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This unit was very relevant to teaching and very useful for me. While I was taught a different format for lesson planning, I found this one to be easy to use. As a teacher, and definitely for me, it i
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Unit 2 is an informative concise study on parts of speech within English. I found it to be well written so that I could quickly understand the meaning of terms and apply them by noting the examples q
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This unit is an overview of the use of past and present tenses, and the different ways to articulate them in sentence structure. It describes the proper methods to use tenses in structure when instru
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What makes good teachers and students, the importance of the proper relationship between students and teachers (and all its variables), and 9 basic roles a teacher can assume in class. I've further
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This unit focuses on the theories, methods and techniques that a TEFL teacher needs to master so as to teach well in class. It has handled most of the key areas that can make a lesson flow well withou
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Holts Summit
Again, this unit serves as a refresher and allows instructors to assign a term to yet another sentence structure which we utilize on a daily basis. It is interesting to see the common mistakes that En
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I really hope that teaching English to young children does not include to much of the past and present tenses. I seem tohave a difficult time getting my head around the concepts. Even though I speakEn
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Unit 18 focuses on modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Modal auxiliary verbs express obligation, ability, advice, permission, probability, and degree of formality. Modal auxiliary
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Unit one discusses various aspects of the teacher, learner relationship. Based on the different motivations and needs of the students a good teach will play many roles in their English learning experi
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This unit gave me a brief insight into the different types of course materials and what could or could not be included This can range from Simple extra materials to a teacher's guide, audio and video
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Houston Lake
A very interesting unit. I learnt how important it is to correct at the right moment (without interrupting the students), and when to concentrate more on correction (study phase). I wasn't familiar wi
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Unit 9: Lesson Planning means having a working document and record that acts as an aid to planning what teachers expect students to achieve within that particular lesson. It encompasses why planning
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This unit was extremely helpful in providing information on lesson planning and providing examples. I consider myself an organized person, however having never taught, I had no idea how to structure,
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This lesson used two videos to illustrate how a teacher can effectively engage with students and communicate new information efficiently. Overall, the second example showed how important the attitude
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This unit exposes the complexity of the future tense in English. It also explain how it is used and addresses some of the common mistakes made in the its usage.
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While working with these future tenses in unit 8, I shared the names of the tenses with a friend of mine who is learning English (she's Slovenian). She could not recall studying the future perfect/p
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The unit 11 was about teaching receptive skills and why it's important. Although I was already aware that receptive skills such as reading and listening are equally as important as productive skills (
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Once again, we're dealing with a chapter that shows what we know about our own language. Modals and phrasal verbs are such an intricate part of the English language and it's important to know them in
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This unit made reference to some of the previous units and discussed troubleshooting in the classroom. During this unit, I learned about some of the common problems in the classroom, as well as the ty
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This lesson looked at another important and well-used grammar structure- conditionals. I never realized there were different types of conditionals, but I can understand how important it would be to te
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It is common or terribly easy to forget the basics of the English language; the structure of a sentence itself. Eventhough, I learned this while attending elementary school, I have to admit I struggle
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Having had prior teaching experience I am aware of potential management difficulties that can arise with a classroom. This unit has given me insight into how to manage students in a variety of setting
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This unit proved slightly challenging for me. I had to revisit the material from the past and present tenses to track how the Direct Speech is changed to Reported speech. It involved identifying the t
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Much is involved in the process of managing a classroom effectively. This chapter covers a variety of concepts that cover the overall idea of managing the classroom. Unit five covers how to use eye co
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Iron Mountain Lake
In this unit, I learned how to understand and teach the productive skills of speaking and writing. I've learned that accuracy is best suited for the Study stage and fluency is best for the Activate st
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Who would have imagined that the future tense can be so complicated and so detailed. As an English speaker, I realize that there are so many future tenses that I have heard and even used incorrectly.
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“Why?” - This is a question teachers often hear, especially those teaching a foreign language to students. As it is often the case with those teaching their mother tongue as a foreign language, gr
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This units covers the tips needed in constructing conditional sentences, modalities of constructing conditionals and various situations of conditional statements or sentences. The unit also also look
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This unit reviews teaching special groups, from students with differing language levels to teaching for businesses and corporations. I feel that I have learned about how to tailor a particular lesson
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Many teachers of English don't focus on pronunciation, even though it is something that students worry about a lot. There are a ton of different ways to use your mouth and other articulating organs to
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This unit covered the basics of modals, phrasals, and passive voice. Modal auxilliary verbs are words that attach to verbs in order to express certain meanings like obligation, ability, and certainty.
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Jefferson City
I have learned from this unit that teaching methods and theory specifically for language learning is a constant trial and error system. There is not just one way to teach a class, which is why it is i
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The unit shed lights on two linguistic aspects which are conditional and reported speech. It explains most conditional types, their forms and usages. I have learnt the teaching ideas that can be imple
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This unit has handled the present tense of the English language. It has treated the four aspects of the present tense in with emphases on the form, usages, typical student errors etc. I have learned a
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Classroom management is probably one of the most difficult parts of teacher's work. If you only start to work as a teacher and don't have enough experience, you can encounter a lot of problems, especi
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When using speech to influence the students, both accuracy and fluency are of equal importance. Accuracy focuses on correct pronunciation, while fluency allows more freedom and creativity among the s
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Kansas City
This unit is about the productive skills of writing and speaking. Although the content of the writing can be creative, there are structures such as spelling and punctuation which must be followed. Peo
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Kansas City North
This Unit provides a detailed analysis of the different present tenses when speaking or writing in English. This helps to prepare the teacher with the knowledge needed to tackle any problems that the
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I have had experience teaching, but then always a topic that students have elected to take. The warning in this unit that younger language learners might not be motivated to learn was a reminder to me
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Unit 1 covers such topics: what makes good teachers, at least 9 different roles teachers can act as (which was absolutely new information for me), what makes good learners, and would could affect the
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It is inevitable that problem situations will arise in the classroom. When this happens, the techniques that the teacher uses is very important to exercise control. Some of the common problem situatio
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When teaching groups of students at various levels of English, it is important to be aware of the student' needs, be clear and simple when offering instructions, and to overcome the foreseeable proble
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Kimberling City
Lesson plans are good for new teachers, they help keep you focused on the student learning outcome and also map a plan of how you will achieve it. The plan should, however, be flexible rather than rig
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I do feel that speaking and writing are very important when learning a language; however, as mentioned in this unit, most teachers and most countries do tend to focus more on speaking and as a result
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King City
Conditionals are a complex form in English language. Because they require a deep understanding of how tenses are combined to explain a deeper meaning. Conditionals can refer to current or past events
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This unit was not very helpful compared to the other units. Although the information is useful, most of these things should be considered as basic knowledge for a teacher. Even though the fact remains
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Course-books are an integral part of teaching any foreign language. There are useful for teachers and students alike. Oftentimes, the excessive use of course books becomes a controversial issue. He
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The past tenses are quite simple when it deals with the basics, but when dealing with the tenses that are often taught, it's just as hard for an Englisg speaker to differentiate between how they shoul
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While there are endless amounts of topics to teach, and different methodologies to do so, it can be said that there are certain classroom procedures to follow. Of course, these procedures can vary on
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Unit 4 recaps the rules of conjugation, usages and ideas for activities for the four present tenses. 1. The Present Simple: is used to descriebe current situations (it rains), facts (the Earth turns a
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