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This unit covers the equipment that a teacher might have in their classroom. I feel that I have learned how to use new equipment, such as the interactive white boards, while also not relying on these
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This unit mainly talks about the past tenses. And it has the same four different structures such as past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. This tense is kind of simila
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This unit presents a review of the most important uses of English when it refers to past activities. In its simple form, English utilizes the nouns and verbs to describe past activity. If a past acti
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This unit contained a lot of information that I already had from classes I took in college. Lesson objectives, structure, pacing, and flexibility as well as how to integrate a single lesson into a lon
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I’ve learned that as a teacher you play multiple roles and how you use those roles will allow you to be a better educator and produce good learners. Depending on the learner, it’s possible to tail
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The unite discusses the importance of grouping students and seats arrangements in managing classes. It explains the most effective position of teachers and how they can give instruction. I have learnt
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THE UNIT 1 course outline,has so many interesting Topics and subtopics which I came across. They are quite unique and simple to study through,coupled with the follow up theorical questions. I came acr
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The teaching of specialized groups require will require different skills as opposed to teaching in a classroom. Examples of specialized groups are beginners, individual students, children and business
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Elf methodologies - grammar - translation, audio linguist, PPP, task based learning, communicative language teaching, community language learning, The silent way,suggestopaedia, The lexical approach,
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Today's English language teachers have a wide variety of classroom equipment to aide in teaching. The variety of tools enables teachers to create lessons that are more interesting and effective than e
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As a non-native speaker I found this Unit very useful. Although most of what I read I had already acquired since I was in primary school, but sometimes I actually found myself unable to explain why ce
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This unit went over the various parts of speech. While I gained a lot content-wise from this unit, it also made me realize how difficult the English language is, especially for a non-native speaker. I
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Unit 13 extensively covered pronunciation and phonology. First, it covered intonation and stress: How intonation can inform the listener if the speaker is finished speaking and if they want a response
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I already knew about defining and non-defining relative clauses and the passive voice, although I didn't know all the rules for how the passive voice is used with different tenses. The information tha
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Unit fourteen considers authentic and creative material and the course book. Authentic material is material that is used on a regular basis in society, i.e., a newspaper, magazine, song, etc. Creative
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Appleton City
This lesson went over various ways of arranging and carrying out a lesson, as well as the theories behind those ways. It also went over important rules and practices for teachers. Because of this less
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There are certain ways to establish organization in a class. Among the many ways, teacher presence and voice modulation is important in addressing and maintaining effective teaching practices in class
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According to unit four lessons, there are basically twelve outlines derived out of the four tenses..present simple,present continuous,present perfect and present perfect continuous. Each of this bein
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This unit's topic addressed common issues that can arise within an English class. Methodology to successfully teach the first lesson was discussed and I learned that it is important to first establish
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This unit was most helpful. Despite being able to write and speak very well, I discovered that I did not know a great deal about the rules and terms used in grammar. Learning these terms and rules w
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Modal auxiliary verbs (modals) are used to communicate obligations, ability, necessity, advice, offer, promise, etc. There are nine true modals: will, would, may, might, must, can, could, shall and sh
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This unit discusses the most important tense in English language which is present tense.The four types of present tense namely; simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous have have been explai
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Ash Grove
Modal verbs can have a variety of mean depending on context. There is also many ways to express the same idea with varying strengths of attitude. Can, could and may all have the ability to make a requ
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This unit comprises of the various theories available in teaching English to learners as well as the various methods and techniques.
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A major factor in a students English learning is the environment in which they learn. A teacher should be able to manage a class. regardless of its size, and build relationships with his or her studen
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This unit is rather spellbinding if it's your desire to excell at teaching English as a foreign language. I have learnt the different techniques to employ in the classroom specifically the ESA techniq
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This lesson taught the International Phonetic Alphabet and focused on techniques for teaching pronunciation, including stress, intonation, vowels, consonants, and so on. In addition, the lesson explai
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This unit was so informative. This unit actually gave really good examples of how we should and how we should not be teaching English. I am a visual learner personally so it was great being able to se
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This unit details the four future tenses - future simple, future perfect, future continuous, and future perfect continuous. In addition, three other uses of the present tense - simple, continuous, and
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This unit focused on Modals and their usage, Phrasal Verbs and what defines them, and Passive/Active Voice and when to use them. We discovered that Modals such as might or may, can express degrees of
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I learned the particulars and specifics to a number of rules that I already had an understanding of but can now describe. For example, the size>age>color>material>noun ordering for adjectives. I learn
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Teaching and learning grammar aspects have always been a subject of difficulty and challenge for teachers as well as learners. Learning languages goes in tandem with the implementation and explanatio
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Knowing the correct use of modal, phrasal verbs and passive voice denotes that a student really reached an high level of English. In this stage the teacher must be careful and explain in the most deta
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This unit was on trouble shooting. The unit summarized various obstacles that may occur in a classroom. Most of these obstacles are very common: reluctant students, large classrooms, new students etc.
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Talking about past, present and future is the ground work of language, with the present being the cornerstone. It’s extremely important for students to have a strong grasp on the present tense, and
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Unit 18: Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice was very interesting and one that I'll have to review. The table of modal auxiliary verbs, their uses, and examples in both present/future and past is
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Bates City
Speaking and writing are the two productive skill in language fluency. Writing is generally neglected but is a helpful tool for a students path towards acquisition. Many purposes for writing are used
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From this Unit I have learnt how to build and maintain the ideal relation between students and teacher. All the knowledges evolved and the tips given are really useful to get the best outcome out of a
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This unit provided me with a guideline for teaching students. The ESA method gives me confidence that I am properly introducing students to the information, providing the appropriate study time and th
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Unit 12: Speaking and writing (including games) taught the teacher to create a need and desire for students to participate in these productive skills. It differentiated between accuracy and fluency a
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Bell City
This lesson covered the complicated nuance of the future tense in English, and the distinctions between that tense and the present tense when referring to the future. From this lesson, I will have a r
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Bella Villa
This chapter went over some of the more complex aspects of the English language, how to understand them, and how to teach them. First, it covered conditional sentences. Next, it covered how to report
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This unit covered all the basic elements of the sentence. Although I have taken grammar classes before, I felt like this was a good review of the different parts of a sentence and their functions. I a
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Bellefontaine Neighbors
I have been teaching English in Korea for 7 years on Korea. I believe this unit is very helpful for someone getting into teaching for the first time. I have learned so much about the grammar of my own
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This unit thoroughly explained to met all of the different ways you can use the present tense. Although most of these structures are second nature to form, there are many small details that can be con
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Past tenses describes a past event or a state of being. For example I went to the river. There are 4 types of past tenses namely: simple past tense, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect cont
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In this unit I mainly learned about different methods and techniques that are suggested to use when trying to teach. Some are audio based and some are visual based. Choosing the best fitting method wi
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Feedback during the course of a lesson is an aspect of my teaching that I'm constantly working to improve upon. Although my classrooms have largely consisted of students using their L1, I believe in e
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This unit focuses on the vocabulary, grammar and functions of the English language. It systematically explains the techniques that a teacher needs to teach these aspects of the English language well.
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Video lessons involves revising the topics. Lessons are taught effectively, while in the other the lesson the same teacher deliberately making several basic errors. We can recognize both the good and
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