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Since I have no business background, I would also be intimidated by teaching business English. It was reassuring to read that it might actually be advantageous to not have that background since it fo
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This unit focuses on the pronunciation and phonology which i am not good at.The learning process of this part is boring based on my own learning experience. The only funny learning process is that the
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Beverly Hills
Well layer out module for the formation of lesion structure and discipline enough to direct and coordinated expectances for appropriate teaching English. Still I lag horribly behind in understanding w
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These two videos clearly show the big difference that the teacher attitude can make. Watching the first video, it's basically impossible to not feel a sensation of confusion, stress and uncertainty. I
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Again, I really wish I had this resource during my first year of teaching. I asked my colleagues and head master for help, I consulted the internet, and finally, I asked my cousin, an elementary schoo
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Birch Tree
Unit 18 covered modal verbs, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. It began with the rules for modal auxiliary verbs such as may, might, must, have to, etc. and how they express things like obligation
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Present forms in English are particularly challenging to ESL learners due to their commonalities and specific usage. Many of their usages are based on nuances and subtle semantic associations that are
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Black Jack
This unit provides useful insight as to which tests should be given to students with respect to time. Prior to enrolling in an English course as a student from a non-English speaking country, students
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From Unit 11, I learned that receptive skills include reading and listening. These can be done for a purpose or to achieve something, and for entertainment purposes as well. There are different ways i
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There are countable and uncountable nouns, and they are referenced differently using either plurality or auxiliary words such as "much". When it comes to adjectives, there is an unwritten rule of thum
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This unit gives an overview of how to properly employ coursebooks and lesson materials in the classroom. It highlights the pros ans cons of using authentic vs. unauthentic materials, contrasting the o
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As I've continued growing as a teacher, I've found that the amount of my talk time has diminished. In my beginning stages, I had a bad habit of avoiding conciseness when directing the classroom during
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This unit went over a variety of grammar usages that can often be confusing for ESL students. The unit went over modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, clauses, and phrasal verbs. Modals add meaning to
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Examinations are important tools used before and during a students English Language education. Placement tests are used to accurately gauge a potential students level and motivation. Diagnostic tests
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Blue Springs
This lesson introduced the concept of receptive and productive skills in language, and covered the former. From this lesson, I learned important techniques for teaching reading and listening skills to
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This unit has taught me the qualities of a good teacher and a good learner. A good teacher for example will have patience, encourage, enjoy teaching, and correct students without offending. As far as
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I didn't realize how many ways we have to talk about the future in English! I just finished teaching the future simple and perfect (continuous forms too) to one of the students that I tutored. I sti
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There are many methodologies to incorporating student learning objectives in each stage of the teaching process. Among such methodologies, there are three core stages that can appear in a patchwork pa
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Bonne Terre
This lesson covers productive language skills. This lesson highlighted the sometimes under-appreciated importance of writing skills. Because of this lesson, I am now better able to understand the chal
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This unit has given me a broad understanding of what expectations and best practices should look like from both a learning and a teaching perspective. For example, I learned that there are many more r
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This unit introduces how to create effective lesson plans. It is said in this unit that each teacher plans lessons differently and with experience, a teacher is able to formulate plans that work for t
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Studying and (mostly) remembering all types of present sentences for a student could be really hard and could easily lead to a felling of confusion. This Unit surely helps the teacher to have a clear
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Bowling Green
This lesson taught us how to ensure that students are introduced to new language vocabulary and grammatical structures in an effective and balanced way. Depending on students' level, motivation to le
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Bragg City
It's really important for a teacher to identify the vocabulary that is suitable to teach for the students based on their language level. If the vocabulary taught is too difficult to learn, the worst c
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This unit covers the grammar language points including modal auxiliary verbs and passive voice. Relative clauses and phrasal verbs are also addressed in this unit. Regarding model auxiliary verbs
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In this unit we focused on the qualities of a good teacher, the different roles employed by teachers during lessons, the qualities of good learners and the differences between varying levels/ages of s
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Branson West
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The teacher did a much better job of engaging students in the second lesson. He never told them that they were wrong, he gave them hints when they were lost for an answer, and he had them interact wi
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Three ways to assess a student`s language level are: tutorials, evaluation by students and tests. Tutorials are useful for groups or one on one to review the work done, to discuss the aims of the less
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This unit is an overview on how to properly set up and maintain a classroom. It discusses which type of behaviors a teacher must exhibit to gain rapport with the students, and maintain an atmosphere
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Breckenridge Hills
This unit was interesting as a Native speaker learning the different grammar terminology, which I wouldn't be aware off the top of my head. What I found confusing more was remembering what specific ru
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This unit was mostly listing ideas for possible activities to help students learn in different phases of the lesson plan. It differentiated between specific tasks that have different purposes and then
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In this unit I learned the importance and implementation of the ESA methodology. This stands for, Engage, Study, Activate. It can be taught in different forms, such as, straight arrow, boomerang, and
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This unit discussed conditionals and reported speech. I found the table for converting reported speech very useful, since I think this is another situation when spoken English, or colloquial usage, mi
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I was able to connect most of the content of this unit so my own language classes taken throughout school. I remember my teachers promoting accuracy in worksheets and drilling activities and telling t
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From this first Unit I got to understand how many efforts are needed to be a good teacher, as well as how conscious the teacher should be when interacting with students. There are many aspects that co
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Teaching pronunciation and phonology skills are prominent to the process of teaching English language. Pronunciation and phonology are deemed as integral parts to learners. While pronunciation is
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Evaluation and testing are viewed as prominent components within the procedure of teaching a foreign language. Assessing students’ levels and outputs is of great importance. In this regard, stude
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This unit was about course books and lesson materials and the advantages and disadvantages of using authentic vs created materials. I learned that authentic materials can be just about anything, such
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Unit eight goes over the future tense. This tense consists more of sub-units than any of the other tenses. It includes future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, 'goi
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Classroom management is essential for a number of reasons:maintaining discipline, building rapport and contributing to effective learning. There are a number of factors to consider when managing the c
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Reading and listening are equally important in the ESL process and should not be overlooked or neglected. Integration of these skills can be necessary because reading and listening are often skills th
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This unit taught me about what the needs are for teaching types of groups/classes. I first learned about the student category levels like beginners, false beginners, adult beginners, and young beginne
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Burlington Junction
In this unit, it mainly focu on the methodology of English teaching. There are kinds of different methodologies in case of different teaching targets. Some of them aiming to let students practice lang
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This unit includes conditionals and reported speech and relevant tenses and tense changes. I never would have considered the tense change that occurs when reporting speech. This highlights one of the
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Byrnes Mill
Reading and listening are equally important receptive skills. They are used to get detailed information about the topic, get the general idea (skimming), find the specific detail (scanning), deduce th
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Reading and listening are always easier for me when I am learning a new language, but I think I tend to concentrate more on speaking and writing when I am tutoring. I definitely intend to use authent
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This unit was about how teachers can evaluate and test students in language school and about general external language tests such as TOEFL. I have learned what each evaluation method, such as placemen
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This unit focused on the uses and best ways to teach grammar versus vocabulary to students. I really liked the analogy of grammar being the tree trunk and limbs and vocabulary being the "decorative" p
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This unit has improved my understanding of ESA lesson structuring. I have a better idea of how to teach grammar to students of this skill level and what to include in each stage of an ESA lesson. I
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