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Phonetics is often thought to be one of the more difficult aspects of language teaching and is often overlooked. Native speakers often do not notice many of the phonetic aspects during regular speech,
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I usually create lesson plans for when I tutor, but I have found that I often spend a lot more time on an activity than I had predicted would be the case. Therefore, I agree with the emphasis on flex
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This unit discussed methods and theories related to classroom management. In particular, the lesson explained different ways to organize class seating arrangements and their respective pros and cons,
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Moscow Mills
Although the eventual goal for students is for them to become as fluent in English as a native speaker, the teacher must find appropriate vocabulary and structure to teach the students. Students need
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Mound City
This lesson covered unique and uniquely challenging arrangements that fall outside the purview of a traditional ESL class. This lesson has provided me with the necessary tools and I understandings I w
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Mount Vernon
A lesson plan is an important part of the lesson planning. It will help the teacher be prepared for the class. Doing it ahead of time will allow the teacher to think about how the class will run with
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Mountain Grove
Course books can be great and created materials can be great, your challenge and task as a teacher is to find the right balance. A lesson driven fully by course books can be dry, boring and not tailor
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Mountain View
This unit shows the importance of varying the classroom setup for different stages of a lesson, to provide a different dynamic for the students. There are effective ways to ensure that everyone is par
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This unit helped to understand the expectations and relationship between students and teachers. The various factors involved will help the teacher to better prepare for his lessons thereby ensuring a
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This unit is a guideline for lecture planning. It stresses the importance of putting a structured lesson plan together, while allowing for flexibility to change its structure if need be. It provides
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Neck City
This is perhaps one of the most useful topics to learn about, as being a teacher is a very responsible job and task to carry out. In order to arrange the classes effectively and properly, we have to c
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From this unit i have learned classroom rules such as how eye contact used in and use of gestures.How it can be effective and useful in the classroom. However I think using student's names help me to
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The opening page of this unit stated that the future tense is one of the most complex in the English language. I felt as though the future tenses were more self explanatory than the previous grammar u
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I learned from this unit concrete ways/labels to categorize learners . This is important because it helps me see what they are realistically capable of and what kinds of content I can present without
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Modal auxiliary verbs are verbs that express possibilities. They can be used to express politeness or informality in a request, and the lack of, or need for necessity of an event to occur. When spea
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New Bloomfield
This unit provides useful insight as to the challenges associated with productive skills. Students must be presented with relevant and interesting topics to write/speak about. The instructor must take
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New Cambria
I found this unit to be difficult to grasp, particularly due to the fact that when we use reported speech as native speakers, we tend to use the incorrect form but the receiving party is nevertheless
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New Florence
This unit was informative in understanding what the formula was for making a good teacher, as well as balancing it with what makes a good student. It took in consideration cultural and individual aspe
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New Franklin
This lesson covered passive and active voice, and phrasal and modal verbs. Because of this lesson, I now have a working knowledge of some important distinctions in English grammar and syntax. My aware
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New Hampton
This unit highlights the importance of both the student's and teacher's role and behaviour in a classroom by describing which traits and actions allow for a good student and teacher respectively. It f
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New Haven
In order to get the best learning outcome from students there are a set of tools, techniques and 'rules' that can be applied, however, the teacher must be able to read the classroom to make quick judg
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New London
In order to evaluate a student's L2 level, we can use tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. We can divide tests into five categories. Both placement and diagnostic tests are used at the beg
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New Madrid
This unit was a thorough revision and review for me. It helped me to completely understand some nuances of the parts of speech. On the other hand, it gave me the clue how to use them while teaching gr
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New Melle
This unit provided information on the characteristics of a good teacher, the characteristics of a good learner, the different roles a teacher holds in the classroom, and the different levels of langua
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Class room management is important because it goes a long way to enhance teaching and learning process. There is need for the teacher to have eye contact with the students, know their names.organizin
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In this unit I learned proper classroom management, ranging from how to seat, when to allow students to work together, classroom arrangements, writing on the board, and establishing rapport. What I fo
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This was an interesting lesson because we got to see how to effectively carry out a lesson. One of the main differences I noticed between the first and second videos was the teacher's demeanor. Having
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From this unit i learned methods of teaching and how to provide study problems my students had while doing the task.Always I should be aware of culture and language also news about innovation.Iwill be
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This unit was very informative the reason being is explained in detail about how we should be testing our students, the reason why we are testing our students and what different tests English learners
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In this unit we guided on how to handle an abnormal class. That is to say, teaching special groups. The unit first identify all the modalitities for a class to be a special class, coming up with strat
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This unit uses two different example lessons to highlight how a teacher's attitude, responsiveness, and implementation of a lesson plan can drastically affect the students' enthusiasm and understandin
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North Kansas City
Unit 11 dealt with teaching the receptive skills of reading and listening. I learned that people read and listen for a purpose, such as gaining needed information; and for entertainment, like reading
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Course materials are widely accepted and rejected for various reasons, and they are determined by the course teacher. In some cases, the course book may be beneficial to use, though solely relying on
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In this unit I have gained an extra understanding of how to teach vocabulary in the classroom. During my bachelors degree I had already gained a comprehensive insight into teaching grammar, but, vocab
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Unit 15 look at the various ways to evaluate learners. It also give the different situations when which evaluation method can be used. This unit is beneficial both to the teacher and the learners. To
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This unit has helped me understand the value in teaching/classroom mechanics. Learning about the pros and cons of seating arrangements as well as ways to address disciplinary issues is crucial. Making
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This lesson discussed the proper use of common learning materials in the ESL classroom, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of material. The chapter covered visual aids, audio m
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Future tense expreses a future event or state of being. There are 7 types of future tenses namely: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going, present simple
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Oak Grove
Unit 1 showed the complex and dynamic relationships between the teacher and his or her students. Differences in students, either of age, gender, socio-economic background and level are all factors to
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I really appreciate the plethora of ESL teaching and learning websites provided in this lesson. I will definitely be perusing them as I design my lesson plans. I can't help but wonder how long ago t
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I have seen this unit's content firsthand. I have taught piano to young learners and English to adult learners, and age certainly makes a difference. Like this unit explained, I would have to spend
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Old Monroe
In this unit I learned how to plan lessons, what are the main functions and basic principles of lesson planning. The most important part was to learn what should be included in the lesson plan, what a
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Much like the previous unit, I learnt the different aspects of productive skills. I learnt how lessons should be constructed in order to allow students to learn effectively. It's important to structur
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Olympian Village
This unit shows a native speaker that hasn't studied grammar before just how complicated and intricate the English language can be. Although we studied the future, this tense combines many elements of
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I enjoyed this unit and found it enlightening. I have gained a better idea of how to systematically build vocabulary and grammar structures. I have discovered that building on prior knowledge is ess
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There are four skills in English. They are Receptive(reading and listening) and Productive (speaking and writing). These four skills are very important in teaching and learning. Using the straight
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Finally some material! This unit provided me with a basic overview of the grammar that I already know intuitively from being a native English speaker. I struggled with some of the titles and specific
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This unit was extremely informative specifically about managing your class. This unit discussed how teachers should be using eye contact, gestures, and their voice. This unit also discussed how we sho
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Osage Beach
This unit was very interesting! It broke down the different teaching methodologies and which ones can be more effective and beneficial than others. It focuses on the Engage, Study, Activate, methodolo
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When teaching a first lesson, a good teacher will try to establish a rapport with the students, to maintain a trusting and comfortable relationship. A good "warm up" exercise with the students might
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