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This unit covered detailed lessons on modals, phrasal verbs and passive voices vs active voice. I thought this lesson may have been the most difficult lesson yet due to the amount of detail and exampl
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Phonology is the study, science and classification of sounds. Intonation refers to the rise and fall of words in a sentence. Intonation indicates the meaning of a sentence. It is crucial in asking que
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This unit delves more into specifics of how to engage students and help them really practice a new language. Not only does it focus on different techniques to practice a language, it focuses on the st
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Camden Point
Future Tenses are a particularly tricky area of learning for EFL students as there are 7 different tenses that can be used with future meanings. To begin with, the teacher should focus on the 2 most
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Continuing from the introduction to present tenses in unit four, unit six goes into detail about past tenses. After students are introduced to present tenses, past tenses naturally follow. Once again,
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The unit provides information of the different present tense. It provides very useful insight into what are some of the common errors that students make when they are using the tenses. This informatio
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Watching the first video was painful. The teacher just was not teaching clearly to his students, and they were clearly confused. I felt so bad for them. The second video was much more pleasing to watc
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This unit introduced the concept of tense in language and specifically present tense and it’s different forms. Present tense can be in the form of present perfect, present perfect continuous, presen
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Speaking is a skill that comes at two facets. Accuracy is a skill within speaking that is best administered within a controlled language environment by the teacher. Drilling exercises are effective me
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Cape Girardeau
This unit covered the different parts of speech we use everyday. It teaches you how to break down a sentence and categorize it. After completing this unit, I know that the basic structure of a sentenc
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This unit was particularly useful to show how teaching should not be done and vice versa. Teacher's attitude and mentality are very important in teaching any class. Starting out with a negative mindse
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Carl Junction
Time expressions also modified if backshifting. For example, 'today' becomes 'that day', 'yesterday' becomes 'the day before' or 'the previous day', 'tomorrow' becomes 'the next day' or 'the day after
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This unit was very informative on lesson planning. This unit discussed the lesson planning method of Engage, study, and activate. Engage meaning to first get the class interested on the language and g
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This unit broke down the eight major parts of speech and reminded me that all words serve a purpose. I found the unit helpful because I learned, concretely, what parts of speech some words were that I
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The four basic skills of a language receptive - listening and reading and productive skill- Speaking and writing. Reasons for reading and listening are for purpose, entertainment. How we read and list
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This unit details the various methodologies that may be employed when conducting EFL lessons, giving background and descriptions of how certain approaches may be most effectively applied and the diffe
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This unit pays attention to three factors of english teaching. The firs factor is modals. Frankly, this is not that difficult if teacher could make the right situational teaching and let the student f
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Teaching and learning procedures are based on four major skills. These skills are twofold: receptive and productive elements. While receptive skills include reading and listening, productive skil
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I am more influenced with the theories , methods and techniques within this course unit because it's focused more on student-centered learning as far as second language teaching is concerned where by
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Just as important as what is being taught, is how it is being taught. There are countless ways and strategies to teach, but common patterns and successful techniques emerge when teaching a second lang
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It is crucial to differentiate and manage the different types of teaching, learners and the levels inquired. Teachers and students have multifaceted points of views regarding the English language. I b
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This unit has taught me the productive skills speaking and writing. The lesson points out that teachers should not ignore the importance of writing. When involving students in creative writing the tea
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In this unit, I learned the future tenses. Although a few of the tenses are similar structures to the past and present tenses, there are three additional forms. The usages of each of the tenses is som
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Unit five is all about understanding the present tenses of the English language, and the sub-units that make up this tense. The tenses that make up the present tense are: present simple, present conti
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From my point of view as a former English student, conditional and reported speech are the most difficult and confusing grammar topics among the whole English grammar. Although by practicing the langu
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There are many effective aids that teachers use outside the realm of the textbook. Most commonly, the board and/or projector have proven to be effective methods of maintaining student interest and lea
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In this lesson, I learned that teachers should create and manage a classroom with intentionality and purpose. When considering anything from how the class room is set up to how to stand in a position
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This unit discussed the receptive skills, reading and listening. I feel that I have learned about potential pitfalls when making a lesson targeted toward these skills, such as being insensitive to my
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When you speak your native language often grammar does not seem complicated. However, when teaching English to a non-native speaker, teaching proper grammar is very important. The lesson described h
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I am glad that this is a part of the TEFL course because it's definitely a good review in teaching English. While reading each part and subpart of the parts of speech, I was also able to search some o
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Unit one is all about being a most effect teaching and creating a teachable environment for my students in a TESOL environment. This unit gave me a good understanding on how to verbalize specific conc
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This unit focused on pronunciation and phonology, and was very interesting because I never formally learned pronunciation beyond mimicking the teacher and seeing the phonetic script in the dictionary.
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The relationship between teacher and student are closely connected; one cannot exist without the other. In order to make this relationship thrive, one must ask what makes a good teacher, and a good le
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This unit covered the different types of evaluations intended for teachers and learners alike. Placement tests are intended to place students in cohorts appropriate to their fluency level. Diagnostic
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I found the three main parts of this unit all very interesting and helpful. Some of the methodologies I hadn't heard of before, and I can see now where certain ones are beneficial in different situati
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Clarkson Valley
One thing I never got while studying Chinese was more individually tailored fluency checks. Most of my class had some spoken at home, and I was always behind. Fluency checks were almost always done wi
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Writing is a more challenging skill as opposed to speaking. With speaking ambiguities or misunderstandings can be clarified when compared with writing, this is more difficult to do. However, speaking
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This unit is made up of the what it takes to teach a new language to learners and the things learners need to do to acquire this new language. This unit also provides the teacher with ways he/she can
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This lesson primarily focused on various teaching techniques. It opened by listing and defining specific strategies of teaching. Some strategies were new to me, others are ones I have experienced both
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The contents in this unit are modal auxiliary verbs may, might, need to, must , have to, have got to, should, ought to., can, could , would with their usages and basic rules. Passive and acti
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This unit focuses on grammatical rules and using them appropriately in the sentences. Hence I have learnt that we have to put the words in the right places, e.g. when using multiple adverbs we should
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Indeed, the relationship between teachers and learners is inherently counted to be complementary. Teachers influence the learning process of learners and the latter affect the teaching style of te
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Clifton Hill
These contrasting video lessons and the worksheet attached to them provided examples and explanations of effective and ineffective teaching strategies. These lessons helped me to understand the impact
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Climax Springs
Not all learners will be motivated to study English, although the vast majority will be. A number of them will have been required to learn. Failure to do so could well result in them losing their job
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In this unit we reviewed the past tense of verb forms. These include: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. These reviews are highly beneficial in refreshing myself
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This unit covered the basic theories of language instruction and demonstrated the methodology of teaching an English lesson from start to finish in the form of ESA (engage, study, activate). In the En
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Cole Camp
From studying this lesson it seems that there are many different methodologies of teaching ESL students, but defining which one is most effective depends on differing factors, such as age, level of En
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Unit 20: Troubleshooting offered sound practical advise on teaching classes with new and existing groups. It explained the value of building rapport with the use of warmers the students participate s
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This unit presents the most common problem s that EFL teachers face with their students. Problems that are related with first lesson, different level, large classes, reluctant students and etc. In my
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Conception Junction
In this unit I have learned that there are more roles that a teacher takes on than I previously knew about. I also learned about the different language levels and the European classification that is
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