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The concept of managing a classroom is quite simple when you consider the factors that have been presented. How the classroom is setup, your position as a teacher in the center of it all and how we as
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Knob Lick
The Overview of the content of this unit can be summarized as, The basics of Language Teaching and Learning. And I learnt that for one to be a good teacher and learner, the role of Passion can not be
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Knob Noster
Testing is a very important part of learning English. A placement test is crucial to ensure that a student is in the appropriate level class. If they are in a class that is either too easy or too diff
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Knox City
There are many types of learners and many types of learning situations that teachers will find. They might be teaching in a classroom, an office, or even a coffee shop. All students will have a differ
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In this unit I learned about the methods used to teach special groups. Different types of classes include absolute beginners, false beginners, adult beginners, young beginners, and beginners without t
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La Belle
In this topic, the theory of Engage, Study and Activate has been explained. In short, Engage is to create the students' curiosity and interest towards the language, Study is where they learn the pronu
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La Grange
Don't weigh the students down with numerous, lengthy instructions that will not be understood or will be forgotten Students are more likely to contribute and take part in the lessons when the atmosphe
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La Monte
This brief unit reminds instructors about the necessary explanations which must be given to students regarding vocabulary, structures, and functions. An instructor should assess the overall ability of
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La Plata
This is one module that needs an active class in order to understand the outcomes required and the outcomes expected for each lesion required. I feel as option an online course such as this should req
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La Russell
I knew the basic parts of speech, but this unit helped me to understand the different types of each part of speech. It is important to know, recognize, and understand how and why each sentence changes
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In this lesson, I had the opportunity to watch a poor and successful teaching example. In the first video, the students were confused, intimidated, and not eager for multiple reasons. The teacher did
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In this lesson we learned about the productive skills and how to teach them. Writing and speaking require different types of activities to help students become more fluent in both communication styles
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This unit was about classroom management. The unit emphasizes the importance of how the teacher conducts him/herself in the classroom, and how the classroom is set up to influence how students conduct
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Lake Annette
Problem students are hard to deal with, as most want to do better but always feel behind. I was one of these students in Chinese, as most of my classmates spoke it at home. The best thing I could have
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Lake Lafayette
Tenses are one of the most important components of English grammar. Therefore, in order to make grammatically correct sentences and build his/her speech accurately, one should know the basic rules con
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Lake Lotawana
This unit served as a personal introduction into the world of crafting an effective lesson plan. I have taken a number of elementary level courses in foreign language, and thinking back on those exper
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Lake Ozark
Unit 14 covered the considerations and techniques appropriate to making use of coursebooks and other instructional materials. I was given examples, as well as the pros and cons of authentic versus cre
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Lake St. Louis
In this unit, I learned the forms and usages of past tenses, including past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. I learned that past simple often includes many irregular
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Lake Tapawingo
Key information which I will certainly utilize in the future from this unit regards how receptive and the level of motivation a learner from a certain age group is likely to demonstrate. I will be wor
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Lake Waukomis
This was certainly one of the most research-heavy topics so far. While I agree that the material covered in this chapter must be implicitly understood by instructors, the actual use of the jargon must
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Lake Winnebago
Teaching business English would certainly be interesting. Because I learned Chinese much later in life, I think I have some knowledge of what it would take and how it is best done. I know it is MUCH h
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This unit goes over the basics of what it means to be a teacher and how it relates to different types of students. I've learned the many qualities of a good teacher and the qualities of a good learner
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It is safe to say I started this lesson a bit cocky and I finished it humbled. I took many education courses in college, so I thought I would breeze through the lesson. But when it came time for the t
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Authentic materials are those that speakers hear or read for example from the newspaper. We use authentic materials because they are real and more interesting and motivating. Authentic materials build
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This unit gives an overview of conditional sentence forms and reported speech. Conditionals are constructed using separate clauses to describe hypothetical situations, or situations which depend on an
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In this unit, I learnt the difference between past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous tense(s). Drawing from what I learnt in the previous present tense unit, I was able
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I love all of the activity ideas! It is easy for both myself and the student to become bored if I do the same activities each week, but sometimes it is difficult to think of new things. I will defin
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It is clear from wacthing these two vidoes that the teacher can make or break the atmosphere in his/her classroom. It is very important that the students know what they're being asked in rder for them
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There are so many different methods of learning and teaching. It is interesting to see different techniques and tools used for engaging students. Ultimately, I believe it is important to assess the
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This unit was simple, as it played on previous lessons. In this case though, we focused on past tenses, as a continuation of the lesson on present tense. Although short, what was helpful were the sect
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This unit discusses the possible equipment and learning aids that will be available for teachers. There are a variety of aids available, but depending on the school, such aids may be limited. It is im
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Managing classes is a bit challenging especially teaching abroad. Different cultures and norms greatly affect the managing styles because sometimes the way I managed my class in the Philippines is far
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The focuses of this unit are classroom equipment and teaching aids. These include the Board, IWB, OHP, Visual aids, Worksheets, the Cassette Recorder, the CD player, Videos and DVD's, Videos Camera,
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Lee's Summit
past perfect continuous tense has two auxiliary verbs – 'had' and 'been' – the omission of either one of those or the failure to add 'ing' to the main form is the major errors with this structure.
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In the vocabulary, grammar, and functions section of the this course I learned how to help students learn vocabulary, introduce grammar structures, and teach language structures. Through boomerang, pa
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Classroom management is the part of teaching that I am most nervous about since I have only taught in one on one or small group situations. Ideas like waiting until the end of a question to call on a
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Productive skills are speaking and writing. Games are essential in helping the teaching of these skills. It is important to note that these skills are not usually emphasized in teaching, mean why the
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There was nothing really new in this lesson. I don't know what materials I will have available at my placement, so I don't know if I will be teaching from a course book or if I will need to create al
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This unit provide us with knowledge of the skills involve in a language. In this unit provides some details on the receptive and how to blend the various skills in a lesson.
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This unit provided me with a good run down of the troubles I can expect when teaching a class for the first time and onwards. I have learnt that I need to be accomodating to students as they have diff
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This unit required the viewing of two videos in which a teacher was teaching in a classroom. The first video showed a teacher who overall did a worse job of teaching than the teacher in the second vid
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This unit delves into the goals and techniques of properly managing a classroom. It stresses the need for an organized classroom environment and lessons delivered effectively. Challenges such as build
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I didn't realize how many forms of conditional there are! The differences between the 2nd, 3rd, and mixed conditionals are a little confusing, even to me. I also think I often make grammatical mista
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To my best of knowledge,this is a well organized piece.i had an idea of parts of speech Grammar,but not as clear to me as it is now. I can easily identify nouns,pronouns,verb, adverbs, adjective, prep
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Linn Creek
Teaching a new language consists of teaching vocab, grammar and function and a variety of methods should be used including Straight Arrow, Patchwork and Boomerang methods. In each of the methods, Enga
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Unit 10: Video Lessons enabled me to view by video, two lessons to compare teaching. These videos showed the importance of how the teacher needs to be organised, prepared, clear and kind; as teacher
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In this unit, I learned that you can access language levels through tutorials, student evaluations, and tests. These tests can be placement tests, diagnostic tests, progress tests, achievement tests,
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There are many types of lesson materials to assist the teacher in developing an effective lesson plan. A teacher can use authentic material, or material that he/she has created from scratch. One of t
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Lone Jack
This unit covered some interesting topics. Modal verbs are often employed in the English language and their application is understood by native speakers. By that, I mean that a listener would understa
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This unit explained evaluations and types of testing. I feel that I have learned more about the types of tests and exams that potential students have gone through and are working towards. In my experi
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