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In unit fourteen, the physical materials used when teaching a class are discussed. The unit differentiated between ready made course books and supplementary materials. Course books are as they sound,
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Cranberry Isles
This unit started off by briefly covered learning theories, such as the CLL, PPP etc. Next, the building blocks of lessons, the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) was explained along with a few major lesso
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Unit 8 reflects on the future tense which is used to explain things that will happen in the future.Some examples are: .Future Simple Tense- It is made up of the subject+ will/shall+the verb affirmativ
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This unit explained the different kinds of testings a teacher can do with his or her students. There are diagnostic tests that should be done with a student before placing them in a class in order to
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This unit is about various forms of motivation and briefly introduces teacher/student roles in a class. It gives examples of what qualities a good teacher might have, such as patience, language knowle
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Cumberland County
In this unit, the focus was not the ESA stages or what they are, but more broadly included information about why lesson plans are done, what information lesson plans should contain to help not only te
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Unit 5 presented some of the things to bear in mind in order for teachers to successfully manage classes. In my mind, this subject is one of the most important topics covered in this course. It is nat
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This unit was eye opening. I never really payed much attention to formal sound creation, I usually think of it as something you develop by listening to and interacting with native speakers. There's a
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I thought the unit was very clear in regards to the necessity of keeping the students engaged and their interest in the subject necessary for their continued engagement. The use of traditional games
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This unit showed me how to best focus on the learner's receptive skills of reading and listening. These are two things we often take for granted. As a learner, it is important that both reading and li
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The part of this unit that stood out to me the most was the focus on different cohorts that one might encounter when teaching. The two main groups discussed were younger students and students learning
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In this is unit I have learnt about modals, phrasal verbs, passive voice and relative clauses. Modal auxiliary verbs and modals can be used to express a number of different ideas such as obligation, p
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As a native English speaker, it is very useful to review the terms and definitions of basic English grammar. Not only does it help to understand, and therefore explain, the uses of verbs, nouns, adver
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Deer Isle
Grammar is the framework on which languages and speech are built upon, and is crucial in learning a language. This unit contained definitions and examples to the different parts of speech in English,
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Unit four is about present tenses. I agree with the authors that this is an area of the English language that probably causes most difficulty for students and teachers alike. I definitely have a sense
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In this lesson I have learned techniques that I can utilize to better manage my classroom setting. I have learned that a vital part of gaining a student's respect in you as a teacher is through establ
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Unit 20 discussed common problem situations and some practical tips to handle them. When teaching students from the same country and/or when students know that their teacher can understand and speak t
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While i was reading this unit i found out that there are various theorists which suggest different planning methods. The writing of lessons plans has numerous important rules and techniques. It was v
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In unit fourteen I have tried to understand the correct way of teaching pronunciation and phonology. I have found it very difficult but now able to understand that when the speaker wants the audience
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Unit 9 tells us about Lesson plans and how it is vital to be sure you are organized. Some of the things teachers can do to ensure the lesson goes smoothly are rechecking the lesson plan for any errors
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Again, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have learned English naturally. The laundry list of irregular verbs that English students will need to learn to become fully fluent is daunting to look at, but
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Many of the previous units have focused on teaching English to adult learners of English.This unit, however, discussed how to teach English to more specialized groups, such as beginners, individual st
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This section was a bit tricky for me. Learning other languages as the student I can sympathize with the learners because the present tenses always were something I struggled to master in Spanish and I
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Dyer Brook
This was quite a content-heavy unit that included information a crash course on phonology, with information about intonation, stress, and phonemes of the English language. Intonation refers to how sen
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Eagle Lake
Test, test, and more test. This unit helps elucidate the purpose of and the unique attributes of evaluation. It is easy to forget that tests aren't just for grades but for evaluation in order to ass
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East Machias
The art of teaching a new language overall is very complex. I understand with this chapter that the vocabulary, grammar and functions are the most essential pieces to learning a new language, in this
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East Millinocket
This unit covered advice on how to manage classrooms, with information on how teachers should utilize their bodies, (eye contact, voice, and gesture) to maintain a classroom and its learners motivated
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This unit is about Present tenses in English - Present simple and continuous, Present perfect simple and continuous and gives specific examples of sentences where these tenses can be used and offers v
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The videos provided ways to witness one of the worst ways to teach and one of the best ways to teach. I was uncomfortable by the act of simply watching the first teaching video, and I can't imagine h
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Unit 7 spoke about vocabulary, grammar and functions. Teaching vocabulary doesn't matter to level of class, however arranging the lesson structure one must have chosen suitable structure and remember
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This unit is about the basic structure of the classroom, the role of the teacher, analysis of a good learner, and the basic levels of English learning. Although not encompassing any of the material t
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While introducing a new language, the following 4 things are important from a student's point of view. To be exposed to the new language, understand the meaning of the new language, understand how it
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I really loved the clarity and obviousness of the ESA lesson in this Unit test. I also think teaching business english may be very easy and enjoyable for me and considering taking your business englis
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This was a very interesting unit. I've never heard of the ESA, and it was an interesting methodology to learn about. I know I easily incorporate this process in the classroom. I also enjoyed reading t
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I felt this was a very insightful unit on the roles of the teacher and student. I learned to be a good teacher is to be passionate about your students' learning. There are many different roles that te
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Unit ten is the first video lesson in which there are two videos of the same teacher and students and a relatively similar lesson. The 1st lesson is rougher less smooth than the second lesson. The te
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Unit 19 explored the cases of English teaching targeted to students other than adults learning general English, including beginners, individual students, children, business people, and monolingual and
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In this unit have learnt about the various methodologies of teaching and how to deploy them. I have also learnt on the various ways to elicit as much information from the students, I find these techni
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This unit was pretty helpful for identifying and sorting the different ways to establish a healthy class dynamic. I think the business English stuff might be better as an optional offer, like a short
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Unit 11 taught me about the receptive skills listening and reading. The Unit helped me think about the detailed process of language acquisition and how to implement instruction that would make sense s
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This section caused me to scratch my head and wonder if I was paying attention in English class during elementary school. I had forgotten how many different verbs and nouns there were especially coun
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This section talks about the different kind of learners and teachers. It points out the details about how to keep a class interested as well as different learning stages. A lot of teachers have a pref
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Unit two consists of setting up the basics of grammar, which are the parts of speech and how they fit into the simplest form of structure, the basic sentence. The unit assuming a zero level of knowled
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I thought this unit was very interesting. I am teaching a class on speech recitation, and it is the perfect unit i needed to help me make sense of different sounds and help explain them to students. I
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In this first unit, teacher roles and qualities were discussed, as well as characteristics of good learners, differences between learners based on age and culture, the different English language learn
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Fort Fairfield
English grammar had four varieties of past tense - past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. The word continuous as in present tense implies that the action was in proces
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Fort Kent
These videos demonstration of the ESA methods and techniques are well exposed during both recordings. Its context is a very good example for new teachers to follow and apply during an English class. I
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The Straight arrow lesson explanation found in Unit 3 is really inadequate in explaining what Straight Arrow is all about, specifically in the Engage, Study, Activate stages. I really think you need t
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This Unit is a general introduction to good teaching awaress and practices. It provides a basic understanding of good teachers qualities and roles a well as that of good learners qualities. It also pr
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Franklin County
As a non-native speaker of English, I have had to deal with grammar since grade school so I understand how overwhelming learning all these things could be for students. While I consider this exposure
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