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Unit nine breaks the ice on preparing a general outline for a lesson plan. Lesson plans are designed to maintain focus on the topic of interest, yet a lesson plans is not a set mission that must be co
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This unit introduces the concept of receptive skills - reading and listening - and their importance, as well as techniques that may be used to teach these skills most effectively. The importance of fo
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Cool Valley
The best methodology for teaching English is ESA, Engage, Study, Activate. This approach is the best approach for motivating students, exposing them to language and giving them the opportunity to use
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The teaching styles and methodologies of any foreign language vary depending on types of classes. Broadly speaking, learners are classified into three main categories: beginners, individual stud
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This unit explains how to introduce vocabulary and grammar functions into the classroom. I learned certain guidelines to use in order to select the appropriate vocabulary and grammar functions to intr
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This unit is very enlightening as it pertains the roles of a teacher, what makes a good teacher or a good student and factors that contributes to learning. What resonates with me are the points regard
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Country Club Hills
Unit 9 covered the overall procedure of planning lessons. I learned the three basic functions of a lesson plan, things to consider when writing it, and ways to be organized and prepared ahead of time.
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Country Club Village
This unit covered the affirmative, negative and question forms as well as the various usages of the present tenses, including present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect c
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As teacher this unit of lesson planning helps to simplify work , saving time and also being ready for lessons without any difficuly at all . on the other hand it also helps a teacher to keep records
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Unit two is more about the use of words. The various parts of speeches are illustrated in this unit. Gerunds, adverbs, adjectives, nouns, pronouns and so on are all exhibited in this unit.
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This unit covered a lot of the basics of class layout and student-teacher interaction, including building rapport and discipline strategies. Having not had the chance to arrange my own classroom befor
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In American classrooms, I have worked with English Language Learners in middle school, high school, and university settings. I trust my strategies for propelling these young learners forward with thei
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This unit related to the types of materials required for teaching ESL. This teaching equipment includes Authentic Materials, Created Materials and Course Books. We learnt about the strengths and wea
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Creve Coeur
The Productive skills of Writing and Speaking predominantly focus on fluency and accuracy, with accuracy being controlled by the teacher and fluency output being controlled by the student. Class time
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This unit took a bit of studying. I find the units regarding classroom management and ways to interact with students come easier to me than the grammar units. However, after much concentration and try
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Cross Timbers
Four aspects of the present tenses are explained in this topic. It feels a little bit confusing at the beginning while learning to identify the simple present tenses, present continuous tenses, presen
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Crystal City
This unit was very informative and gave an overall idea about the tenses, their differences, usage specifics and of course introduced some techniques and ways how to implement them in the activate sta
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Crystal Lake Park
This unit taught me various uses of eye contact, gestures, and voice to effectively communicate, establish and improve rapport, and have good class control. It showed me multiple ways of grouping the
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Crystal Lakes
This unit is getting into the more intricate parts of grammar. Modals are very important as they add a degree of politeness to a phrase or question. The passive voice may be difficult to learn because
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This unit shed lights on almost everything related to parts of speech. It breaks the sentences into parts and makes the meaning of each part so clear. The types of nouns and articles and with which no
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The second unit: parts of speech, was taught to me in shool, as I'm not a native English speaker. This unit explains the grammar rules of the different words we use in a sentence. These rules can be r
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In this unit I learned initially about admirable qualities of an effective teacher. Amongst several characteristics I believe the most important one is caring about your students and their learning pr
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De Kalb
This lesson covered the teaching advantages, as well as some of this disadvantages, of certain classroom utilities. From this lesson I have learned about various teaching tools and how those tools can
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De Soto
This unit primarily was primarily focused on explaining the mechanics of the 12 English tenses to better enable teachers to do the same for their students. From this lesson, I have learned some more a
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De Witt
The further I go with this course the less I know.Ive studied so many online courses of every description and to be totally honest I am trying to finish this course as quickly as possible. I tried to
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This unit has galvanized several of the methods I have witnessed in my years of schooling and as a teacher's assistant. I had been using a patchwork style with the older students and a basic straight
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When taking Masters courses at Plymouth State University, I had two professors with varying perspectives related to the role of grammar conventions. My first professor, Elliot, considered the words us
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This unit was comprised of two videos of separate English classes.Despite having the same students and teacher, the first video differed from the second video. In the first video, the teacher's attitu
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This unit taught about the give main conditional sentences: zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditional. It's important to understand these concepts as these sentences are often spoken in Englis
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Des Arc
This unit reminded me of how convoluted textbook grammar is. I've written law papers for some of the strictest teachers at our university, but nobody can remember some of these terms, despite how ofte
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Des Peres
This unit is very well structured, easy to understand and follow. It provides great ideas how to explain the differences between present tenses and how to practice in a fun way. I appreciate the examp
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In this unit, the speaking and writing sills are mentioned. These two skills help people to conmmunicate, no matter they want to speak or listen. Compared to the reading and listening, these two skill
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This unit played on previous units by incorporating the future tense into students' learning. It covered future tenses in simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous forms. This unit was conde
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This unit enlightened me about the qualities and the roles of teachers and their impact on students' learning process and success. In addition, the unit showed me the qualities of a good learner and t
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Unit six brings us back to learning more about grammar. The unit consists of the construction of past tense sentences which consist of: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect con
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In this unit we discovered the benefits of tutorials, student evaluation and tests. We learnt that Placement Tests are taken to place a student in the appropriate class, Progress Tests are taken peri
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The first video exemplified inadequate ESL practices due to teacher attitude. When students made mistakes, his reinforcement was lacking or outright intimidating. Instructions were often left to fall
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This unit handles one of the most important aspects in teaching - classroom management. It has touched areas like grouping students in class, arranging the classroom, the teacher's position, how to ma
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The unit covered the 7 different possible future tenses of sentences. I think this unit may have been the most difficult unit so far because there were the seven parts as opposed to the past tenses un
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In this unit, I feel I have learnt in detail about pronunciation. I understand that it is a difficult aspect when learning a new language and lot of time and practise is required to teach students pro
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This topic was really an eye opener. I was able to learn about the subsets of the tenses: simple, continuous or progressive, perfect and perfect continuous and the rules associated with each. E.g with
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This unit is about classroom management, which includes interpersonal skills,(positive) disciplinary skills, classroom setup, and more. I generally agreed with everything presented, but my own persona
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East Lynne
This unit explained the importance of how a lesson plan is structured. You want to be sure that your lesson plan is simple, flexible and adaptable because you never know how a class is going to go. Fo
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East Prairie
This chapter provided useful information aside from the grammar-centered lessons. The very space in which the instruction will be rendered must be modified to appropriately fit the students and the le
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Productive skills are definitely important and necessary, especially when we talk about learning a language. In this Unit I have learnt a lot about them and about which are the best methods to help my
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Edgar Springs
This unit is very well structured and clear. I find the sections about students' motivation and the teacher's role the most interesting ones. The second one I find interesting because I can easily com
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Unit 11: Teaching receptive skills gives a comprehensive guide for reading and listening skills. Reasons for reading and listening are purpose and entertainment. Specialist skills include predictive
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This unit was essentially about methodologies that are used in the ESL classroom. These include Grammar-Translation, Audio-lingualism, The silent way, Task-based learning, Suggestodpedia, Presentatio
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When planning a lesson for a particular group of students, it is important to take into consideration their background, language level, and culture when choosing appropriate activities. Regardless of
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El Dorado Springs
In Unit 7, I learned about teaching vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. The vocabulary section covered what affects the difficulty of learning new vocabulary, the criteria for
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