledge of g
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Unit eleven brings us to the topic that covers receptive skills. These skills teach me about reading and listening. These both take a great deal of humility because you have to come with the mindset t
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When instructing students in proper pronunciation, it is important to emphasize the different intonations of speech, namely, where words rise and fall in order to convey expression. This can be done
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Having the right equipment is always important when teaching a lnaguage. It is however very frustrating when you find yourself in a school or in another teaching facility that doesn't have the equipme
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Flint Hill City
Unit 8 focused on the future tenses, which are more numerous and complex than the present and past tenses. I learned the following seven most common types of future tenses: future simple, future conti
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Flordell Hills
This unit discussed the different roles a teacher can play in the classroom, the characteristics of a good learner, the levels of fluency, and the motivations a student may have for taking an English
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This unit is about reading and listening skills (aka receptive skills) and about how to select appropriate texts or audio for your students. One of the strategies to make sure that students can get th
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This unit covered a variety of different methods for teaching English from 'drill and kill' style like audio-lingualism to more involved strategies like communicative language teaching. Each strategy
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This unit covered grammar in all of its confusing glory. While most of it I remembered at least somewhat from English lessons growing up, and some of the terminology from taking lessons in other langu
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Forest City
The opening unit of a teacher and student introduced a good understanding of the rolls to be played out for the way forward as balanced as needed for how to respond to students and what to expect in r
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This unit provided a lot of helpful techniques for setting up a classroom, interacting with the students and properly managing the classroom. I appreciated the insight and breakdown of different ways
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Appropriate selection of class/course materials has a big impact on how a class will run, and the type of preparatory work that a teacher will need to do. Course textbooks can be a good resource and p
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There are three tenses that EFL teachers focus on and they include the past, the present, and the future. Unit 4 specifically covers the topic of present tense of sentence forms. The present tense was
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Unit 4 covers the Present Tenses; explaining what forms are used, how they are used, typical student errors and 'activate stage' teaching ideas. I liked the format as it was logical to follow, had pr
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I was daunted by this unit at first. I briefly skimmed the course and immediately thought it would be overwhelming. Given the phonetic focus, I opted to use the videos for this course first then revie
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Teaching English grammar to English-language learners is wide and complex. Teaching English language points becomes simple and clear when teachers master the ways and/or methodologies of teachin
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It was interesting with this unit to see again things that I do without thinking, such as conjugating present perfect sentences, and to learn how they can confuse non-native speakers. I remember that
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Fremont Hills
Listening and reading are the receptive skills in language acquisition. Materials and activities selected for teaching the receptive skills can have a drastic affect on the students enthusiasm and par
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This first unit provided me with a basic overview of ESL teaching, specifically the different roles that a teacher must occupy. The teacher roles section was the most pertinent to my learning, in my o
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I really enjoyed reading this Unit because it added my knowledge on the different methods, techniques, and approaches to use in teaching English. Learning about ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) is a com
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In this course unit the contents are teaching beginners in different categories such as the absolute, the false, the adults, the young beginners and the non Roman alphabet beginners where also the
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I learned in detail about the parts of speech. We went over nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, articles, pronouns, adverbs, gerunds, and conjunctions in detail. We learned about proper nouns, c
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This unit covers introducing new vocabulary, new grammar structures, and new language functions. A lot of information in this chapter seems 'obvious' in that it should definitely be taught (what would
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This unit looked at two aspects of a classroom context: the teacher & the students. The relationship between these two is of utmost importance. It is not only important to know what kind of role the t
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