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Swans Island
I have learned from this unit lesson planning can be formal or informal as long as the teacher is organized and flexible with the lesson plan. I learned it is important to be flexible and open to the
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A lesson plan is a breakdown of what to teach in class. It consists of timing, activities, as well as how to engage and improve each lesson. The ESA is the generally lesson guide line starting with an
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There are five conditionals which contains if or when refering to past, present and future posibilities. They are zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, mixed cond
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This unit is about why to do lesson planning, how, and what should be the objectives. It has been very useful for me since it has made me think in more detail what information should be included, spe
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The different methodologies was quite surprising and also very refreshing. It is beautiful to see so many approaches to learning and teaching a language especially in regards to their positive influe
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As usual, I like to revise and to refresh grammar material, it's always very interesting for me. But this unit... it is the first time when I had such a very hard time. All was very easy until I reach
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The unit went over the different forms, usages, common errors and mistakes, and teaching ideas for the past tense aspects. Each form consisted of an affirmative, a negative, and a question form. As we
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In this unit of modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice I learnt about the three different types of phrasal verb including: Intransitive, Transitive Seperable and Transitive Inseperable. I have also l
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Unit 19 taught about teaching different audiences. The way you would approach creating a lesson for a multilingual group of younger learners, is different than the way you would approach teaching engl
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In this last unit, a brief overview of some possible problems, and how I can deal with them, were discussed. Of these problems were what I should do in the very first lesson, as well as a discussion a
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This chapter was very useful in breaking down the different uses of the four different types of present tense. Comparing the present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect co
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Unit 12 discussed teaching of productive skills, i.e., speaking and writing, explaining how important these skills are for communication. The list of factors presented in the introduction (Page 1) is
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In this unit I have learnt that the manner in which the teacher approach the class is very important. The teachers attitude and positivity is significant when engaging the students in the lesson. I ha
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Teaching English to a group or on individual basis has its own advantages and disadvantages. Young learners are motivated and are ready to learn new things quickly. Multilingual class has an advantage
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In this unit I have learnt the introduction to grammar and parts of the speech.Grammar plays a very important role when learning English.It is very important to be able to recognize and classify the p
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The teacher is a role model for the students that is why it is very important for the teacher to be motivating, helping, and guiding the students in the class. As a teacher, you have to allow students
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Van Buren
I learned in this unit 16 that there is a correct and it is okay to mix the tenses. From direct speech to reported speech there is a slight difference when wanting to say things because it can be said
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My brief overview of this unit is that I have learnt that the relationship between the teacher plays a vital role in the learning process and it is very important. A good relationship between the tea
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Unit 15 teaches about the Evaluation and testing. All teachers must evaluate of students in order to effectively determine student learning progress. Teachers should always show interest in knowing w
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This lesson was beneficial in providing information regarding management of classes, to include how the teacher needs to interact with students, how students should be organized in a classroom, and, i
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Verona Island
The Future tense system covered the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future continuous, be going plus infinite, the present simple and the present continuous. In the unit
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In Unit Three we are introduced to teaching theories, methods and techniques. The first concept that I feel the most resonance to is that of attempting to make L2 which usually comes in the classroom
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The future is always brighter. There is a lot to take in in regards to teaching the future, which in itself sounds a bit weird. I really appreciated the inclusion of the present simple and present c
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This unit taught me about the pros and cons of using course books (or textbooks as I call them). In my job, I know I will be forced to use a specific text book in class, and so this unit was helpful i
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In the last unit of this course we looked at some of the most common problems as an EFL teacher and suggestion how to prevent or handle these problems. During the first lesson of a new group or an exi
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In this unit I have learnt different ways of evaluating students levels and progress in learning the language. Student can be evaluated through tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. Tutoria
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Waldo County
Classroom management is clear and well explained in the content of this unit in order to develop the skills needed to manage the students during class and having a friendly and relax atmosphere, but a
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This unit provided two videos: one of an ineffective class and one of an effective class. The teacher and the students were the same in both videos but the second one was much more effective and the s
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Unit 14 ‘Book and Materials‘, explained that the general opinion about course books and their usage differs amongst the ESL teachers. Some teachers stand by it indefinitely, having a teacher guide
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Classroom management is a key element to establish a successful learning environment in any classroom. An effective classroom management plan creates a positive learning environment. Classroom manag
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After learning this unit, I got to know that past tenses share a lot of similarities with present tenses in terms of system and structure. The biggest difference is past tense is only related to past
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Unit twelve addresses the productive skills of speaking and writing. In my opinion most importantly is teachers ability to create in the students the desire and need to communicate. Which can also be
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The unit opened and explained to me what does it mean to be a good teacher. Showed me various ways, roles and methods of teaching practice. Explained who is learner and showed different types of them.
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There are many parts of speech. One sentence is made up of at least a noun, verb and object. Nouns are people, places, things and states of being. There are five types of nouns, common, proper, compou
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Washington County
This unit contained information about the four present tenses, present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous, and four subjects for each, typical student errors,
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Who would have thought the English language can make the past so complicated. This was my initial reaction to this lesson. I understand now the lesson isn't pointing out the complexity of the past i
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I enjoyed unit 10. The two video lessons helped me see a great example of the ESA lesson in action and an ineffective lesson in action. I enjoyed comparing the two because it allowed me to see the det
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Discovering the "qualities of a good" teacher and the "role of a teacher" was helpful it assisted me to recognise where my strengths are and how I can work on my weaknesses. The challenge would be to
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This the last gammar unit here but gammar is not just these. Here it talked about modal,phrasal verbs and passive voice. For modal auxiliary verbs part, basic rule and teaching ideas are introduced.
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Within this unit I have learnt about many different teaching aids and materials. I have learnt about what can be effective and what isn’t. I have also learntwhst acronym call stands for. I now know
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The final unit looks at some of the most common problems that arise in the classroom and proposes ways to deal with them. Common problems that are especially difficult for an inexperienced teacher inc
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This unit taught the parts of speech. This introduction into grammar gives a good overview of the different parts of sentences and how those are put together in the English language. It gave examples
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West Bath
The content of this unit demonstrates clearly good planning strategies to make classes as enjoyable as possible, and for teachers to evaluate their own lessons, keep records and look for room for cont
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West Gardiner
In this lesson, I was really able to appreciate what all of my foreign language teachers and professors did to help me learn other languages. While reading through this, I was able to make personal co
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West Paris
This final unit of TEFL training included an overview of problems that teachers can face and advice on how to handle the following: reduced attention and learning in large classes, learners of mixed l
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In this unit, receptive skills are explained and instruction is given on how to teach them. Receptive skills, reading and listening, contrast productive skills, speaking and writing. With reading and
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This unit has given a fairly complete overview not only of the basic theories of methodology of teaching but also what this company believes to be the best method for new teachers, specifically, Engag
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In this unit we looked at the history of teaching language (specifically English) from the classical method (grammar translation: involves direct translation via written text) to audio lingualism (met
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In this unit I have learnt about teaching vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures and teaching language functions. This unit has clarified four things the students needs to be done when learnin
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I have been in many classrooms and have experienced many of the pros and cons discussed in this unit. I recall that itis easy to forget the basic reality of keeping it simple and allowing the student
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